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African Americans Honored by the USPS
African American Troops in the Civil War
Air & Space Magazine
American Battlefield Protection Program
America Goes Back to School
American Memory Project Update
Automated Translation Engine Update
BICO Database Available From USDA-FAS
NAPBC Web Site Focuses on Breast Cancer Resources
British Parliament Debates
CFR Available from Counterpoint
CFR Available from GPO Access
GPO Gate Offers CFR Enhancements
The CIA and the Crack Plague
Hackers Strike CIA Web Site
Buying a Safe Car
Census Data for the United States 1790-1860
Census Data on a Single CD
Child Labor Report Available
Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System
Commission on Family and Medical Leave
Commission on Presidential Debates
Computer Products Center (FCPC)
Country Studies Handbooks
DOD Information Analysis Center (IAC) Newsletters
Deadbeat Dads
Detroit Real-Time Freeway Conditions
Docbase 4.1 Now Available
Doing Time
Eclipse Bulletin
Economic Research Service Home Page
Export-Import Bank of the United States
FAO Publications Available Via the Web
FDA Consumer Online
FDA Regulations on Tobacco, Etc.
FDLP Administration Home Page
FLITE Now Available
Family and Medical Leave Policies
I Did Time in a Federal Depository....Library
Federal Information Policies in the 1990s
Girl Power
Resources of Use to Government Documents Librarians Update
Government Executive Magazine
Finding Government Information on the 'Net
Government Information Exchange
Taps for Government Reports Announcements?
Guide to U.S. Government Publications
More Gulf War News
HMSO Privatizes
IBRD Publications Catalog
IDTF Home Page
INS Hotline
Inaugerations Past
"Increase & Diffusion" Launched by Smithsonian
International Court of Law Decisions
Internet Mailing Lists Help Track the Federal Government
Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court
Library of Congress Classification System
Publicly Accessible Lighthouses
Mars Atlas Available from NASA
Mars Global Explorer (NASA)
Michigan Court of Appeals Cases Now Online
Michigan Department Of Transportation Seeks Public Input
Michigan Library Directory Released by LOM
Michigan State Board of Education Adopts Character Education Policy
Michigan Tax Tribunal
Minimum Wage
NASA Astronomy Sites
NTIS Computer Products Center (FCPC)
NTIS Sustains Heavy Losses
NTIS OrderNow Catalog News
National Library of Canada Digitization Activities
National Museum of American Art
National Register of Historic Places
Nixon-Presley Meeting
Occupational Outlook Handbook, 1996-97
Finding Overseas Markets with Uncle Sam's Help
Patent & Trademark Depository Library Program
Plum Book
Presidential Debates
Smithsonian Debuts New Electronic Magazine
State Appellate Defender Office
State Court Administrator's Office News
Supreme Court Decisions Now Available
Supreme Court Justices
Treasures of the Nation
TWA Flight 800
UN Bibliographies Available Over Web
UN Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
UN CyberSchoolBus
UN Economic Commission for Europe
UN High Commissioner for Refugees
United States Air Force Museum
United States Export-Import Bank
United States Information Agency
United States Postal Service Honors Famous Blacks
United States Sentencing Commission
University of Michigan Library Electronic Bulletin Board News
Watching Congress
Welfare Reform
Witness (UNHCR Looks at Bosnia)
Women in the Military
World Bank Annual Report 1996
World Bank Publications Catalog
World Court Decisions Available
World Food Summit (FAO)
Youth Info

African Americans Honored by the USPS
Throughout the years, the United States Postal Service has tried to preserve America's rich history and culture through its commemorative stamp program. The Postal Service has issued Black History-related stamps to commemorate Black men and women who have contributed to America's history and who have made a difference. Source : USA Today, Hot Picks, November 18, 1996.
(Last checked 03/28/00)

African American Troops in the Civil War
Describes the efforts of African American troops in the Civil War, including features on some of the Medal of Honor recipients.
(Last checked 03/28/00)

Air and Space Magazine
An electronic magazine highlighting what's new at the Smithsonian Institution Air and Space Museum. The October/November 1996 issue includes : a history detailing the rise and fall of the Pogo fighters during the Cold War, as well as a report on counterfeit parts for airliners. Is traveler safety being compromised?
(Last checked 03/28/00)

