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Index to 2000 Web Sites

This web page is an alphabetical index to the Odds and Ends Section of RED TAPE. Currently, it includes entries from the March, June, September, and December 2000 issues. It will continue to grow and expand as more issues of RED TAPE are published. Most of the entries are web sites, although there are a few exceptions.

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Aaron Copland Collection, 1900-1990
Abbreviations and Acronyms of the U.S. Government
Abraham Lincoln Papers
Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities
Adoptions, International
African Voices: Smithsonian Institution Online Exhibit
AirNow: Real Time Air Pollution Data
Air Traffic Command Control Center
America at Work, America at Leisure
American Museum of Natural History Dinosaur Exhibit
American Presidency: A Glorious Burden
American Time Capsules
Americans with Disability Act
America's Children 2000
America's Story from America's Library
Amistad Revolt
Arctic Theme Page
Auction Information
Aviation Consumer Protection Division
Aviation Digital Data Service Advisory Forecasts



Baby Names (Most Popular) : Names Distributions in the Social Security Area
Baseball Cards, Back to: Preserving the Nation's Heritage
Before It's Too Late
Bermuda Triangle FAQ
Black Dispatches: Black American Contributions to Union Intelligence
Blues/Gospel Audio Clips
Browse Electronic U.S. Government Titles (CU)
Bureau of Land Management
Bush--He's 'Da Man' at
Buying a Safe Car
By the People, For the People (WPA Posters, 1936-1943



Campus Crime and Security Statistics
Career Education Consumer Report
Career Guide to Industries
Cartoons Your Grandma Watched
Census Bureau State and County QuickFacts
Census Forms Hitting Cyberspace
Census (Historical Significance) Presentation
Census Schedules Going Online
Census Schedules Going Online, Part Two
Census Tract Street Locator
The Century in Sound: An American's Perspective (VOA)
A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation
Child Poverty in Rich Nations
Child Protection, Commission on Online....
Children, Pornography and Libraries
CIA Briefings of Presidential Candidates, 1952-1992
CIA Involvement in Chile
CIA Spy-Fi Archives
CIA World Factbook, 2000
Citizen's Guide to State Government
Civil War Maps from the Library of Congress
Climate Change Special Report
Climate Diagnostic Center
Condition of Education, 2000
Congressional Gold Medals
Congressional Hearings on GPO Access, How to Find...
Consumer Tips for the Flying Public
Countering the Changing Threat of International Terrorism
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, 1999
Courts to Classes
CPI Calculation Machine
Crime in the United States, 1999
Criminal Justice Statistics, Sourcebook of ..., 27th Edition
Cyberstalking: A New Threat for Law Enforcment and Industry



Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2000
Dinosaur Exhibit: American Museum of Natural History
DocsCite : Government Documents Citation Generator
Doctor Disciplinary Action Reports (Michigan)
Documents Association of New Jersey
Documents Sampler
Domestic Violence Against Women and Girls: An Epidemic
Drug Information via MedlinePlus



Education Statistics to 2010, Projections of...
Election 2000
Electoral College Page, House of Representative
Electoral Deja Vu
Electronic Federal Documents Are Now Official
Electronic Frontier: Challenge of Unlawful Conduct Involving the Use of the Internet
Elian Gonzalez
Elizabeth Blackwell, America's First Woman M.D.
Employment Laws Assistance for Workers and Small Businesses
Energy.Gov Debuts
EPA Web Site Shuts Down
EPA To Limit Online Information
Espionage 101
European Union Web Pages
Excite: Excellence in Curriculum Integration through Teaching Epidemiology
Exercise: A Guide from the National Institute on Aging
Expenditures on Children by Families, 1999 Annual Report



Farm Service Agency
FDA Kids Page
FDLP Desktop
FDR Presidential Library & Musuem Releases 10,000 Documents
FedBuzz.Com: Hotlinks to the Federal Facts in Your Life
Federal Auction Information
Federal Budget for 2001
Federal Register Sales Decline
Fifty Years of Coca-Cola Television Advertisements
Fighting Dinosaurs: New Discoveries from Mongolia
Filegate.Gov : The Biggest Congressional Scandal of the Digital Age
Finding International Statistics Online
Floppy Disk Project
Food and Agricultural Organization Document Repository
Foreign Media Reaction
Freedom of Information Act - Carry a Big Stick
From Slavery to Freedom
FTC Report on the Marketing of Violent Entertainment to Children
Fuel Economy Guide



