JUNE 1998

Clare Beck has retired from her position at Eastern Michigan University. As Paula Kaczmarek states on GOVDOC-M, "she fought the valiant documents fight for many years and helped many librarians with 'snags' and other undecipherable snafus". Godort of Michigan extends their best wishes to her and hopes that she will enjoy her retirement years.

Sharon Bradley, Godort of Michigan Secretary and Reference Librarian for Technology Education at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, reports that she has a new e-mail address ;

Carole Callard, Library of Michigan, recently broke her foot (January) and will be staying with her daughter in Ann Arbor while she recuperates. Godort of Michigan hopes she will get well quick so she can continue doing her genealogy workshops!

Sandy Calemme, former Documents Librarian at the University of Detroit Mercy, appears in a picture in the May 1998 issue of American Libraries. Word has it that she has gotten married (now Sandy McCarthy) and has moved to California where she now works with Dialog on Datastar.

Jennie Cross. "Greetings from Arizona. The public library closest to us is in Apache Junction, and I noticed they are a Federal Depository. I really haven't had time to go and browse through the latest government documents, though I hope I will be able to soon. I retired from Oakland Schools January 1, and we left for Arizona February 17. We've been in our "casita" (little house) one month today. We plan to return to Michigan in late May (we kept our home in Waterford), but will spend more of the winter here next year. We have adjusted fairly well to our new environment (sunshine and mountains) and like the more relaxed lifestyle. Apache Junction let me know they LOVE volunteers, but that may have to wait until next year. We do have library cards, and I actually checked out an Elizabeth George mystery which I'm having a hard time finding time to read." Anyone interested in contacting Jennie Cross, who our "Jennie" Award is named after, can send a letter to Jennie Cross, 7381 E. Canyon Wren Drive, Gold Canyon, AZ 85219; call (602) 983-8483; or send an e-mail to

Anne Diamond. Godort of Michigan Lifetime Member Ann Diamond has been appointed part-time Director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Air Quality Division Library. Her new addresses are: 4th Floor Hollister Building, 106 W. Allegan Street, P.O. Box 30260, Lansing, MI 48909; phone: (517) 241-7476; fax: (517) 335-6993; e-mail:

Debbie Gallagher, Government Information Specialist, MEL - Michigan Electronic Library, (117D Hatcher North, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1205; E-mail:; Phone: 313-764-4000; Fax: 313-764-3916) was a panelist at the MLA Reference Division Spring Workshop "Start Your Engines" on May 8, 1998. She explained how she evaluated and picked out web sites for inclusion on the Government, Politics, and Law section of the Michigan Electronic Library.

Cass Hartnett, former Regional Supervisor at the Detroit Public Library and GODORT of Michigan President, has been chosen as incoming secretary for GODORT's Federal Documents Task Force.

Paula Kaczmarek, Regional Supervisor at the Detroit Public Library, has been chosen to serve on the Federal Depository Council!

Sally Lawler, Coordinator, Research Support Center, Purdy/Kresge Library, Wayne State University, wishes to thank GODORT friends Cassandra Hartnett, Grace York, Paula Kaczmarek, and Larry Hall who wrote wonderful letters in support of her promotion from Librarian II to Librarian III last fall. They worked! Her promotion is now official. Godort of Michigan extends its congratulations to our former Godort of Michigan President on another job well-done.

Sybil Levenson, State Documents Librarian at the Detroit Public Library, reports that she has a new e-mail address:

Carolyn J. Price will be retiring from the Flint Public Library at the end of June. Since starting her assignment to federal documents in 1995 Carolyn has reorganized the collection, established disposal procedures, and made sure that new documents are processed quickly. She attends and participates in professional meetings pertaining to documents, and gave a presentation, with Carolyn Gaswick of Albion College, on "Internet as a Shared Community/Library Experience in Michigan" at the 1996 Federal Depository Conference. Amy Salo will take over federal depository duties at FPL and she and Carolyn have been working together to be sure things proceed smoothly. Godort of Michigan extends their best wishes to her and hopes that she will enjoy her retirement years. Source: Paula Kaczmarek, e-mail, May 18, 1998.

