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  1. Fall Meeting Highlights, Albion College, September 23, 1994
  2. Winter Meeting Scheduled for Cooley Law School, February 17, 1995
  3. Membership Directory As of November 1994
  4. Jennie, Lifetime Achievement Award Nominations Sought
  5. Thurston Award Nominations Sought

(1) Fall Meeting Highlights
Bellemont Manor, Albion College
September 23, 1994

Thirty-five people attended the Fall Meeting at Albion College, including visitors from the Ohio State Library, Indiana University Northwest Library, and Valparaiso University School of Law Library. Special thanks to Carolyn Gaswick for inviting GODORT of Michigan to visit her college. Everyone commented on how nice the facilities were and the food at lunch! Special thanks should also be extended to Cass Hartnett as well; it is always extra exciting to have speakers and visitors from outside our state.

The morning program featured Sheila McGarr, Depository Services Chief for GPO. McGarr shared with us comments she was preparing for the Depository Library Council meeting in Portland at the end of October about proposed changes in the depository inspection program. Attendees received actual copies of various inspection forms used over the years, including a proposed self-study form to be discussed at the DLC.

Inspections have evolved a lot since 1972. At that time, visiting GPO employees or bookstore managers arrived unannounced with a short list of 12 questions. Since libraries were not notified in advance, it was quite possible that depository librarians were not even present on the day of the inspection. Imagine the confusion of library directors or co-workers trying to answer detailed questions!

As a result of advice from GODORT and the Depository Library Council, the inspections became more formalized and systematic. In 1975, the first inspector was actually hired; now there are four, barring vacancies. In 1977, guidelines were developed and distributed. In 1978, the inspection form called for points to be assigned to various categories, reflecting areas of concern identified in the guidelines. Three or more failures would lead to probation. In 1993, the point score ratings were changed to compliance/non-compliance. In short, inspections evolved from unannounced cursory visits to all day inspections which occurred only after the depository was given a 4 to 6-week advance notification.

McGarr specifically asked for comments and observations on the self-study form that was passed out. Comments from the audience ranged from concerns over the added burden of filling out the self- study to endorsement of its utility as a strategic planning document. McGarr pointed out that depository librarians would hopefully gather the information required by the self-study continuously over time, revising sections when needed, so that they would not have to pull it together all at once when notified of an imminent inspection.

Government information policy and dispersal requirement are a hot topic in Washington today. She pointed out that some of the other current federal information programs require actual annual contracts (the State Data Center program for example). GAO evaluators are currently studying GPO's dissemination practices. President Clinton wants to reopen the government printing issue in the next Congress. Some people have asked GPO why we need so many depositories in the rapidly changing electronic environment.

McGarr also shared some notes on other new developments at GPO.

  • GPO is still looking for volunteer speakers and topics for the next Annual Depository Conference. The proceedings from the 3rd conference will be coming out soon.

  • The Federal Bulletin Board now includes the List of Classes (in ASCII format) and the Depository Library Profile Database (soon to be available in ASCII).

  • GPO Access was expanded on September 19, 1994 to include "Bills Introduced" in addition to "Enrolled Bills". Depositories can now get up to 10 IP addresses for local use. GPO is looking for a volunteer in each state to serve as a gateway (see related articles in News From Around the Country).

  • GPO Locator will contain three years of the Monthly Catalog, the Publications Reference File, and a Union List of Item Selections so that users will be able to either submit electronic orders to GPO or identify who has a specific item across the country.

  • GPO is looking beyond microfiche to optical disks. In the future, government information will undoubtedly be scanned and then put into a storage facility for downloading as needed.

    The afternoon program consisted of a round robin. Cass Hartnett requested that all attending give a quick report on how their libraries were coping with the loading of online records for U.S. documents. Hartnett will prepare a summary of these comments for a subsequent issue of RED TAPE.

    There was also a brief Business Meeting. Sandy Calemme, Secretary, reported on our last meeting. Maaria Santavicca, Director-at- Large, exhorted all present to submit candidates for our various awards (see subsequent announcements). Michael McDonnell, Treasurer, reported that GODORT of Michigan's finances are still in good shape. Jon Harrison, Editor of RED TAPE, reported that the September 1994 issue had just been mailed.

    Following the Godort meeting, there was an Executive Board meeting to discuss future meeting topics. Cass Hartnett volunteered to do a program on Government Documents 101. Participants will be encouraged to bring a friend to help build our membership. Sally Lawler also volunteered as President to send out a letter to the federal documents librarians in the state reminding them that the Library of Michigan would no longer distribute free copies of RED TAPE.

    (2) Winter Meeting Announcement

    Cass Hartnett asks all GODORT of Michigan members to hold Friday, February 17th, free on your calendars. That's the tentative date for the next GODORT of Michigan meeting to be held at the Thomas M. Cooley Law School Library, 4th floor Conference Room, on the corner of Kalamazoo and Washington, in Lansing. The theme will be "Back to Library School: Government Documents 101".

