Issue 98, JULY 2003

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  1. Godort of Michigan Officers Needed
  2. Regional Depositories Offer Orientations

(1) Godort of Michigan Officers Needed

Help Godort of Michigan grow and prosper over the 2003/2004 membership year! Volunteer to serve or nominate someone to serve as Program Chair, Secretary, or Director at Large.

Please contact current President Shawn Nicholson if you are interested. Shawn can be contacted by mail at Michigan State University, 100 Main Library, East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1048; by telephone at (517) 432-6123, ext. 111; by e-mail via nicho147@mail.lib.msu.edu; or by fax at (517) 432-1191.

For a list of responsibilities for each Godort of Michigan office, see Godort of Michigan Manual of Duties.

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(2) Regional Depositories Offer Orientations

There will be all day Orientations to documents at the Regional Depository libraries in July. Usually you would go the the session at the Regional that serves as your primary Regional, but schedules being tight everywhere, that is not required. The sessions will be identical.

Documents coordinators should attend if you've not been to one. It is okay to come again if you attended one awhile ago. Registration will also be open to other staff of Federal Depository Libraries, including administrators, reference librarians, support staff, and any other.

So mark your calendars for

Source: Paula Kaczmarek, Manager, Government Documents, Detroit Public Library, 5201 Woodward Ave., Detroit MI 48202-4007; Telephone: (313) 833-1025. June 12, 2003.

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