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  1. Godort of Michigan Annual Meeting Minutes
  2. Nominations for Jennie and Lifetime Achievement Award Sought
  3. Thurston Award Nominations Sought

(1) Godort of Michigan Annual Meeting Minutes
June 10, 1996

Welcoming remarks were made by Joseph Oldenburg, Assistant Director of the Detroit Public Library.

Celeste Burman, Carla Reczek and Ina Sue Nairn of the Great Lakes Patent and Trademark Center (DPL) were the featured guest speakers. Their slide presentation and handouts introduced GODORT members to the Center's history, range of services, and supportive technology, and provided background information on the patent and trademark application process. Members also had the opportunity to participate in an interactive teleconferencing demonstration with the Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C.

Following lunch, GODORT members toured the DPL Sociology/Economics and Science/Technology Departments with Michaelina Brown and Paula Kaczmarek.

GODORT Business Meeting

Departing GODORT President and DPL Regional Depository Librarian Cass Hartnett was taken by surprise by members--the "kick-off" to the business meeting was a farewell to Cass, who is relocating to Tacoma, Washington in late July. Susan Kruger presented Cass with an oversize Depository Library Eagle logo, autographed by all well-wishers. Sally Lawler presented Cass with a plaque of appreciation; this was followed by flowers and other gifts. Kim Ranger and Diane Vander Pol affectionately spoofed Cass by using Ms. Hartnett's own "banner" style of public speaking.

Cass shared her farewell remarks and thanked many documents colleagues/GODORT members for the mentoring, guidance and friendship she's enjoyed during her employment at University of Michigan and at Detroit Public Library.

The business meeting was officially called to order at 2:30 p.m.

Minutes of the March 8th GODORT of Michigan meeting were reviewed and approved.

The June 6th GODORT of Michigan Treasurer's report was reviewed and approved.

Larry Hall questioned the surplus funds in the GODORT of Michigan budget. Michael McDonnell stated that the Round Table earns more than it presently spends; even its newsletter, Red Tape, is published courtesy of the Michigan State University Libraries (Jon Harrison).

Awards : none handed out for 1996. Janet Schneider announced that there was a poor response to a call for Thurston Award nominees, and proposed that the next call be published in the December 1996 issue of DttP and other publications for a wider audience. Janet is developing a nominating form which could appear with the call.

Cass shared the background on nominations processes for the Jennie and Lifetime Achievement awards. She remarked that "sometimes it's feast or famine" when gathering a pool of suitable candidates, but encouraged the newly-elected director-at-large to solicit early and often for 1997 nominations.

Elections of GODORT of Michigan Officers

Lacking any additional nominations to the present slate, members moved to approve the slate:

Larry Hall - President - Elect
Mary Karpinski - Director-at-Large
Susan Kruger - President
Michael McDonnell - Treasurer
Sally Lawler - Past President

A rambling discussion of GODORT of Michigan membership and registration dues took place. Given the state of the budget, Jon Harrison wondered if it was necessary to continue charging dues. He also pointed out that in many organizations, members and non-members pay different prices to register and attend meetings.

Kim Ranger pointed out that dues and registration fees were two different issues and should be considered separately.

A query was made about the feasibility of a "two-tiered" program registration fee, but no action was taken.

Paula Kaczmarek pointed out that only dues-paying members can promote and vote on issues at business meetings. It was also pointed out that only dues-paying members received paper copies of RED TAPE.

Susan Kruger moved to maintain the status quo, and the motion was approved.

The business meeting adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

GODORT of Michigan Officers' Meeting

Jon Harrison encouraged President-Elect Larry Hall to "think big" and consider bringing in speakers from other organizations or at least from outside our own group. With documents gradually and inevitably migrating to the world wide web, everyone agreed that immersion and hands-on experiences with the new technology are still hot topics for future events. It was suggested that publicity for upcoming programs target depository library administrators as well as documents personnel. It was also proposed that a program collaboration with MLA Reference or Automated Library Services Divisions might draw a wider audience.

Maria Danna offered to identify the MLA Division contact persons for Larry. Sally Lawler offered to identify potential contacts at the ALA Pre-Program Conference (July 5th) to assist in planning future GODORT programs. Cass suggested that some of the more "colorful and dynamic" library science program instructors might make interesting guest speakers--how courses of instruction will change as the access methods to government documents information change.

The tentative dates for the next GODORT of Michigan Fall Program are October 11th or October 18th. Mary Karpinski offered to check availability of training and conference space at the Library of Michigan.

Barbara Huylk and Clare Beck are individuals that were identified as possible candidates for the 1997 Lifetime Achievement award.

Cass Hartnett proposed that GODORT members consider non-librarian documents clerks for the Jennie or Lifetime Achievement awards.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

Submitted by Maria Danna

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GODORT of Michigan is soliciting nominations for both the Jennie Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Jennie Award, named in honor of Jennie Cross, may be presented to a member of the Michigan documents community in recognition of current outstanding achievement or special service. The last recipient was Jon Harrison in 1995.

A Lifetime Achievement Award may be presented to a past or present member of GODORT in recognition of an exemplary career in government documents service. Four people have received this award so far: Eleanor Boyles, Richard Hathaway, June Hawthorne, and Anne Diamond.

Nominations should be submitted by February 1, 1997 to: Mary Karpinski, Director-at-Large, Grand Rapids Bar Association, 200 Monroe, N.W., Suite 300, Grand Rapids, MI 49503; Telephone: 616-454-5550; E-Mail: mary@grbar.org; Fax: 616-454-7681.

Nominations must include or be followed by a written letter of support. This letter should include name, address of the nominee, present place of employment, description of achievements or special service by the nominee, and the nominating source.

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GODORT of Michigan is soliciting nominations for the Paul W. Thurston Award. The Thurston plaque recognizes a contribution to the professional literature by a practicing documents or other librarian which improves access to government information at the international, Federal, state, or local level. Membership in GODORT of Michigan is not required.

The contribution should have been published within the past three years. If unpublished, it should have been completed in the past three years.

For the first time, the Paul W. Thurston Committee is requiring a special nomination form. Copies of the form may be obtained by contacting Janet Schneider, Bradner Library, Schoolcraft College,18600 Haggerty Road, Livonia, MI 48152-2696; Telephone: (313) 462-4440; Fax: (313) 462-4495; E-mail: jschneid@scpo.lv.schoolcraft.cc.mi.us. The deadline for submitting the nomination form is February 1, 1997.

The award is presented in the memory of Paul W. Thurston, who set exemplary professional standards during his career as a documents librarian. It is the hope of GODORT of Michigan that the award will encourage others in both new and ongoing contributions to the documents literature.

Grace York and Sue Davidsen were selected as the 1995 co-recipients for their work in sharing government information over the Internet. Carole Callard and the Public Services Division staff at the Library of Michigan were selected as the 1993 co-recipients for their efforts in compiling the five volume reference work Michigan 1870 Census Index. Jim Walsh and A. James Bothmer were the 1992 co-recipients for Vital and Health Statistics Series : An Annotated Checklist and Index to the Publications of the Rainbow Series. Suzanne Schulze was the 1990 recipient for her three indexes: Population Information in Nineteenth Century Census Volumes; Population Information in Twentieth Century Census Volumes, 1900- 1940; and Population Information in Twentieth Century Census Volumes, 1950-1980.

Source: Janet Schneider, letter, October 23, 1996; and back issues of RED TAPE.

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