    According to Hartnett, "come prepared to learn 'the basics' and more, with presentations from some of the best and the brightest among us. At this meeting, we ask that you bring at least one other non-documents colleague -- our objective is to re-educate ourselves and our peers."

    If you are interested in offering a five-minute descriptive talk about a primary government documents source, please contact Cass Hartnett, Detroit Public Library, (313) 833-1025 so she can add you to the program.

    The meeting is tentatively scheduled for 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

    (3) Membership Directory

    The following sixty-seven people have joined Godort of Michigan for the 1994/95 year as of November 1994: Marian Abouseif, Donna J. Alward, Beverlee Babcock, Julia Baldwin, Clare Beck, Anne M. Birkam, Sharon Bradley, Grace Brainin, Judith Brow, Michaelina Brown, Nancy Buckland, Francis Buckley, Shari Buxbaum, Charlotte Bynum, Sandra Calemme, Carole Callard, Barbara Carmichael, Christine Clark, Georgia Clark, Douglas E. Clore, Rose M. Coad, Catherine F. Cochran, Jennie Cross, Dorothy Gae Davis, Anne Diamond, Judith Dow, Mary Jo Durivage, Mark Ewing, Judith Field, Debbie Gallagher, Carolyn Gaswick, Pamela Gosik, Larry Hall, Lelane Hardie, Jon Harrison, Cassandra Hartnett, Arthur Hietala, Ann C. Holt, Sally Holteroff, Deborah Jakubiec, Marjory Johnston, Phyllis Jose, Paula Kaczmarek, Mary Karpinski, Sally H. Lawler, Jeanne Lawler-Marsac, Pamela Lazar, Sybil Levenson, Michael McDonnell, Julie McGee, Ruth Neveu, Linda G. Oaklander, Kim Ranger, Andrea Richeson, Marilyn P. Ryan, Sara Ryan, Maria Santavicca, Janet Schneider, Katherine Thompson, Diane Vander Pol, William Vine, Anna Mary Waickman, Joe Walker, Nancy P. Widman, Carol R. Wilson, Grace York, and Jan Zauha. In addition, we have three honorary lifetime members: Eleanor Boyles, Richard Hathaway, and June Hawthorne. Please let the RED TAPE Editor know if your name has been left off this list.

    (4) Jennie and Lifetime Achievement Award
    Nominations Sought

    GODORT of Michigan is soliciting nominations for both the Jennie Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

    The Jennie Award, named in honor of Jennie Cross, may be presented to a member of the Michigan documents community in recognition of current outstanding achievement or special service. The last recipient was Barbara Hulyk in 1990.

    A Lifetime Achievement Award may be presented to a past or present member of GODORT in recognition of an exemplary career in government documents service. Three people have received this award so far: Eleanor Boyles, Richard Hathaway, and June Hawthorne.

    Nominations should be submitted by February 28, 1995 to: Maria Santavicca, Director-at-Large, GODORT of Michigan, University of Detroit Mercy Library, 8200 W. Outer Drive - OD 126, P. O. Box 19900, Detroit, MI 48210-0900; phone: (313) 993-6181; fax: (313) 993-6329.

    Nominations must include or be followed by a written letter of support. This letter should include name, address of the nominee, present place of employment, description of achievements or special service by the nominee, and the nominating source.

    (5) Thurston Award Nominations Sought

    GODORT of Michigan is also soliciting nominations for the Paul W. Thurston Award. The Thurston plaque recognizes a contribution to the professional literature by a practicing documents or other librarian which improves access to government information at the international, Federal, state, or local level. Membership in GODORT of Michigan is not required.

    The contribution should have been published within the past three years. If unpublished, it should have been completed in the past three years.

    Nominations should be made in writing to the Paul W. Thurston Award Committee, c/o Janet Schneider, Bradner Library, Schoolcraft College, 18600 Haggerty Road, Livonia, MI 48152-2696 by February 28, 1995. The letter of support should include the name and address of the nominee, present place of employment, a sample of the nominee's work, and the nominating source (person and/or organization).

    The award is presented in the memory of Paul W. Thurston, who set exemplary professional standards during his career as a documents librarian. It is the hope of GODORT of Michigan that the award will encourage others in both new and ongoing contributions to the documents literature.

    Carole Callard and the Public Services Division staff at the Library of Michigan were selected as the 1993 co-recipients for their efforts in compiling the five volume reference work Michigan 1870 Census Index. Jim Walsh and A. James Bothmer were the 1992 co-recipients for Vital and Health Statistics Series : An Annotated Checklist and Index to the Publications of the Rainbow Series. Suzanne Schulze was the 1990 recipient for her three indexes: Population Information in Nineteenth Century Census Volumes; Population Information in Twentieth Century Census Volumes, 1900- 1940; and Population Information in Twentieth Century Census Volumes, 1950-1980.

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