Issue 101, January 2004

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  1. Is Godort of Michigan Moribund?
  2. From the First Issue of Red Tape

(1) Is Godort of Michigan Moribund?

Is Godort of Michigan Moribund?

I sure hope not. However, if we want to continue sharing, learning, eating and having fun as a documents community, then we are in need of members to run for the following offices:

  1. President-Elect/Program Chair
  2. Director-at-large
  3. Treasurer
For more information about each office, see http://www.lib.msu.edu/harris23/migodort/manual2.htm.

Please send nominations to me by Friday, March 12, 2004, so that a ballot can go out prior to the Spring meeting.

Concerning the Spring meeting, since we were unable to recruit a President-Elect for the 2003-2004 year, I am happy to pull together a program for the 2004 Annual/Spring meeting sometime in early May. The preliminary theme surrounds maps and GIS with speakers from both the State of Michigan as well as individual libraries. I plan to have a catered meal, so keep an eye out for more information and the call for potential attendees.

Again, please send nominations to me by March 12.


Shawn Nicholson
President, GODORT of Michigan
Head, Government Documents
Michigan State University
100 Library
East Lansing, MI 48824-1048
E-mail: nicho147@msu.edu
Telephone: (517) 432-6123 ext. 111

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(2) From the First Issue of Red Tape

Interest in government publications by Michigan librarians as well as some of our close neighbors in Ohio and Canada have always been high, and the formal establishment of the Government Documents Round Table of Michigan in October 1978, attests to this involvement.

With so many new things happening in the documents world, this first issue of "Red Tape" is the beginning of what we hope will become a Michigan companion to ALA Godort's "dttp" ("Documents to the People"). Not only do we want to share with you new items of interest, but promote resource sharing among our members by featuring specific collections as various libraries as well. Your contributions to "Red Tape" shall be welcomed.

Jeanne Cross, President, Godort of Michigan, 1978-79 from Issue 1, Jan-Feb. 1979.

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