Issue 112, November 2005

Table of Contents

  1. Go to Red Tape Blog for the latest News From Around the Country Entries
  2. 2005 International Religious Freedom Report
  3. ABC News Identifies CIA’s Harsh Interrogation Techniques
  4. Arctic Map Vanishes, and Oil Area Expands
  5. Bush Borrowed More Than All Previous President Combined
  6. A Capitol Hill Presence in the Blogosphere
  7. Celebrate U.N. Day
  8. Celebrate Veterans Day by Taking a Look at
    the Veterans History Project
  9. CIA Report on Iraq Intelligence
  10. Congratulations to Congressman John Dingell
  11. Congress Shields Gun Makers from Liability Suits
  12. Congressman John Dingell
  13. Crime in the United States, 2004, Released;
    Downward Trends Continue
  14. DANJ Announces New Web Page
  15. Detroit News Profiles Senator Debbie Stabenow
  16. FBI, Pentagon Pay for Access to Trove of Public Records
  17. Feds Plan for Super-Flu Pandemic
  18. Google Adds Library Texts to Search Database
  19. Google Book-Scanning is Fair Use
  20. The Google Print Controversy
  21. Government Documents Core Reference Tools Survey
  22. Government Documents in OCLC’s Top 1000
  23. Gun Makers Shielded from Liability Suits
  24. Harvard Law Prof Says Google Book-Scanning is Fair Use
  25. House Passes ‘Cheeseburger Bill’
  26. House to Probe CIA Prisons Leak;
    Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.) Head of Committee
  27. How Far Can Federal Regulations Go When It Comes to Wetlands?
  28. If Only They Had Read Their Government Documents!
  29. Just in Time for Thanksgiving : Turkey Facts
  30. Mayflower Compact
  31. Michigan’s Congressional Delegation Divided on Reform of Endangered Species Act
  32. NAS Study to Target Invasive Species
  33. National Aquatic Invasive Species Act Making Little Progress in U.S. Congress
  34. New Tax Rules on Horizon? Maybe Not
  35. Oil Company Execs Defend Huge Profits Before Congress;
    Former Governor John Engler Upset
  36. Open WorldCat - A Way to Add Value to Government Documents
  37. The Problem with E-Mail
  38. li>Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, 1929-2000
  39. Sanders’ Freedom to Read Language Dropped from Spending Bill;
    President Threatened Veto
  40. Senate Orders Administration to Provide Iraq Progress Reports
  41. Senator Carl Levin Attempts to Rescue Tanith Belbin
  42. Senator Debbie Stabenow
  43. Senator Debbie Stabenow Now Offers Podcasts!
  44. THOMAS Web Site Offers New Look and Easier Navigation
  45. Tuskegee Airmen Will Receive Congressional Gold Medal Thanks to Senator Carl Levin
  46. United Nations Celebrates 60th Anniversary
  47. USA Patriot Act Moving Closer to Extension
  48. USGS and Budget Cuts
  49. USGS Reorganizing, Will Paper Maps Disappear?
  50. The U.S. Government and Torture
  51. U.S. Insists on Controlling Web
  52. Using Government Information to Teach Source Evaluation
  53. Veterans History Project
  54. Were the Oil Executives Lying?
  55. What is Posse Comitatus, Anyway?
  56. When Is Torture Not Torture, or Vice Versa
  57. White House Issues List of 10 Foiled al-Qaida Plots
  58. Why Environmentalists Want to Repeal the Mining Law of 1872
  59. Will the Highway Appropriations Bill Come Back to Haunt the GOP?

(1) Red Tape Blog Now Carries the Most Recent Articles
for News From Around the Country

In response to a request at our last Godort of Michigan meeting at the Wayne State University School of Law, the Red Tape editor will be mounting items for "News from Around the Country" on the Red Tape Blog first. Time will tell if he has enough time to go back and mount all of the same items in this regular Red Tape Newsletter. Your advice will be appreciated on whether it's worth the effort to post items in both locations.

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(3) NASA Scientist Discovers World with Triple Sunsets

A NASA-funded astronomer has discovered a world where the sun sets over the horizon, followed by a second sun and then a third. The new planet is the first known to reside in a classical triple-star system.

For the full story, see NASA scientist discovers world with triple sunsets, courtesy of Planet Quest: The Search for Another Earth, July 13, 2005. Images and Animations are also provided.

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