Issue 107, January 2005

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  1. Godort of Michigan Fall Meeting Notes

(1) Fall 2004 Meeting Notes

Location: Wayne State University Law School, December 10, 2004, 8:00 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The first GODORT of Michigan (GODORT-M) meeting of the year was co-sponsored by the Michigan Association of Law Libraries (MichALL) and Westlaw. The Wayne State University Library System and Law School hosted the meeting.

Michael Samson, Government Documents Librarian, WSU Arthur Neef Law Library, presented an introduction to RSS, a dialect of XML, which is becoming a standard feature in browsers, blogs, and web sites. This introduction emphasized its use and future potential for real-time awareness of government information. He continued his presentation in the afternoon by demonstrating some of the coding conventions and the detailed workings of an RSS feed.

Katherine Lowry, Manager of Librarian Relations at Westlaw gave a presentation on RSS feeds to the Congressional Record & Federal Register via West's IntraClip. This current awareness service alerts Westlaw subscribers to important legal developments. Since the summer of 2004 IntraClip has been offering Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds from all Westlaw databases. Katherine demonstrated the setup for producing customized database searches for delivery of results in real time via RSS feeds.

GODORT-M Business Meeting Highlights

Shawn Nicholson led a discussion that focused on the money that the organization has collected over the years for awards or scholarships. The fund currently has between $4,000 and $5,000. Traditionally the Director-at-Large was responsible for the awards but over recent years few awards have been given. The following possibilities were discussed:

Shawn volunteered to review the award descriptions and application forms to see if they needed revising or posting on the GODORT of Michigan web page.

Looking ahead, a call for nominations for GODORT of Michigan officers will be made in early spring. Of particular note is the need to appoint a liasion to the Michigan Documents Council. Shawn will investigate to see whether our bylaws need to be updated to include this position. He has also added the Liaison to the Executive Board Directory page.

Anne Marie Sanders expressed concern on the increasing gulf between MLA and GODORT-M and the lack of representation of GODORT-M members as speakers on government information topics. It was pointed out that Debbie Gallagher gave a presentation on government web sites at the Fall MLA Conference in Traverse City, but probably not as a representative of GODORT-M. Shawn promised to investigate this issue further.

GODORT’s advocacy role was also questioned. Should our organization be advocating new methods of dissemination for government information?

Update from the Fall Regional Depository Libraries meeting

Anne Marie Sanders, Head of Government Documents at the Library of Michigan, presented highlights from the meeting held on October 18, 2004. The event was highly scripted with little opportunity for discussion.

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