Government Information Reference Services Changing:

"As more and more government information is electronic, and as users can communicate just as easily with a library across the country as with the one in their own town, the depository model is definitely changing. We should look at this as a positive trend, and then work on how we fit in..." : Julia Wallace, University of Minnesota Libraries, see page ....

More Articles from the Web:

The following articles should have been highlighted in the News from Around the Country, but instead wound up in Odds & Ends.

  • "Bush--He's 'Da Man' at Whitehouse.Gov"
  • "Filegate.Gov"
  • "Print No More"
  • "Supreme Court, Internet Resources ..."
  • "The Unnoticed Presidential Transition: Whither Whitehouse.Gov"
    Be sure to check them out and notify the Red Tape Editor when you see others dealing with government information on the world wide web.


    Tired of the same old nightly news? Does your favorite newspaper seem too staid? Then check out The Onion, a hilarious spoof which makes even the National Enquirer seem rather tame.

    Many of the articles in The Onion regularly poke fun at government officials, announcements, etc. Here are two recent examples:

    Government-Publications Enthusiast Makes Pilgrimage To Pueblo, CO
    PUEBLO, CO -- Fulfilling a lifelong dream, Kim Cheever of Ames, IA, made a pilgrimage Tuesday to Pueblo's Federal Consumer Information Center. "This is the happiest moment of my life," said Cheever, touring the center that has produced informative government leaflets for the past 30 years. "To think that pamphlets like 'Making The Updated Tax Code Work For You' were dreamed up right here." Cheever ended her visit with a stop at the gift shop, where she purchased a copy of the classic 1972 brochure "Preparing For The Metric Conversion" and a rare misprint edition of "Raising Poultry For Meat And Eggs." Source: The Onion,, Vol. 36, Issue 41, Nov. 15, 2000, page 1.

    New National Parks Website Makes National Parks Obsolete
    WASHINGTON, DC -- "In an effort to make America's natural wonders available to all citizens, the Department of the Interior announced Monday the creation of a $2 million National Parks Website. The new website clears the way for the wholesale development of the parks: Next Monday, bulldozers will begin leveling more than 100,000 square miles of pristine, federally protected national parkland, finally making it available for industrial use...." Source: The Onion,, Vol. 36, Issue 46, Dec. 20, 2000.

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