Clare Beck recently shared the following news tidbit about STAT-USA and Michigan State University: "The Fall issue of the STAT-USA Newsletter has a bit of nice publicity for MSU. In a report of September usage statistics, it says: "the most active educational institution was Michigan State University. MSU was the fifth largest user overall, trailing only the big information powerhouses such as America Online and Compuserve.... Let's hear it for the Spartans in East Lansing, Michigan!" Source: Clare Beck, Eastern Michigan University,, GOVDOC-M, December 1, 1997.

Fran Buckley, a former President of Godort of Michigan and Jennie Recipient (1985), has been named the new Superintendent of Documents. According to Grace York and Paula Kaczmarek, Fran was one of the founding members of Godort of Michigan. Continually active in documents over the years, he was one of the few individuals to serve two terms as Chair of the Depository Library Council (1978-79,1977-78) and often gave congressional testimony on behalf of GPO since then. More recently, he was chair of the Title 44 Working Group. After leaving the Detroit Public Library a few years ago, he served as Director of the Shaker Heights Public Library in the Cleveland area. Source: Peggy Walker, FLADOCS, October 15, 1997.

Carole Callard, another former Godort of Michigan member, has returned to the Library of Michigan! Her new title is Specialist, Abrams Genealogy Chair. If you wish to send her a message, her e-mail is

Wayne Kelley, Superintendent of Documents, retired on September 12, 1997. In Public Printer DiMario's words, "Wayne was a champion of the people's right to information produced by the Government. He played a major role in getting GPO Access started and putting it on the Web. He led the planning efforts which resulted in the 1996 Study to Identify Measures Necessary for a Successful Transition to a More Electronic Federal Depository Library Program. These are but two of the many contributions he made toward the betterment of the FDLP during his nearly six years at GPO." Source: Gil Baldwin, Chief, Library Division, Library Programs Service, Stop SL U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20401; telephone: (202) 512-1002; fax (202) 512-1432; e-mail: GOVDOC-L, September 16, 1997.

Sally Lawler, Coordinator, Research Support Center, Purdy/Kresge Library, Wayne State University, reports that she has a new e-mail address:

Suzanne Vyse Schneiderman is the new Government Documents Coordinator, Public Services, at the Library of Michigan. She reports that "we're working on a lot of projects, but nothing is of course completed. We should have new compact shelving for our official (non-circulating) Michigan documents collection installed by December 23rd. This will double our storage space. The Michigan documents retrocon project is still underway, too." In case you want to contact her, Suzanne's e-mail address is; her telephone number is (517) 373-7153; and her fax number is (517) 373-5853.

Diane Vander Pol reports that the Government Documents collection at The Hekman Library, Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary, has moved to the newly remodeled main floor of the library. We can actually see daylight (literally) through the window wall across the room! The paper collection is on compact shelving, which is actually working out rather well. The CD-ROM collection is housed across the room near the library's Digital Research Center, an array of about twenty PCs where students can access online and CD-ROM databases. The DRC is adjacent to the reference desk so that research assistance is readily available, and a few of the PCs are especially outfitted to access depository CD-ROMS. The documents collection is staffed by a half-time documents librarian and a half-time documents assistant. In addition this year we have two student assistants: a graduate student who is working primarily with electronic documents, and an undergraduate who is processing documents and working with the Marcive products. The library conducted a retrospective conversion of the collection with OCLC several years ago, and last year started purchasing Marcive labels and the shipping list and full record services. The four staff members hold weekly staff meetings on Tuesday mornings to keep updated on new developments and ongoing projects. This past summer our summer student assistant put a lot of work into updating the procedures manual. We're in the best shape ever this year! For more information, contact Diane at Calvin Library (281-B), 3207 Burton SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546; e-mail:; telephone: (616) 957-6312 (Gov.Docs. M, W pm, F) or (616) 957-6308 (Cataloging T, W am, Th); fax: (616) 957-6470.

Grace York is pleased to note that the recent Special Supplement to Volume 34 of Choice -- the Web Issue -- picked out both the University of Michigan Documents Center and Political Science Resources on the Web home pages as outstanding reference web resources.

Grace York also reports that an article about the Documents Center web site and its effect on public service is scheduled for the January 1998 issue of Library Hi Tech.

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