Issue 105, September 2004

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  1. Godort of Michigan Fall 2004 Meeting Planning Underway

Godort of Michigan Fall 2004 Meeting Planning Underway

Please mark your calendars for the Godort of Michigan Fall 2004 Meeting which will be held on Dec. 10th from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. at Wayne State, hosted by the Wayne State University Library System and Law School.

Michael Samson, our Vice President/Program Chair for the current year reports that the Michigan Association of Law Libraries (MichALL) Executive Board has agreed to partner with GODORT-M to co-sponsor this program.

The meeting/program's theme will be:

"Government documents awareness via Rich Site Summary (RSS): aggregation and syndication of e-government resources in real-time using XML".

As RSS, a dialect of XML, is becoming a standard feature in browsers, blogs, blawgs, web sites, and advanced ILS, this program will be a good intro to this new technology, its use and future potential for real-time awareness of government information (federal, state, local) in the library field.

We plan to have at least one national expert on RSS for government resources be a guest-speaker for this meeting. More information and registration details will be brought to your attention by the beginning of October 2004.

Ann Sanders will also provide an update on the Regional Libraries/Fall 2004 Federal Depository Council meeting.

For more information, consult the program announcement. If you have suggestions, comments, etc. regarding this announcement please contact:

Michael Samson,
Wayne State University,
Arthur Neef Law Library,
U.S. Selective Depository Library #0289A,
474 Ferry Mall, Detroit, MI 48202;
Telephone: 313-577-6184;
Fax: 313-577-5498;
E-mail: ad4092@wayne.edu;
Web page: http://www.lib.wayne.edu/lawlibrary/

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