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Partisan Gymnastics Sully Census

The next time you're at the beach, try counting the grains of sand while the wind is blowing. Asking the U.S. Census Bureau to accurately count the noses of nearly 270 million Americans, even when the wind isn't blowing, is every bit as daunting a task.

As such, this week's federal court decision invalidating the government's plan to use statistical sampling in the 2000 census defies common sense.

For the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey might say, see

Source: Michele Jacklin, Hartford Courant, August 28, 1998

Starr Report In the News

Just how many places can you find a copy of the Starr Report? See article at or page ....

A Little Government Humor

According to the Knight Ridder News Service, the inscription on the metal bands used by the US Department of the Interior to tag migratory birds has been changed. The bands used to bear the address of the Washington Biological Survey, abbreviated as "Wash. Biol. Surv."; until the agency received the following letter from an Arkansas camper:

Dear Sirs:

While camping last week I shot one of your birds. I think it was a crow. I followed the cooking instructions on the leg tag and Iwant to tell you it was horrible.

The bands are now marked "Fish & Wildlife Service."

Source: Walter Stubbs, Documents Librarian, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, Illinois 62901; Phone 618-453-7108; Fax 618-453-8109; E-mail:; GOVDOC-L, September 15, 1998.

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