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  1. 1999-2000 President's Report
  2. Godort of Michigan Executive Board Meeting Minutes
  3. Eleanor Boyles Professional Development Award
  4. Fall Meeting Announcement
  5. Geographic Area Meetings Scheduled

(1) 1999-2000 President's Report (Margo Zieske)

It has been an honor to serve as your president for the last year. Serving with me has been a supportive board; Paula Kaczmarek, Debbie Schaubman, Barb Glover, Debbie Gallagher, Janet Schneider and Jon Harrison. Thank you to the board for giving of their time.

An issue of great importance that we have wrestled with is the membership. We have seen a decline in membership dues and conference attendance. This has been discussed at great length by the executive board. The membership year is July 1 to June 30. Continuing to encourage our colleagues and networking are only two of the benefits of membership. It was felt that occasional reminders will be appreciated by the members and those serving in documents positions through out the state. A membership brochure is being developed that can be used also as a public relations tool for Godort of Michigan. We want to make direct contact with the library schools to encourage student involvement at a discounted rate, $5.00, what a deal!

Committee membership also has been discussed. We want to develop the work of committees so that more people can be involved. The Internet Access Committee currently has Ann Sanders and Debbie Schaubman. Amy Sabo was also on that committee but has moved onto another job so more people are needed for this committee. Jon Harrison is chairing a committee to establish a Scholarship Fund for conference attendees. He has begun some preliminary work and volunteers are welcome. The Awards Committee is co-coordinated by the Director-At-Large and we would be happy to have people assisting here also. It looks like we have need of a By-Laws Committee since what our practices have been are not what is in the By-Laws. Would you like to volunteer?

A big thank you goes to the Nominating Committee chaired this year by Carolyn Gaswick, of Albion College. She was assisted by Ruth Neveau of Lake Superior State College. They have prepared an excellent slate of officers.

During this last year the officers have kept in touch through the efforts of Barb Glover. She has established our own e-mail list at Eastern Michigan University. Thanks, Barb.

Red Tape, our state newsletter, has kept all of us informed of activities in the document world, not only in Michigan but nation wide. Jon Harrison provides us with a quality newsletter of which we are proud. Good job, Jon. And here he would have me mention that he appreciates and encourages your contributions. Please send news to Jon at harris23@msu.edu. The online version of Red Tape can be accessed through Grace's Document Center under Documents Librarianship, if you're the point and click type. Or you can make a direct link to http://www.lib.msu.edu/harris23/red_tape/red_tape.htm.

It has been a full year as your President. Last spring we had the opportunity to enjoy two Godort activities. In April we celebrated 25 years of our state organization at Webers in Ann Arbor. In May, we co-sponsored a program with the Michigan Association of Law Librarians. Professional trainers from WestLaw were there to help us with "Life in the Fast Lane." In November we had a program at Library of Michigan on "Doing Business With the European Union." We have a strong, committed organization that will continue to educate and inform all people in the state of Michigan interested in government documents.

Respectfully submitted,
Margo Parmenter Zieske
GODORT of Michigan President, 1999-2000
July 12, 2000

Editor's note: Contibuted by Margo Parmenter Zieske, Government Documents Librarian, Monroe County Library System, 3700 S. Custer Road, Monroe, MI 48161; telephone: (734) 241-5277; fax: (734) 242-9037; WATTS: 1-800-462-2050

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(2) Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Library of Michigan, June 26, 2000

Present: Debbi Schaubman, Deborah Jakubiec, Margo Zieske, Suzanne Vyse, David Shirley, Jon Harrison, Barbara Glover

Overview of responsibilities: We reviewed the GODORT of Michigan Manual of Duties and made the following amendments:

  1. Listed two new duties for the Secretary:
    a. Maintain GODORT calendar.
    b. Maintain the GODORT manual of duties.
  2. Added one new duty for the Treasurer: Send an acknowledgment letter to new members.
  3. Added one new duty for the Director-at-Large: Maintain a file of applications for the Eleanor Boyles Award.
  4. Added one new duty for the Red Tape Editor: Maintain a GODORT of Michigan webpage.
Affiliating with ALA: Debbi will talk with Paula Kaczmarek and investigate what we would need to do in order to affiliate with ALA's GODORT. The consensus was in favor of affiliation.

Committee Work: In order to improve communication and effectiveness, it was suggested and agreed that a GODORT Executive Board member should liaison with each of the GODORT Committees.

a. GODORT of Michigan Scholarship Fund report: Jon passed out a proposed announcement and application form for the Scholarship/Continuing Education Grant. He investigated what other organizations do along this line and patterned the application after one in use by the Michigan Association of Law Librarians. It was suggested that GODORT of Michigan should consider offering 2 awards a year, that interested parties be required to apply at least 3 months before the travel date, that we plan to notify applicants of the Awards Committee's decision 2 months before the travel date, that the maximum grant total be set at $350, and that no grant should exceed the cost of the event. Finally it was suggested that we change the name from Scholarship/Continuing Education Grant to the Eleanor Boyles Professional Development Grant to honor Eleanor Boyles, an early member of GODORT who served as a documents librarian at Michigan State University for 40 years. Consensus was to pass all of these recommendations on to the Awards Committee. Jon will contact Michaelina Brown of the Detroit Public Library and Judy Dow from the Michigan State University Agricultural Economics Library for their input. Article 9 of the Bylaws will need to be revised.

