Issue 97, MAY 2003

Table of Contents

  1. Godort of Michigan Spring Meeting Review
  2. Godort of Michigan Awards, 2003
  3. Grace York's Nomination Letter

(1) Godort of Michigan Spring Meeting, May 16, 2003


Bernadette Bartlett, Documents Outreach Coordinator, Library of Michigan, shared the history of the Library of Michigan’s journey for selecting a digital archiving scheme. OCLC’s Digital Archive was chosen for its ability to provide seamless access and workable bibliographic control features. Following a successful pilot project, LOM is now a subscriber. The product and LOM’s workflow continue to be ironed out.

Ken Darga, State of Michigan Demographer, and Darren Warner, Census Coordinator for Library Development and Data Services, shared with us a history of demographic operation in Michigan (dating back to Territorial times) and pointed us into the future with some hints of a new web site. With the recent move of these services from Office of Management and Budget to the Library of Michigan, it was nice to hear that they feel as if they are “home.” The service model is akin to traditional “library” service models, virtually free and unfettered access.

The last speaker, Marcus Cheatham, spoke about the Kellogg Foundation funded CACVoices (http://www.cacvoices.org/. This is a multi-faceted system, but he focused on the data portion, namely, empowering grass roots organizations in their effort to find and use this type of information. Not only is the site full of wonderful information, its novel approach to populating its pages — the ant hill approach — is wonderful. Through a certain open access server, many people have rights to edit the content on the pages. It essentially has numerous web masters and is truly a community effort.

Annual Business Meeting

I. Awards (see next article by Sharon Bradley):

  • Jennie Cross award winners: Ann Sanders and Paula Kaczmarek
  • Lifetime Achievement: Grace York

    II. Election of Officers:

  • Past President Sharon Bradley is accepting nominations for Program Chair/Chair Elect, Secretary, and Director-at-Large

    III. Treasurer’s Report

    IV. Liaison to Michigan Council:

  • Through a group effort a Government Documents brochure has been created. Coming soon: You will be able to download and modify it to fit your library! It will be available from Library of Michigan’s site.
  • Ann Sanders noted that there would be a pause in any more revisions of the State Plan as the Library of Michigan investigates building partnerships with other libraries for Regional duties. This is in the very preliminary stages.

    V. News from around the state:

  • Detroit Public Library: The fiscal situation is not good. The Government Publications unit is targeted for cuts, perhaps elimination. DPL is looking at options for shared regional duties. Paula also pointed to the recent remarks by Sup. Of Docs. Russell indicating a new staffing model whereby GPO funds a person to do training and consulting in a region.
  • Cooley Law School: Many satellite campuses are now operational, including the one in Oakland County. Sharon Bradley will be leaving the Lansing campus to head up the new branch in Oakland.
  • Documents openings at Kalamazoo, Northern and MSU
  • A Rare Books room is being built at Library of Michigan with private funding.
  • The last of the GPO inspections for Michigan have been scheduled. It should be over soon.

    VI. The board gave Jon Harrison, in absentia, recognition for his wonderful service to GODORT of Michigan as editor of Red Tape. (Jon was attending a COLD meeting at Western Michigan University at the same time as the Godort of Michigan meeting, but expresses his thanks for the recognition.)

    VII. Someone from the floor questioned whether GPO was embarking on digitizing Hearings. There was not a definitive answer, but many projects were discussed. GPO is “looking” into several partnerships and projects and Lexis-Nexis is prowling for potential desire for this type of work.

    Submitted by Shawn W. Nicholson, Acting Head, Government Documents Library and State Documents and Social Sciences Bibliographer, Michigan State University Libraries, 100 Library, East Lansing, MI 48824-1048; Telephone: (517) 432-1749.

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    (2) Godort of Michigan Awards, 2003

    The Lifetime Achievement Award and the Jennie Award were presented at the spring meeting of the Government Documents Round Table of Michigan.

    Grace York of the University of Michigan was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Sharon Bradley of Cooley Law School, current Godort of Michigan President, made the following comments in presenting the award:

    A Lifetime Achievement Award is not given frequently. There have only been four past recipients, Eleanor Boyles in 1991, June Hawthorne and Richard Hathaway in 1994, and Anne Diamond in 1995. Lifetime Achievement Awards are usually given as individuals begin their retirement but it seems important to recognize the contributions of individuals while in the prime of their career. I'm sure you will all agree that the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award has contributed to the profile of documents nationwide. Go to any meeting of documents personnel and her name is likely to be mentioned. She makes us proud to be part of the Michigan documents community.
    The Jennie was awarded to Paula Kaczmarek of the Detroit Public Library and Ann Marie Sanders of the Library of Michigan. Ms. Bradley remarked on presenting the awards:
    The Jennie is named for Jennie Cross the first recipient of the award. Other recipients have included Paul Thurston in 1983, Fran Buckley in 1985, Anne Diamond in 1987, Barbara Hulyk in 1990, and Jon Harrison in 1995. It is awarded for outstanding service to the Michigan documents community. For the first time the award goes to two individuals. These individuals provide exemplary leadership to the Michigan documents community. They are also persuasive voices with GPO and national organizations in championing the value of documents to our citizenry. We're fortunate to have them in Michigan.
    Submitted by Sharon Bradley, Cooley Law School Library.

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    (3) Grace York's Nomination Letter for the Lifetime Achievement Award, 2003

    I would like to nominate Grace York for the Lifetime Achievement Award, which Godort of Michigan presents to past or present members of Godort in recognition of an exemplary career in government documents service. Grace York has been the Coordinator at the Documents Center, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 1989. She started her career at the University of Michigan in 1969 as a Serials Cataloger. Other positions she has held within the University Library System are Assistant Documents Reference Librarian, Document Reference Librarian and Federal Documents Librarian. Throughout her career, Grace has shown a diligence toward ensuring public access to government information. She has proved to be a role model for her colleagues in the government information field.

    Grace is a past recipient of the Paul W. Thurston Award. This award recognizes a contribution to the professional literature by a practicing documents or other librarian which improves access to government information at the International, Federal, State, or Local level, Grace was instrumental in the development of the Ulibrary Gopher at the University of Michigan which was an early precursor of Internet access to government information now more readily available on the World Wide Web. She has continued to be a leader in the field of providing access to government information with her Web page, the Documents Center, through the University of Michigan.

    Anyone who has heard Grace speak on any number of topics will testify that listening to her is a real treat. It is a treat of the motivational sort. Whether she is talking about the Documents Center, Census information, or just her favorite web sites for finding government information, Grace infuses her listeners with the love that she has for her work. She is always willing to share her knowledge and many of us have profited greatly from hr hard work. I know that she has made my life as a documents librarian far easier than it would have been had I no one to follow. Yes, Grace York definitely has blazed a trail for us all. We are all richer for her expertise. Our patrons, our libraries and our country have benefited greatly because she cares so deeply about ensuring that access to government information to the people of our country not be impeded in anyway. I can think of no one I am more happy to nominate for this award.

    Anne Birkam
    Hoyt Public Library
    Saginaw Michigan

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