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  1. New Michigan Documents Depositories Sought
  2. MCFDL Opportunity
  3. Godort of Michigan Fall Meeting Planned
  4. MCFDL Minutes, June 12, 1998
  5. Godort of Executive Board Meeting Minutes, August 17, 1998

(1) New Michigan Documents Depositories Sought

The Library of Michigan is looking for nominations of in-state institutions to receive Michigan Document Depository status. If your institution is interested in being a designated Michdoc depository, please send me a message at the e-mail address listed below.

Of course, questions regarding Michigan Documents and depository status are always welcome.

Thank You,


Source: Bernadette M. Bartlett, Documents Outreach Coordinator, Library of Michigan, Collection Management Services, 717 W. Allegan, P.O. Box 30007, Lansing, MI 48909; e-mail: bbartlet@libofmich.lib.mi.us; phone: (517) 373-2971; fax: (517) 373-3381. July 9, 1998.

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(2) MCFDL Opportunity

Nominations are currently being sought for one three-year term on the Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries. The term of Janet Schneider of Schoolcraft College will expire in December of 1998. This election is for a term beginning in January 1999 and will expire in December 2001.

The Council was created in 1983 by the Michigan Plan for the Federal Documents Depository Library System, commonly known as the state plan. The Council is charged with maintaining and revising the Plan (as is being done this year), conducting the biennial and geographic area meetings, and coodinating collection development and training in the state. Council typically meets four times per year, with working meetings held at the Library of Michigan.

Currently, the Council consists of two permanent members (Paula Kaczmarek and Ann Sanders of the Detroit Public Library and the Library of Michigan, respectively), one appointed member representing GODORT of Michigan (Anne Birkam of the Public Libraries of Saginaw), and three elected members (Janet Schneider, Michael McDonnell of Western Michigan University and Kelly Eastwood of Northern Michigan University.) It is of course desirable to maintain a diversity of sizes and types of institutions, as well as a wide geographic distribution.

Nominations will be accepted until July 31. Please address nominations to the address below; self-nominations are welcome. If you have questions about the Council or its work please feel free to contact any member.

Source: Ann Marie Sanders, Depository Librarian, Collection Management Services, Library of Michigan, P.O. Box 30007, 717 West Allegan Street, Lansing, MI 48909-7507; e-mail: asanders@libofmich.lib.mi.us; voice: (517) 373-9489; fax: (517) 373-9438. July 6, 1998.

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(3) Godort of Michigan Fall Meeting Planned

When: September 30, 1998

Where: Library of Michigan, Lansing Michigan


Cynthia Teague, Federal Documents Librarian, Michigan State University
"Making Documents Less Threatening: Training Non-Documents Staff"

Nan L. Myers, Government Documents Librarian, Wichita State University
"Using the Documents Data Miner"

Registration fee: $20.00 Make checks payable to Godort of Michigan.

Watch for Registration Form coming in the mail or send an email to mrsz@monroe.lib.mi.us and request a copy. Phone registrations will not be allowed this time.

Reminder: Godort of Michigan Membership dues can be paid along with your registration fee. The current membership fee is $10.00 or $5.00 for students currently enrolled in a library information science program.

Source: Margo Parmenter Zieske, Government Documents Librarian, Monroe County Library System, 3700 S. Custer Road, Monroe, MI 4816; telephone: (734) 241-5277; fax: (734) 242-9037. News Release, August 11, 1998.

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(4) Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries Meeting Minutes, June 12, 1998

Call to Order: The Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries met Friday, June 12, 1998 at the Library of Michigan. The meeting was called to order at 10:05 a.m. by Ann Marie Sanders, Chair.

Council Members Attending: Paula Kaczmarek, Michael McDonnell, Kelly Eastwood, Anne Birkam, Janet Schneider, Ann Marie Sanders.
Others Attending
: Suzanne Schneiderman, Charley Pelkey (recorder).

Approval of March 20, 1998 Minutes: The minutes were approved unanimously by the Council, without amendments.

Announcements from the field:

Retirements: Carolyn Price (Flint Public Library) replaced by Amy Salo; Clare Beck (Eastern Michigan University) replaced by Barbara Glover; Larry Hall (Alma College) will retire June 30, 1999.

