MARCH 2000

Table of Contents

  1. Announcing the Spring Conference/Meeting
  2. Nominations
  3. Paula Kaczmarek on the Congressional Record
  4. Executive Board Meeting, March 13, 2000

Red Tape Eagle
Announcing the GODORT of Michigan Spring Conference/Meeting!

When: Friday, May 19th
Where: Detroit College of Law (on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing). All activities will take place in the DCL Board Room (3rd floor).
Cost: $10

DCL is located at the corner of Shaw Lane & Bogue Street; fee-based parking is available in the Shaw Lane ramp (just west of the DCL building). A campus map is available; a parking-specific map is also available.


9:00 Registration (with coffee and munchies)

9:30 Outreach Activities in U.S. Depository Libraries

Laura Dickson (Michigan State University) and Suzanne Vyse (Library of Michigan) will discuss the presentation they recently did for the Michigan Association of School Boards on US government Information. They will talk about the process they went through in designing the program -- how they decided on what to include, how to present material at an appropriate level, etc.

A group discussion on outreach will follow. Please bring examples to share!

11:30 Lunch (NOT included in the registration fee. A list of area eating establishments will be provided.)

1:15 Doing Legal Reference in the Non-Law Library

Carol Parker (Detroit College of Law) will present tips and resources geared toward helping non-law librarians work with legal materials. Bring those tough questions with you!

2:45 Report from the April Depository Library Council meeting in Rhode Island

3:30 GODORT of Michigan Business meeting (including the Spring Elections!)


**** *** REGISTRATION FORM *** ****

Checks should be made out to GODORT of Michigan. Please mail this form and your check to:

Debbie Gallagher
Government Information Specialist
MEL - Michigan Electronic Library
AADL Northeast Branch Library
2713 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor MI 48105-2427


Name: __________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________________________________________


Questions? Contact the Program Chair -- Debbi Schaubman (schaubm1@mail.lib.msu.edu)


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(2) Nominations

Election of officers for Godort of Michigan will take place at the Spring Conference to be held at the Detroit College of Law on the campus of Michigan State University, Friday, May 19th, 2000. The nominating committee (Carolyn Gaswick and Ruth Neveu) is pleased to announce the following slate of candidates for 2000-2001.

Office: Nominee:
President-Elect/Program Chair Debbi Jakubiec
Treasurer Suzanne Vyse
Director at Large David Shirley

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(3) Congressional Record in Print: To Keep Or Not

Anne Birkam's question about dropping the paper daily Congressional Record is one that has been coming up repeatedly, and it is a very valid one. The Michigan Council of Federal Depository Librararies grappled with this issue at our meeting last fall. The Depository Library Council to the Public Printer of the United States is grappling with this issue. Regional libraries across the country are wondering if they can go electronic only whenever possible, and save space. Smaller selectives may drop to an "unacceptable" selection rate by dropping tangible products, but on the other hand, small selective can boost selection rates by selecting many electronic only items (if item numbers exist).

The Congressional Record is an excellent example, but it is one where microfiche or CD-ROM may be an answer to permanent retention responsibilities. It is in the Basic Collection for all, it is often unpopular with librarians and marginally used by the public, and the GPO Access application has been wonderful. We have been told GPO Access is permanent.

In Michigan the MCFDL spent quite some time reviewing the language in our State Plan, and discussing the responsibility to have a strong federal documents collection across the state. Michigan is rare in having two Regionals. So, if both Regionals have a tangible copy of the Congressional Record, is that adequate to serve the needs of our current and future users? For example, If there are tangible copies of the Congressional Record also at Western, and Northern would the 4 copies be enough. Would Saginaw then agree to house U.S Reports, and Grand Rapids agree to house FCC decisions, and Central would agree to house Imports and Exports, and Michigan State would keep SEC in addition to all Agriculture, and U of M would keep Transportation and NASA. and St. Clair County would keep INS and Surgeon General reports, etc., etc., etc.

