Issue 112, November 2005

Table of Contents

  1. Fall 2005 Meeting Announced
  2. Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum
  3. Mark Sandler's Presentation
  4. More News from the Godort of Michigan Meeting in Ann Arbor

(1) Fall 2005 Announced

Michael Samson has put together a Fall 2005 Meeting to be held at the Gerald Ford Library in Ann Arbor on November 18th. It should be an outstanding program that everyone will want to attend.

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(2) More News from the Godort of Michigan Meeting in Ann Arbor

Ann Sanders from the Library of Michigan reported that the Detroit Public Library will not return as a Regional Depository Library. Originally, DPL asked for a yearís sabbatical to reevaluate whether they continue offering statewide services due to budget reductions.

The Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries has been in a limbo for a while. Its membership is based on the number of regional depository libraries in the state. Now that DPLís status has been clarified, Ann Sanders has put out a call for volunteers to fill two vacant slots. A number of librarians have volunteered, but itís not too late to throw your name in the hopper if you so desire.

Ann Sanders mentioned that all Federal Depository Libraries in the state are expected to complete their biennial survey by the end of the year. It contains 47 questions and is 18 pages long. Since GPO is no longer sending out depository inspectors or consultants any more, they will rely on the answers to get a feel for whatís going on around the state and country. Be sure to review your answers with your library director and submit them all at once.

Shawn Nicholson thanked Michael Samson, Monique Andrews, and Debbie Gallagher for making all the arrangements for todayís meeting.

Looking ahead, the Government Documents Round Table of Michigan will be having a Spring Meeting at which elections will be held. A volunteer has been obtained for Program Chair. Shawn is still hoping to find volunteers to serve as Secretary and Director-At-Large.

Shawn also reported on the pluses and minuses of having Godort of Michigan link up with the Michigan Library Association. Although a good number of the members present are already members of MLA, others expressed concerns that if membership fees go up they may no longer be able to attend.

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