Other news:

  • Kim Ranger (Grand Valley State University ) will be on sabbatical for 5 months next year, starting in February 1999.
  • Calvin College has a new director Glenn Remelts, and Marygrove College also has a new director, Frank White.
  • 12 librarians from Michigan attended Spring Depository Library Council/Federal Depository Library Conference in Washington D.C. in April, a new high.
  • One Michigan documents person attended the Interagency Conference in May, Charley Pelkey from Library of Michigan. Ms. Pelkey was supported with administrative leave from the Library of Michigan but otherwise paid her own expenses.
  • Grace York (University of Michigan) has won the Congressional Information Service Documents to the People Award.
  • Paula Kaczmarek has been appointed to the Depository Council to Public Printer with a term beginning in October 1998.
  • The GODORT of Michigan Thurston Award has been awarded to Saundra Williams and staff of the University of Memphis for their website, Uncle Sam, Migrating Government Publications.

    Review of Geographic Area Meetings: Ms. Sanders distributed a list of attendees to all four Geographic area meetings, by individual and institution. Ms. Schneiderman pointed out that one Library of Michigan attendee, Karen Spencer, had been omitted. 56 individuals attended from 34 institutions. The Council was pleased to note that there was at least one representative from each Congressional District. The Council was also pleased to see two non-depository libraries represented, as well as some library administrators. The Council regrets that Albion College, Eastern Michigan University, Kalamazoo Public Library, Macomb County Library, Marygrove College, Michigan State University, Northwestern Michigan College, Oakland County Reference Library, Oakland University, Southwestern Michigan College, University of Detroit Mercy Law Library, and Wayne State University Law Library were unable to send representatives.

    Final revisions, Michigan Plan for the Federal Documents Depository Library System: The Council spent a great deal of time reviewing and revising the current draft of the state plan and incorporating input from the geographic area meetings wherever possible. Library of Michigan staff will compile a final draft with line numbers for Council members, and distribute them in July. After a final review by each member, a final draft without line numbers will then be distributed to depository library directors with a ballot for signature. The draft and ballot will be sent to directors by September 15, 1998, with the ballot due back to the Library of Michigan by October 15. When approved, the Library of Michigan will have final copies printed. This edition will be 3-hole punched for easier updating. Council members expressed the wish that the printed copies be distributed with a cover letter from the State Librarian. Council members agreed that this would be a new edition, rather than a revision of the 1993 version. Two suggestions have been made to include in the next revision of the plan: one, to require that libraries contemplating leaving the program give a year's notice to regional librarians, and two, that libraries disposing of major sets or significant runs of material give six month's notice prior to disposal.

    Disposals: The Detroit Public Library received their copy of the Documents Assistant software prior to the meeting. Copies were also distributed to Ms. Schneider and Ms. Eastwood at the meeting. Test sites are Michigan State University, Northern Michigan University, Schoolcraft College, Grand Valley State University, Madison Heights Public Library, and Livonia Civic Center Library. Library of Michigan staff will begin distributing software to the remaining test sites in July. The Council agreed to leave the procedures outlined in Appendix E to the state plan left as is until the software test is complete and Documents Assistant can be implemented statewide.

    Listing of Microfiche: After extensive discussion, Council agreed that listing of microfiche would continue. This issue will be revisited after the Documents Assistant software has been implemented statewide.

    Other disposal issues: Library of Michigan staff are designing a web page to track the receipt of disposal lists by both regionals. The page will display a chart for each month indicating date and number of pages of each list received by Library of Michigan and Detroit Public. The chart will also indicate the date a response was sent back to each library by each regional. If either regional notes that a list has not been received by the other regional, staff will not process the list. It will be up to disposing libraries to check the page and make sure their lists were received. Discussion followed about difficulties with fiche to fiche copying at Library of Michigan.

    Continuation of discussion/ planning for 1999 biennial meeting: Fran Buckley, U.S. Superintendent of Documents, can provide the keynote address at the biennial meeting if the trip is linked with another Michigan appearance. He is committed to speaking at Wayne State University's library school colloquium series, but the date is not yet known. The date for the biennial meeting will be set after Paula confirms his date at WSU. Discussion followed on the feasibility of having a 2-day meeting and potential sites for such a meeting. Ideas for sites included Wayne State University, Clare, Calvin College, Library of Michigan, Michigan State University, Frankenmuth, and Hoyt Library in Saginaw. Council agreed that content would be a group effort and that this should not have the appearance of a meeting conducted by the regional depositories.