Getting to Know the President
Giant Pandas at the Smithsonian National Zoo
GITCO Moves to a New URL
Global Trends 2000
Global Warming Report (UN)
Glossary of Terms Used for U.S. Government Publications
Going, Going, Gone...
GOVDOC-L Moves to Duke University
Government Documents Displays
Government Documents Processing and Procedures Student Manual
Government Manual (U.S.), 2000-2001
Government Web Sites Being Made Accessible to the Disabled
GovExec.Com's Best of the Feds, 1999
GPO Access New Electronic Titles
GPO Bookstore Gets New URL
GPO in Fiction
Green Card Application Process



Health and Health Behavior Among Young People
Helios Photography Online
Helping Your Child Learn Geography
Hi Citizen: Making Government Easy for You
History and Politics Out Loud
History of the American West, 1860-1920
History of the Federal Judiciary
Homelessness: Programs and the People They Serve
Hospital Statistics Online
House of Representatives Electoral College Page
HUD's Environmental Maps
Human Development Report 2000



Identifying Factors that Influence the Professional Use of the World Wide Web for Government Information
Immigration and Naturalization Service Web Page
Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 2000
Innocenti Report Card
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report
International Adoptions
International Statistics Online, Finding...
International Statistics, Sources of...
International Trafficking of Women in the United States



John Bull and Uncle Sam
Jordan Report 2000
Journey to Y2K



Kids and the Internet: Promises and Perils
Kidz Privacy
Kids Stuff from the Michigan Historical Center
King Assassination



Land Patents (BLM)
Latin American and Caribbean Population Projections
Law Enforcement Efforts to Combat Internet Auction Fraud
Law Enforcement in a New Century and A Changing World
Law Librarian's Society of Washington, D.C.
Library of Congress American Memory Project (Blues/Gospel)
Library School Classes on Government Information



Majority Whip's Home Page (U.S. Congress. House.)
Making of U.S. Foreign Policy
MEAP Scholarship Award Data Report
Medicare Site Redesigned
MedlinePlus's Prescription Drug Info
Meeting of Frontiers
Michigan Ballot Proposals 2000
Michigan Career Education Consumer Report
Michigan Charter School Initiative Evaluation Reports
Michigan Cyber-Tip Hotline
Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Michigan Department of Natural Resources Kids Page
Michigan Directory of Libraries with Law Collections
Michigan Doctor Disciplinary Action Reports
Michigan Drinking Water Report
Michigan Electronic Voter's Guide 2000
Michigan Film Office
Michigan Manual Now Online
Michigan Money Quest
Michigan Safe Schools
Michigan School Choice/School Vouchers Info
Michigan Senate Kids Page
Michigan State Government Telephone Directory Online
Michigan State Lottery
Michigan State Park Campground Reservations
Michigan State Police Fugitives At Large/Ten Most Wanted List
Michigan Tax System Outline
Microsoft's TerraServer Provides U.S. Topographic Map Access
Military Education and Research Library Network
Michigan Unclaimed Property Records
Michigan Veterans Employment Services
Minimum Wage: Increasing the Reward for Work
Multicultured Asian Lady Beetle
My History is America's History



NAEP 1998 Civics Report Card for the Nation
NAEP 1998 Writing Report Card for the Nation and the States
Names Distributions in the Social Security Area
National Aeronautics and Space Administration:

Human Spaceflight Page
Kids Page Celebrates Halloween
Structure and Evolution of the Universe
Visable Earth
National Archives & Records Administration Electoral College Page
National Commission on Terrorism Final Report
National Gallery of Arts Kids Page
National Heritage Fellowship Winner Sound Clips
National Museum of American Art Changes its Name, URL
National Portrait Gallery : Portraits of the Presidents
National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Books
National Security Archive: The Ultrasensitive Bay of Pigs
National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse
National Women's Health Information Center
NEA National Heritage Fellowship Winner Sound Clips
NOAA's Top U.S. Weather, Water, and Climate Events of the 20th Century
Notable Documents in Electronic Format, 1999
Now What A Time
NTIS Closure and Transfer
Nuclear Reactor Oversight
Nuclear Weapons, History of the Custody and Deployment of...



Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2000-2001
Occupational Outlook Quarterly
One-Stop Shopping for Government Information



Parenting Resources for the Twenty-First Century
Partnerships for a Stronger Civil Society
Patent Electronic Business Center
Peace Corps Application
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Pentagon and Hall of Heroes Virtual Tour
Perspectives on Race Relations in the United States
Pioneer Recollections of Lansing, Michigan
Pioneering the Upper Midwest
Plants Database
Plum Book
Portraits of the Presidents from the National Portrait Gallery
Post Office to Offer Free E-Mail
Postal Service Commission Report On a Safe and Secure Environment
Presidency, American: A Glorious Burden
President Clinton: The Final Days Quick Time Video
Presidential Backgrounders
Presidential Inaugerations
Presidential Libraries More than Memorials
Presidential Transition
"The President's Own" United States Marine Band
Print No More
Prisoners in 1999
Progress of Nations, 1999
Projections of Education Statistics to 2010





Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Newsline
Religious Freedom, Report of the United States Commission on International
The Role of the Government "Printing" Office in the New Millenium
Russia's Road to Corruption



Saddham Hussein's Iraq
Save our Sounds
School Choice/School Vouchers
School Crime and Safety Indicators, 2000
School Shooter: A Threat Assessment Perspective
Selected Government Statistical Resources
Smithsonian Expeditions: 150 Years of Smithsonian Research in Latin America
Smithsonian Institution Online Exhibit: African Voices
Smithsonian Institution Online Guide
Smithsonian National Zoo, Giant Pandas at the ...
Social Security Online Retirement Planner
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, 27th Edition
Sources of International Statistics
Space Library (NASA)
Spain, the United States, and the American Frontier
Special Operations.Com
Spy-Fi Archives (CIA)
State Documents Conference for Eastern States Report
State of the Cities, 2000
State of the Union Address on the Digital Divide
State of the World's Children, 2000
State of the World Population, 2000
Statistical Resources, Selected Government
The Student Guide to Financial Aid, 2000-01
Supreme Court Enters the Internet Age
Supreme Court, Internet Resources for Tracking Information on the...



Telephone Consumer Complaint Form
To Err is Human: Building A Safer Health System
Today in History
Top Ten Dot Cons (FTC)
Twenty Things You Can Learn and Do on U.S. Government Web Sites



UNESCO's 2000 Online Manifesto
United Kingdom Launches
United Kingdom Online Citizen Portal
United Nations and Decolonization
United Nations Bibliographic Information Systems (UNBISNet)
UN Dag Hammarskj÷ld Library Bibliographic Information System (UNBISnet)
UN Global Warming Report
U.S. Army Virtual Tours
U.S. Code
U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774-1873
U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section
U.S. Government Electronic Commerce Policy
U.S. Government Manual, 2000-2001
U.S. Government Periodicals Now Searchable Via the Internet
United States Marine Band : "The President's Own"
U.S. Postal Service Changes Its URL Address
U.S. Senate Home Page
U.S. Supreme Court Web Page
U.S. Trade in Perspective



Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS
Veterans Employment Services
Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga
Voice of America
Voice of America News Millenium Moments
Voice of America Music Mix



Washlaw Federal Agency Page
We Shall Overcome: Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement
We the Peoples: The Role of the UN in the 21st Century
Web-Based Government Contract Research
What's a Dollar Worth?
Why New Presidents Blunder
Women 2000: Gender Equality, Development and Peace for the 21st Century
Women Watch: The UN Internet Gateway on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women
Women's Issues on UN Radio
Woodsy Owl Home Page
World Development Report 2000/01: Attacking Poverty
World's Women 1995: Trends and Statistics





Youth Violence Prevention, Best Practices



ZIP Code Business Patterns
ZIP Code, Community Information by...
Zip Code Look-Up and City/State/Zip Code Association


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