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  1. Membership Meeting Highlights, Nov. 16, 2000
  2. Jennie and Lifetime Achievement Awards Sought
  3. Thurston Award Nominations Sought

(1) Godort of Michigan Membership Meeting

November 16, 2000 Jackson District Library

Chair Debbi Schaubman called the meeting to order at 11:55 following a presentation by Ann Sanders on rare and humorous documents. (Maria Bonn had to cancel her presentation on the University of Michigan's "Making of America" digitization project.)

Change in Treasurer Position:

Suzanne Vyse has resigned as GODORT Treasurer, having left the library world. The Executive Board has appointed Shawn Nicholson to serve out the remainder of the 2-year term.

Eleanor Boyles Professional Development Award:

Jon Harrison described this new GODORT award which was named for Eleanor Boyles, head of the Documents Department at Michigan State University Library for over 30 years and one of the a founding members of GODORT of Michigan. The Boyles Award will pay up to $350 for the recipient to attend a meeting related to government documents librarianship. All applicants must be members of GODORT of Michigan. An individual may be awarded the grant only once every 3 years. Application and other details were included in the Sept. 2000 issue of Red Tape.

Bylaws Changes:

Past President Margo Zieske presented the proposed changes. All proposals were accepted with the following two revisions: 1) In Article V, Section 10, the term of office for the Liaison to the Michigan Council for Depository Libraries was increased to three years from the proposed two years. This change was made so that the Liaison's term would conform to the three-year terms of all other Council representatives. 2) In Article VII, Section 3, the proposed language indicating that one of the two required GODORT Board meetings "may utilize current technology" was changed to "may be held via current technology."

Affiliation with ALA/GODORT:

If GODORT of Michigan affiliated with ALA GODORT, our name would probably appear in its brochure and we would receive a copy of Documents to the People. No one was sure why we dropped our GODORT affiliation. Debbi Schaubman will gather more information and will email updates to MICHGPO and other interested individuals.

Other Business:

Debbi Schaubman announced that the GODORT treasury contains $5748.42.

The meeting adjourned at 12:25.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara Glover, Secretary

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(2) Jennie and Lifetime Achievement Awards Nominations Sought

GODORT of Michigan is soliciting nominations for both the Jennie Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Jennie Award, named in honor of Jennie Cross, may be presented to a member of the Michigan documents community in recognition of current outstanding achievement or special service. Previous recipients include: Jennie Cross (1980), Paul Thurston (1983), Francis Buckley, Jr. (1985), Anne Diamond (1987), Barbara Hulyk (1990), and Jon Harrison (1995).

A Lifetime Achievement Award may be presented to a past or present member of GODORT in recognition of an exemplary career in government documents service. Four people have received this award so far: Eleanor Boyles, Richard Hathaway, June Hawthorne, and Anne Diamond.

Nominations should be submitted to: David Shirley, Government Documents & Maps Librarian, University Library at Finch Fieldhouse, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859; Telephone: (517) 774-3414; E-Mail: David.B.Shirley@cmich.edu; Fax: (517) 774-4499. [In March or April, David's area code will change to 989.]

Nominations must include or be followed by a written letter of support. This letter should include name, address of the nominee, present place of employment, description of achievements or special service by the nominee, and the nominating source.

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(3) Thurston Award Nominations Sought

GODORT of Michigan is soliciting nominations for the Paul W. Thurston Award. The Thurston plaque recognizes a contribution to the professional literature by a practicing documents or other librarian which improves access to government information at the international, Federal, state, or local level. Membership in GODORT of Michigan is not required.

The contribution should have been published within the past three years. Electronic publication is acceptable. If unpublished, it should have been completed in the past three years.

Nominations must be submitted on a special form. Copies of the form may be obtained by contacting Debbi Schaubman, Head, Government Documents Library, Michigan State University Library, 100 Library, E. Lansing, MI 48824-1048; Telephone: (517) 432-2438; E-mail: schaubm1@msu.edu; Fax: (517) 432-1191.

The award is presented in the memory of Paul W. Thurston, who set exemplary professional standards during his career as a documents librarian. It is the hope of GODORT of Michigan that the award will encourage others in both new and ongoing contributions to the documents literature.

Past recipients of the Thurston Award include :

  • Saundra Williams and staff of the University of Memphis for their website, Uncle Sam, Migrating Government Publications, 1998;

  • Sheila Nollen from Western Illinois University for A Guide to Programs and Subjects in Annual Reports of Illinois State Government Agencies in 1997;

  • Grace York and Sue Davidsen for their work in sharing government information over the Internet in 1995;

  • Carole Callard and the Public Services Division staff at the Library of Michigan for their efforts in compiling the five volume reference work Michigan1870 Census Index in 1993;

  • Jim Walsh and A. James Bothmer for Vital and Health Statistics Series : An Annotated Checklist and Index to the Publications of the Rainbow Series in 1992; and

  • Suzanne Schulze for her three indexes: Population Information in Nineteenth Century Census Volumes; Population Information in Twentieth Century Census Volumes, 1900-1940; and Population Information in Twentieth Century Census Volumes, 1950-1980 in 1990.

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