ISSUE 97, MAY 2003

The public has the right to know about information collected, disseminated and maintained by the government in order to increase public accountability and awareness. CDT believes that the Internet is an ideal medium for gaining greater public access to government information. Source: Center for Democracy and Technology,

Top Ten Ways to Tell if You're a Government Documents Librarian

  1. You purchase government publications for yourself and as gifts for family and friends.
  2. At library conferences, you remember people by their depository number rather than name.
  3. People avoid conversations with you during election season. (She's been talking for 3 hours! How can I get away?)
  4. Opening depository boxes makes you feel like a kid at Christmas.
  5. You have 20 or more government URLs memorized.
  6. When President Bush announced the formation of the Homeland Security Agency, you immediately wondered what Sudoc class would be assigned.
  7. You have e-mail function on your cell phone so you can monitor GovDoc-L.
  8. Instead of winter, spring, summer & fall, you think of the seasons as 1st session, 2nd session, interim ...
  9. You remember your children's birth by administration. (Let's see, John was born during Carter's & Sally during Reagan's second term.)
  10. You subscribe to cable just to get C-Span.
Source: Cindy Rosser, e-mail:; (Who is also a government information librarian at a large metropolitan library.); GOVDOC-L, July 19, 2002.

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