Susan Tulis Update. Cynthia Teague recently informed me that she didn't know how much longer Susan Tulis would be posting her summaries for the the annual Federal Depository Council - Federal Depository Library Conference which I have regularly reproduced in RED TAPE over the past several years. So on behalf of my enquiring RED TAPE readers, I sent an e-mail to find out the whole story: "Last June I married Frank Houdek, Director of the Southern Illinois University Law Library. I finally quit my job at the University of Virginia Law Library last December so that I could move to Carbondale, IL and actually live with my husband of 6 months. At present, I have not found a job in a library, but I am doing some consulting work. In addition to adjusting to the midwest, a new husband, and no job, I also have 2 step-daughters here in town, and 2 step-sons living elsewhere! No stress here." In case you want to send her a note, her current e-mail address is

Grace York, Documents Center Coordinator at the University of Michigan, has been selected for the CIS/GODORT/ALA "Documents to the People" Award, which is presented annually at the ALA Annual Conference CIS Breakfast . The Award is a tribute to an individual, library, institution, or other non-commercial group that has most effectively encouraged the use of government documents in support of library service. The award includes a $2,000 cash stipend to be used to support a project of the recipient's choice. Godort of Michigan is pleased that the national GODORT is finally recognizing our local treasure! Past recipients include: (1977) Joe Morehead, (1978) Lois Mills, (1979) Yuri Nakata, (1980) Sandra K. Faull, (1981) LeRoy C. Schwarzkopf, (1982) Arne Richards, (1983) Nancy M. Cline, (1984) Jaia Barrett, (1985) Barbara Smith, (1986) Judith E. Myers, (1987) Jeanne Isacco, (1988) Agnes Ferruso, (1989) Government Publications Librarians of New England (GPLNE), a NELINET Task Group, (1990) (jointly) Myrtle S. Bolner, Barbara Kile, Jan Swanbeck, Laura Tull (1991) Mary Redmond and the New York State Library, (1992) Ridley Kessler, (1993) Susan Tulis, (1994) Gary Cornwell, (1995) Larry Romans, (1996) Jack Sulzer, and (1997) Prue Adler.

Grace York, "a GODORT treasure", has added another 90 guides, handouts, and other finding aids to the GODORT Education Committee Handout Exchange Web site at Additions include five self-studies, instructions for using GPO CD-ROMs, bibliographies, processing guides, and other fascinating and otherwise useful gems. Source: Larry Romans, Political Science Bibliographer and Head, Government Information Services, Central Library, Vanderbilt University, 419 - 21st Ave. South, Nashville TN 37240-0007; phone (615) 322-2838; FAX (615) 343-7451; Internet (office): ROMANS@LIBRARY.VANDERBILT.EDU; Internet (home): GOVDOC-L, March 6, 1998.

Grace York has published an article that everyone will want to take a look at. First the citation and then the abstract: "Government Resources on the Web: Will It Change Public Services," Rita L. Wilson with Grace A. York. Library Hi-Tech, Vol. 16, No.1, 1998, pp.60-70. "The Documents Center Web site is designed to fill two major missions. It serves as a reference tool for answering in-person, telephone, and e-mail questions asked of the Documents Center staff and as a bibliographic instruction platform for teaching library research skills to graduate and undergraduate students. The Web site has dramatically changed information delivery at the Documents Center, suggesting the need for new statistical measurement standards, a reallocation of staff time, and active library marketing strategies."

Grace York's Document Center Web Site has been included in the Library Journal's (May 15th issue) Notable Government Documents of 1997 list. Source: Debbie Gallagher, Government Information Specialist, MEL - Michigan Electronic Library, 117D Hatcher North, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1205; phone (313) 764-4000; fax: (313) 764-3916; and e-mail:; Michlib-L, May 22, 1998.

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