b. Internet Access: This committee now has a full list of members. They will gather information about practices throughout the state and will probably draft a sample policy.

c. Awards: David is head of this committee and will find two more members to serve with him. The Thurston Award is the responsibility of the GODORT of Michigan chair. Debbi will check with ALA and with Paula to learn if the ALA policy manual contains any guidelines concerning the Thurston Award.

d. Program: Deborah noticed we have had a lot of programming on legal information recently. She would like to do schedule a program on health information, feeling that it would attract a lot of attendance. She will recruit other committee members to help with coming up with programming.

e. Speakers Bureau: Laura Dixon will head this committee. She will get in touch with Sally Lawler to learn what has been done in the past and what the demand for speakers has been. Debbi will liaison with the Speakers Bureau.

f. Nominating: Debbi will ask Paula to head up this committee. Other members are Michael McDonnell from Western Michigan University and Diane VanderPol from Calvin College. Barbara will serve as Executive Board liaison.

g. Bylaws: This committee is full. Margo will perform liaison duties. She will ask the Committee to consider adding a section on the GODORT Representative to the Michigan Depository Library Council and perhaps requiring that representative to be a member of the GODORT Executive Board.

Publicity/Membership Drive:

a. GODORT of Michigan brochure : Jon has located a brochure by the Ohio Godort group and will consult with Debbi and the graphics person at MSU about adopting it for Godort of Michigan.

b. Acknowledgement letter : Debbi suggested that a letter to be sent to all new members, providing them the names of GODORT of Michigan Executive Board members along with ideas as to how they can become involved in GODORT. Jon can add a question on the membership application as to whether the membership is a new one.

c. Miscellaneous: It would be a good idea to make contact with new documents librarians as soon as they are hired. Margo offered to interview them for Red Tape. It might promote wider participation to hold meetings in various locations other than Lansing.

Bylaws Revisions:

Article 5 - Establish liaison to Michigan Council and make secretary responsible for maintaining Calendar of Duties.

Article 7 - The Executive Board needs to meet two times a year. Would a virtual meeting count?

Article 9 -- Add the new Professional Development award.

Other business: Who should write letters providing GODORT's position on political issues? Debbi will try to line someone up to do this.

Meeting adjourned at noon.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Glover, Secretary

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(3) Eleanor Boyles Professional Development Award

This award consisting of up to $350 is designed to assist Godort of Michigan members in pursuing professional development activities related to government documents librarianship. Up to two awards may be offered during any given Godort of Michigan membership year. Examples of professional development activities include, but are not limited to:

Preference will be given to members who are either new to the field or whose libraries have limited travel/continuing education funds.


Deadline for applications:
Completed applications must be postmarked, faxed, or e-mailed three months prior to the travel date to the Chair of the Godort of Michigan Awards Committee. Every attempt will be made to notify the successful applicant/s two months prior to the travel date.

Godort of Michigan
Eleanor Boyles Professional Development Award
Application Form



Are you a current member of Godort of Michigan? (y/n)

Godort of Michigan participation/dates (positions, presentations, newsletter articles submitted, special projects):  
Other professional memberships/activities:  
Library Employment (place of employment, job title, length of service in reverse chronological order):  
Estimated expenses (Travel/Registration/Per Diem):  
Will your employer pay a portion of your expenses? (y/n) How much?
(Note: Please attach a note from your library director supporting your application and stating whether or not matching funds are available from your institution.)

Please provide a brief (no more than a page) statement explaining why you are applying for the travel grant and what you hope to gain from attending the meeting.  

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(4) Fall Meeting Announcement

The Godort of Michigan Fall Workshop will be held at the Jackson District Library on Thursday, November 16th. Refreshments will be available between 9 and 9:30 a.m. Mary Bonn will provide an early morning session on the University of Michigan's "Making of America" digitization project and Ann Sanders will provide an afternoon session on rare and humorous documents. There will also be a Fall Depository Update and a Godort of Michigan membership meeting. Registration will be $10; lunch will be "on your own".

Send a check for $10 made payable to "Godort of Michigan" to Suzanne Vyse, Library of Michigan, 717 West Allegan St., P. O. Box 30007, Lansing, MI 48909-7507.

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(5) Geographic Area Meetings Scheduled

Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries Geographic Area Meetings will be held this year at the following locations:

Each meeting will have the same agenda so you only have to attend one unless attending multiple meetings will allow more staff members to participate. Meetings will last all day and there will be no registration fee. People generally go out to lunch as groups or bring their own lunch, and we'll probably ask for registration information so we have enough handouts.

Direct questions to any member of the Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries. Ann Sanders and Paula Kaczmarek are the permanent members, and Kelly Eastwood, Carolyn Gaswick, and Michael McDonnell are elected representatives for this year. Sharon Bradley is the GODORT representative. Source: Paula Kaczmarek, Manager, Government Documents, Detroit Public Library, 5201 Woodward Avenue, Detroit MI 48202; telephone : (313) 833-1025; fax: (313) 833-0156; e-mail: pkaczma@detroit.lib.mi.us.

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