Issue 111, September 2005

Table of Contents

  1. Go to Red Tape Blog for the latest News From Around the Country Entries
  2. The $10 Bill Gets a Makeover
  3. 60th Anniversary of First Atomic Bomb Blast: July 16, 1945
  4. ACLU Expresses Concerns About John Roberts
  5. The Age of Missing Information
  6. Army, Navy Academies Tolerate Hostile Attitudes Toward Women
  7. BRAC Recommendations Impact Michigan
  8. BRAC Recommends that Detroit Arsenal Should Expand
  9. Canít Afford to Go To a Government Documents Meeting?
  10. Celebrating Constitution Day
  11. Charting Congressional Priorities
  12. Civil War Reparations: Bill of Rights Returned to North Carolina
  13. Congressman Conyers in the News Again
  14. Congressman Kirk Releases NOAA Report on Great Lakes;
    Lake Michigan Hardest Hit by Mercury Pollution
  15. Detroit Now Ranks as Nationís Poorest Metropolitan Area
  16. Dwindling Number of Aircraft May Seal Fate of Air Guard
  17. ERIC Announces New Database Content - August 2005
  18. Fast Facts about Americaís Hispanic Population
  19. Fast Facts About Back to School
  20. FBI Used PATRIOT Actís Administrative Subpoena to Get Library Records in Connecticut
  21. FDA Official Quits Over Politics
  22. Federal Depository Library PURL Referral Report
  23. Federal Reserve Bulletin Will No Longer Be Released in Print
  24. Food Pyramid for Kids
  25. Foreign Relations of the United States Digital Project
  26. Government Humor from the Onion
  27. GPO Refuses to Guarantee No-fee Access
  28. GPOís Newest Job: A Digital Czar
  29. IRS Wants to Close Down Walk-In Taxpayer Assistance Centers
  30. Is the Global Information Locator Service (GILS) on the Way Out?
  31. Judith Miller Freed to Testify in Plame Case
  32. Justice Department Hits New Low - And Gets Caught Red Handed
  33. Labor Day : Sept. 5, 2005
  34. Librarians and The National Map
  35. More Government Humor, I think
  36. NASA Scientist Discovers World with Triple Sunsets
  37. National Archives Releases More John Roberts Records
  38. National Priorities Project Database
  39. National Security Archive, Secrecy Experts Urge Court to Scrutinize Government Secrecy Claims
  40. National Womanís Party Photographs Now Online
  41. Oddities Turn Up at Copyright Office
  42. Patriot Act Setback; Judge Rules that Gag Order
    for ALA Member is Unconstitutional
  43. Pledge of Allegiance Challenged Again
  44. Senate Passes PATRIOT Reauthorization Bill
  45. Senator Durbin (D-Ill) Dedicates PATRIOT Success to ALA
  46. Soil Survey Maps Now Available Online for Most U.S. Counties
  47. Sources of Information on Judge John G. Roberts
  48. Space Shuttle Discovery Lands in California
  49. State Department Experts Warned CENTCOM Before Iraq War About Lack of Plans for Post-War Iraq Security
  50. Supreme Court Nominees, Confirmed and Not Confirmed
  51. Undoing Darwin
  52. U.S. and Michigan Announce Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts
  53. U.S. High School Science Lab Experiences Often Poor
  54. Vast Archive Yields New View of 9/11

(1) Red Tape Blog Now Carries the Most Recent Articles
for News From Around the Country

In response to a request at our last Godort of Michigan meeting at the Wayne State University School of Law, the Red Tape editor will be mounting items for "News from Around the Country" on the Red Tape Blog first. Time will tell if he has enough time to go back and mount all of the same items in this regular Red Tape Newsletter. Your advice will be appreciated on whether it's worth the effort to post items in both locations.

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(2) 60th Anniversary of First Atomic Bomb Blast: July 16, 1945

On July 16, 1945 the world changed with the explosion of the first atomic bomb. The explosion took place at Trinity Site which is on what is now White Sands Missile Range. Trinity is a national historic landmark which is open to the public twice a year. The White Sands Missile Range : Trinity Site web site provides the following links highlighting information on the history of the site, how to get there and some of the historic images.

More information can be obtained from the National Atomic Museum web site.

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(3) NASA Scientist Discovers World with Triple Sunsets

A NASA-funded astronomer has discovered a world where the sun sets over the horizon, followed by a second sun and then a third. The new planet is the first known to reside in a classical triple-star system.

For the full story, see NASA scientist discovers world with triple sunsets, courtesy of Planet Quest: The Search for Another Earth, July 13, 2005. Images and Animations are also provided.

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