America Goes Back to School--Get Involved!--US Dept. of Education
As school begins, involved parents and community leaders will find this web site a useful one. It contains a Partners Activities Kit for 1996-7 (as well as for 1995), available in both HTML and .pdf format, and a new full-text publication, Reaching All Families: Creating Family-Friendly Schools. The Partners Activities Kit provides information and examples of how parents, community and religious leaders, employers, and cultural groups can become involved in improving education in their community. Reaching all Families is a "booklet intended to stimulate thinking and discussion about how schools can better involve all families, regardless of family circumstances or student performance, in their children's education." It includes sections on "Personal Contacts" (conferences and home visits), "Ongoing Communications" (newsletters, positive phone calls, homework and home learning), and "Special Practices and Programs" (parent resource centers, parent workshops, and informal school-family gatherings), among others. Source : Scout Report, August 30, 1996.
(Last checked 03/28/00)

American Battlefield Protection Program
Civil War buffs may want to check out the Civil War Sites Advisory Commission Report and 384 battle summaries available at this site. Source : Civil War Times Illustrated, October 1996, p.12.
(Last checked 03/28/00)

American Memory Project Update
The Library of Congress has added three new sections to its "American Memory Project", an online archive of historical collections for the National Digital Library. "The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920" offers access to manuscripts, documents, and photographs related to the political growth of the conservation movement. "Gottscho-Schleisner Photographs, 1932-1960" contains 29,300 pictures that document American architecture. "Theodor Horydczak Photographs, 1920-1950" is a collection of 14,350 pictures that document the architecture and social life of Washington from the mid-1920s through the 1950s. Source : Chronicle of Higher Education, August 2, 1996, p.A16.
(Last checked 03/28/00)

Automated Translation Engine No Longer Available
Due to Fear of Hackers
The Automated Translation Engine sponsored by UNOJUST mentioned in the last issue of RED TAPE is no longer available over the web as a repercussion of the recent hacker attack on the U.S. Department of Justice Home Page. In light of this incident and the subsequent attack on the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Home Page, UNOJUST is doing a total security check which may take some time to complete. Source : Sergey Chapkey, E-Mail:
chapkey@rol.org, The Rule of Law Foundation, October 2, 1996.

BICO (US Export/Import Statistics for Bulk, Intermediate, and Consumer Oriented Foods and Beverages)
USDA-FAS (United States Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service) offers a searchable database of US food import and export data at its web site. The BICO database offers 46 different product groups, divided into "bulk commodities, and high-value intermediate and consumer-oriented foods and beverages, as well as forest products and edible fish and seafood products." The site can be searched via a forms-based interface by commodity or country (as well as 16 country groupings), and retrieved data includes US dollar value of imports or exports, with record export years noted with an asterisk. Data for both fiscal and calendar year is available, and coverage is annual, beginning in 1991. About the only limitations to this database are that, at present, data cannot be directly downloaded, and no volume data is available. Printing instructions are available at the site. BICO is an excellent and easily available source for a vast amount of US food data. Source : Scout Report, August 30, 1996.
(Last checked 03/28/00)

NAPBC Web Site Focuses on Breast Cancer
The National Action Plan on Breast Cancer Web site was launched on October 27, 1996 as a breast cancer web site to serve consumers, scientists, and health care professionals involved with breast cancer. Through the site, people will have the opportunity to learn about the NAPBC, the accomplishments of the Plan, its organization, activities, and products. The site will provide easy access to the most up-to-date sources of breast cancer information on the Internet. The launching of the site coincides with the three year anniversary of the presentation to President Clinton of the National Breast Cancer Coalition's 2.6 million signature petition calling for a coordinated national strategy to combat breast concer through public/private partnerships. At the President's direction, the NAPBC was established and now serves as a catalyst for national efforts, coordinating activities of government and non-government organizations, agencies, and individuals. It encourages new ideas and mobilizes partnerships to "jump start" innovative, long-term efforts that will result in rapid progress in the fight against breast cancer.
(Last checked 03/28/00)

British Parliament (Hansard) Debates Now Available:

  • Hansard--House of Commons Debates
  • House of Lords Debates
    The British Parliament House of Commons web site now contains daily oral questions and debates as well as written answers to questions. The debates are both browsable and searchable. The new House of Commons Hansard joins the House of Lords Hansard daily debates database, which has been available since June 10, 1996. Source : Scout Report, November 1, 1996.
    (Last checked 03/28/00)

    CFR Now Available from Counterpoint
    Counterpoint Publishing announces the release of its updated US Code of Federal Regulations on the Internet. This CFR service features the sophisticated Counterpoint Search Engine (CSE), which offers the ability to browse or search by keywords or phrases with boolean and proximity operators. The easy-to-use CSE can be used with any browser on the World Wide Web. Source : Gleason Sackman, Net-Happenings, September 3, 1996.

