Eleanor Boyles, former Head of the Government Documents Library at Michigan State University, President of Godort of Michigan (1982/83), and the first recipient of Godort of Michigan's Lifetime Achievement Award (1991), died January 14, 2000 at the age of 73. Eleanor retired from Michigan State University on July 1, 1991, after serving as Head of the Government Documents Library for 42 years.

Debbie Gallagher has submitted a Godort of Michigan Treasurer's Report for July-December 1999. Income was slightly higher than expenses. In short, we have about $5000 available in our budget for future activies. For the full report, see

Lelane Hardie is still working in the Adult Services Department at Kalamazoo Public Library even though she has reduced her work schedule to half time. Her document expertise and dedication to maintaining the government document collection has been invaluable and she will undoubtedly be helping out the new documents librarian, Joanna Lundberg, learn the ropes.

Susan Kruger reports that she now works at the Library of Michigan as a Public Services Librarian. Her mailing address there is 717 W. Allegan, P. O. Box 30007, Lansing, MI 48909; her telephone number (517) 373-1300; and her e-mail address is

Sally Lawler and Professor Elizabeth Chapleski (Wayne State University) presented a report on their collaboration to the Michigan Library Association Annual Meeting Nov. 4, 1999. Incorporating gerontologists' research on reminiscence with Michael DeMario's observation that document librarians are "information therapists", they developed an assignment on grandparents to introduce the study of life review and library research. With the aid of a timeline exercise in class, representing every decade in which the students grew up, the various cohorts remembered their grandparents from childhood and reflected on social issues associated with those stories. Their assignment was to turn these memories into a personal document, using library resources to fill in gaps in their memory and to provide the historical context of the grandparent's life. These guided autobiographies may be used later to relate early experience with elders to career choice in gerontology or to build on qualitative research (their own personal narratives) to quantitative research (surveys, censuses, etc.). The potential for introducing Census information into the assignment to enhance library research skills is presented at the class's website,

Joanna Lundberg is the new government documents librarian at Kalamazoo Public Library. Joanna previously divided her time between Adult Services Department and the Young Adult area at Kalamazoo for several years. As of January 1, she is working in the Adult Services Department fulltime. Joanna's e-mail address is: and her voice mail number is (616) 553-7838.

Michael McDonnell of Western Michigan University has been re-elected to a second term on the Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries. Other council members include Ann Sanders (LOM), Paula Kaczmarek (DPL), Carolyn Gaswick (Albion), and Kelly Eastwood (NMU). Sharon Bradley of Cooley is the GODORT liaison.

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