Scary isn't it? If some agreement and system is arrived at, would it last if a depository gets a new Dean of Libraries or a new Director?

Ultimately most of us are charged with serving our Congressional Districts. Some, such as Saginaw, perhaps, are geographically located so they serve a geographic area in addition to the congressional district as drawn this time around. We are supposed to have collection development policies in place, and service in the electronic environment guidelines written to insure that government information gets to folks.

I've been mulling about this (again) for awhile now, and originally intended to hit on some other points, but here is what might be a new one.

If you notice, GPO Access has added browse features to CBDNet and the Federal Register in response to user requests. I don't know if they plan to do so for the Congressional Record. But the Congressional Record is the record of the deliberations of a parliamentary body. Each daily issue has an opening that you never see if you can only search online. CR online does not reflect the deliberations of our representatives in a linear way. Try looking up Elian Gonzalez this week and see if you can follow what happened when. Which politician spoke in response to the issue, and who brought the issue up in the first place?

Not so easy. And really difficult if you are a citizen who has never seen the Congressional Record in hard copy and are unfamiliar with what it does. It seems that people still need to sometimes see information presented in a sequential, browsable way, as we have grown accustomed to in a world of print.

I think the electronic Congressional Record is absolutely wonderful. But what about someone who has never seen it before?

Just some thoughts.

Source: Paula Kaczmarek, GOVDOC-M, February 3, 2000.

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(4) Executive Board Meeting, March 13, 2000

Meeting convened at 10 a.m. on March 13, 2000 at the NW Branch / Ann Arbor District Library.

Present: Margo Zieske, Debbi Schaubman, Paula Kaczmarek, Debbie Gallagher, Janet Schneider, Jon Harrison, and Barbara Glover

Officer and Committee Chair Reports

Secretary's Report: The latest Executive Board minutes in Red Tape cover a meeting from August 17, 1998. We are missing minutes from the November 9, 1998 board meeting in Brighton. (Note: If supplied, the Red Tape Editor will publish Executive Board minutes in Red Tape).

Treasurer Report: Debbie Gallagher handed out a membership list. Membership has declined in recent years. Fifteen or more of last year's members did not renew even though Debbie has sent them two reminders. Suggestions were solicited for reversing this trend.

Debbie Gallagher will identify former members and email the list to Board members for comments and assistance. Debbi Schaubman and Jon Harrison will work with an MSU staff member to develop a promotional flyer outlining the benefits of membership which could be distributed at various meetings. Debbie Gallagher will develop a mailing list including current members, lapsed members, and all MI and US depository librarians in the state as a working list for publicity purposes. Membership fliers should be sent to each person identified at the start of next membership year. Should the regional depository supervisors ask documents librarians why they don't belong to Godort of Michigan as part of their regular review? In the future we might consider offering members a perk by charging them a reduced registration fee to attend Godort of Michigan meetings.

Debbie Gallagher raised the question as to whether or not Godort of Michigan's financial records should be officially audited and, if so, by whom. Treasurer's reports are usually submitted for review at least once a year at the annual meeting. (Debbie Gallagher also provided a mid-year report; there is a link to this report in the December 1999 issue of Red Tape.) The Executive Board did not see any major problems with Godort's records requiring a separate audit and recommended that the treasurer could simply provide a more detailed report in the future if she desired. Copies of reports could also be maintained on the Godort of Michigan web page for future reference.

Nominations Report: Carolyn Gaswick is handling nominations. Deb Jakubiec has volunteered to run for program chair. The director-at-large position is still open. Nominations will be taken from the floor at the spring meeting. A list of additional potential candidates was generated to help the nominating committee. Paula will check old minutes to see if the bylaws are correct in limiting treasurer and secretary to one two-year term.