    Content ideas include: GPO Access, State documents, library promotion, maps, electronic resources, state data center, Census, data miner, Land View III, Detroit bookstore, poster sessions/demonstrations, reference, MEL, historical/rare documents. Council agreed to continue to exchange e-mail on this topic and that program planning would appear first on the fall meeting agenda.

    Next meeting: The next meeting of the Council was set for Sept. 9th at 10:00 a.m. in the Great Lakes Room at Library of Michigan.

    A copy of these minutes was provided to the Red Tape Editor by Tish Kingaby, Library of Michigan.

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    (5) Godort of Executive Board Meeting Minutes
    Cooley Law School Library, August 17, 1998

    Diane Vanderpol, Sandra Clark, and Lynn Kazlowski . Call to Order: Paula Kaczmarek called the meeting to order at 9:55am. Board members present included Sharon Bradley, Debbie Gallagher, Larry Hall, Jon Harrison, Paula Kaczmarek, Janet Schneider, and Margo Zieske. Sharon Bradley served as recorder.

    Minutes: The minutes from the last Executive Board Meeting as printed in June 1998 Red Tape were accepted unanimously.

    Treasurerís Report: Paper work to allow Debbie Gallagher to access the Godort of Michigan bank account has not been completed; therefore she was unable to make a report.

    Reports: No reports from officers or committees.

    New Business:

  • The bank form to allow Debbie to access the Godort of Michigan bank account was signed by appropriate board members.

  • Discussion of September meeting:
    1. Margo has arranged two speakers: Cynthia Teague, MSU and Nan L. Myers, Wichita State University.
    2. Publicity will include: Red Tape on-line, MichLib-L, MichALL newsletter.
    3. Program committee members: Diane Vanderpol, Calvin College; Diane Church, UD-Mercy; Lynn Kazlowski, and Sandra Clark.
    4. Finances for Nan: Her airfare is $246.00. She will arrive Tuesday night, someone will pick her up at the airport. There was a discussion of an honorarium. It was decided to offer Nan honorarium of $100.
    5. The next Executive Council meeting is schedule for Brighton on November 9th.
  • Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries Update:
    1. Meeting scheduled for Feb. 17-18 at Library of Michigan. Superintendent of Documents Fran Buckley is the keynote speaker on Wednesday morning. Walter L. Warnick, DOE, is the keynote speaker on Thursday morning.
    2. A motion was made that GODORT co-sponsor the meeting of the Michigan Council. Margo moved, Jon second. Discussion ensued regarding travel, housing, speakers, etc. Inquiry will be made regarding hotel rates, block discount (Sharon).
  • GODORTís 20th Anniversary: Paula has lists of the individuals who formed organization in Oct. 1978 and attended the first program in April 1979. She would like to sponsor a banquet for April 24. Bill Ballenger was suggested as a speaker. Debbie will contact him regarding his fees. Consensus is that we will celebrate our anniversary. Paula will form a special committee to plan further details. The anniversary committee will coordinate with the program committee in regard to required spring meeting.

  • ALA Awards Committee: Deborah Jakubiec, Chair of ALA Awards Committee, must have liaison to deal with Thurston Award. The former liaison is no longer working in government documents. The committee is in contact with ALA to appoint another liaison. Janet is the our board liaison to the Awards committee.

  • AdHoc Committee on Issues of Access to the Internet: Debbie Schaubman, MSU, posted a general question on Govdoc-m regarding barriers to public access - required library cards, sign-ups when using computer terminals, registration for use, etc. She has asked that GODORT of Michigan make a statement. Ann Sanders, Library of Michigan, is interested in volunteering to work on the issue. The board authorized the formation of an ad hoc committee to investigate the issue of free and open public access to the Internet. They will formulate a draft policy statement for our consideration.

  • Senate Bill 2288: Administrative Notes of August 15 contain a statement by Mr. Dimario regarding S. 2288; he is in favor. General opinion was that GODORT should be promoting the bill. Paula has been contacted by ALA to contact various persons regarding the bill. She will draft a letter and forward to us for comment.

    Old Business: Larry moved we have next Executive Board meeting after General meeting on Sept. 30. Debbie seconded. Approved.

    Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 12:10pm.

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