Special thanks to all the Godort of Michigan members who submitted announcements or articles for this issue of Red Tape. Your contributions not only help your fellow librarians keep up with what is going on in the world of government information, but they also help the Red Tape editor keep each issue interesting!

For example, in case you missed the Michigan Library Association annual conference last October, Debbie Gallagher and Richard Vettese were kind enough to report on two documents-related programs: "The Feds@The Library: Census2000 and Tax Forms" and "Canadian Information on the Internet". Both Debbie and Richard served as facilitators for these sessions.

Sally Lawler was also kind enough to report on a SEMCOG meeting on "FOIA in an Electronic Environment" that she attended. In her own words, this session for local government officials was "a wake-up call for documents librarians".

In case you missed the Godort of Michigan fall meeting last September 30th, Diane Vander Pol recruited a number of Godort of Michigan members to report on break out sessions. Look for the reports of the government CD-ROM discussion group, the depository library stamp discussion group, the Michigan documents support staff group, and the PURL discusson group by Grace York, Margo Zieske and Diane Vander Pol in this issue.

There are a number of upcoming opportunities for Godort of Michigan members to attend and report on documents topics. The 1999 Biennial General Meeting of the Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries is scheduled for February 17th and 18th with a wide array of interesting sessions. (For more information, see the program schedule on page 4.)

At the national level, the American Library Association will be holding its mid-winter meeting this January in Philadelphia; Godort always sponsors a number of meetings. Various members of Godort of Michigan regularly attend the Spring Depository Library Council/Federal Depository Library Conference and/or the Interagency Depository Seminar. The first is scheduled for April 12-15; the latter for June 2-9, 1999. Past attendees have found both of these sessions extremely valuable.

Julia Wallace from the University of Minnesota Government Publications Library offers some additional reasons for attending the spring Federal Depository Library Conference in the December 1998 issue of DocSoup. If you noticed, it is being held in a different hotel and location (Bethesda, Md.) this time around, providing chances to visit nearby facilities such as the National Library of Medicine and the National Archives. (And I think the National Spy Museum must be somewhere near there as well!) She also reports that because of the problems of finding meeting locations in the Washington area at this time of year, this may be the last spring FDLC conference in Washington for the next 18 months. So go for it and report back to Godort of Michigan!

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