Awards Committee Report: As it turns out, no one was nominated for either the Jennie, Lifetime, or Thurston Award this year. A discussion ensued on the nominating process and related issues. Some of the Executive Board members were confused about the operating/reporting requirements for the various Godort of Michigan awards. According to the bylaws, the director-at-large is in charge of coordinating all Godort of Michigan awards (Thurston, Jennie, and Lifetime Achievement). However, the Manual of Duties implies a difference between the Thurston and the Jennie/Lifetime Awards, with the President coordinating with the Thurston Award Committee, and the Director-at-Large coordinating the Jennie and Lifetime Awards process. The Executive Committee and the membership at large should come up with new wording as soon as possible so the new President and Director-at-Large will know what they should do and when regarding these awards.

Calendar: A request was made for a calendar outlining all Godort of Michigan activities by date/deadline. It was pointed out that the Manual of Duties contains some calendar information. Barbara Glover will review the bylaws and the Manual of Duties to develop a new calendar to assist new officers with their duties.

Program Committee Report: Debbi Schaubman reported that the spring meeting date will be scheduled sometime after the spring depository meeting in Rhode Island. She is looking at the last week of April. It will not be held during the first week of May. Fall meeting attendance was disappointing -- perhaps because of lack of widespread interest in international documents. Future program ideas were discussed.

MI Council Report: Sharon Bradley was unable to attend, but there is a report about the September 16, 1999 MI Council of Federal Depository Libraries meeting in the September 1999 issue of Red Tape. (Minutes from the January 4-5, 2000 meeting are available in this issue of Red Tape under Documents News from Around the State.)

Speakers Bureau: Sally Lawler is looking for a volunteer to take over this responsibility.

Old Business From Fall Meeting

Internet Access in Depository Libraries: Godort of Michigan needs to develop a statement of Principles regarding Internet access in Depository Libraries. Debbi Schaubman and Ann Sanders agreed to work on the statement but hope to add a representative from a public library. Names were suggested. ALA and MLA have or are working on statements. Since Ann is out on maternity leave, Godort of Michigan's statement may be delayed.

GODORT Scholarship Fund: Jon Harrison will chair this committee. It was mentioned that Anne Diamond might be interested in serving on this committee as well. Jon Harrison will contact the scholarship committee of the Michigan Association of Law Libraries to explore financial issues, logistics, and drafting guidelines. He will also contact the Special Libraries Association, Western Michigan Chapter, to see if they offer scholarships.

GODORT Stationery: - nothing to report.

New Business

Digital Camera: Jon Harrison mentioned that it would be nice if someone could take a few pictures at each program meeting as a historical record. Pictures could be incorporated into Red Tape.

Distribution of Red Tape: The distribution of Red Tape was discussed. It was mentioned that when most Godort of Michigan members want to communicate, they use e-mail or perhaps choose other avenues rather than waiting for a quarterly newsletter. Even so, there seems to be a continued need for Red Tape. Would the membership of Godort of Michigan membership be willing to access the newsletter on the web only? Should members be charged for the expense of producing a paper copy (including postage and handling)? Should we conduct a survey?

Membership Cards: Do we want to issue membership cards like ALA, MLA, etc.? No one on the Executive Board felt a need for membership cards.

Tax Forms in Michigan Libraries: Debbie Gallagher mentioned the scheduled 3/23/00 meeting with tax officials in Lansing. Godort of Michigan members are welcome to attend. (Note: See the MLA Special Task Force : Michigan Tax Form Library Distribution Program web page at http://mel.org/government/GOV-local-taskforce.html for a roster of the members, March 23, 2000 minutes, and a copy of the letter sent to the Michigan Department of Treasury.)

Should Godort of Michigan express its position regarding proposed legislation?: Debbie Gallagher spoke in favor of working to make GODORT a recognizable voice representing the documents community to Michigan legislators. She will work with Margo to draft a letter in support of the Motor Vehicle Record Privacy Act.

Adjourned at 12:40.

Minutes written by Barbara Glover, Secretary.

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