    CFR Now Available from GPO Access
    The Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration, and U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO), have recently begun to make the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations available for searching. The CFR is divided into 50 titles which represent broad areas subject to Federal regulation, and each title is divided into chapters which usually bear the name of the issuing agency. At present, titles available include: "Title 20 (Parts 400-499) Employees' Benefits; Title 21 (all parts) Food and Drugs; and Title 40 (Parts 87 to 135) Protection of the Environment. Titles will be added incrementally throughout calendar years 1996 and 1997 until a complete set is available." CFR can be searched by title or retrieved by citation section. Source : Scout Report, October 18, 1996.
    (Last checked 03/28/00)

    CFR Enhancements Provided by GPO Gate
    GPO Gate (the University of California gateway to GPO Access is making the GPO Access version of the CFR available with several enhancements. These include the ability to search by CFR Title number, search by CFR Title and Part number, search by CFR Title and Part Number and Page number. In addition, you can combine any of the above with a keyword search and limit your search by words in the title of the document. Other features worth noting: CFR tables of contents include links to sections. Search the Federal Register for updates to the items you found on your CFR search. (For an example of the results of a search with this feature, see: http://www.gpo.ucop.edu/examples/cfrex.html).
    Source : James Jacobs, GOVDOC-L, October 16, 1996.
    (Last checked 03/28/00)

    The CIA and the Crack Plague
    Did the CIA help spread crack cocaine into poor L.A. neighborhoods in the early '80s to help finance the Nicaraguan Contras? And thus unleash the crack cocaine plague on predominately urban black neighborhoods? Read the Dark Alliance : the Story Behind the Crack Explosion, a series of articles that have raised the ire of black journalists nationwide and resulted in an internal investigation at the Central Intelligence Agency. Courtesy of the San Jose Mercury News. Note: Articles no longer available for free. Use search engine to find dates.
    (Last checked 03/28/00)

    CIA Web Site Attacked by Hackers
    The CIA web site was penetrated by a group of Swedish hackers on 18 Sep 1996, causing the CIA to pull the plug the following day. The altered home page said, "Welcome to the Central Stupidity Agency." It also had valid links to Playboy and hacker netsites, and fictional links to ``news from space'' and ``nude girls''. Apparently, the Swedish intruders were protesting a Swedish court case against a group of youths who were caught breaking into computers in 1991. The CIA is presumably restoring its earlier web pages, which included spy-agency press releases, speeches, and other publically available data, including CIA's World Fact Book -- all of course unclassified. The altered web-site content is still available, at least for the time being, at http://www.skeeve.net/cia. Source : TXDXN-L, October 2, 1996.
    (Web Links No Longer Available: 03/28/00)

    Buying a Safer Car
    Got your eye on a new car? The good news is... we've probably already crashed it. Why? To give you a one-to-five star safety score of the frontal crash protection it provides compared to other cars. You can access crash test scores, safety features or theft ratings for cars through this page. The search engine provided by the NHTSA allows one to select year, make, or model to customize the results.
    (Last checked 03/28/00)

    Census Data for the United States 1790-1860
    The Instructional Computing Group of Harvard University, in cooperation with Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan, has made a subset of historical data from U.S. decennial censuses from 1790 to 1860 available for forms-based querying on the web. Data availability varies by year and state. From 1790 to 1830, most data concerns population breakouts by age, sex, and free or slave. From 1840 to 1860 much more data is available, including occupation, education, churches, mortality, and property and wealth, among others. After year selection, users query the database for state(s) and variable(s). Data returned can then be sorted by variable. Data are available at the state and county level, although county querying is not possible. There is no facility at this time for downloading data to statistical programs; however, this is a small price to pay for a virtual treasure house of U.S. historical information. Source : Scout Report, September 20, 1996.
    (Last checked 03/28/00)

    Census Data on a Single CD-ROM
    GeoLytics has taken 1990 Census data--available from the U.S. Census Bureau on 67 CD-ROMs--compressed it onto a single disk, and added a Windows search interface. The package, called CensusCD, includes over 3,500 demographic variables for 375,000 geographics. There are 16 searchable levels of geography, from block group to national, including MCD, MSA, PMSA, CMSA, Zip code, 104th Congressional District, and tract. Options include icon- or menu-based searching, online help, and customized report output, including to GIS packages. CensusCD is designed as a single workstation product and priced at $199.95 (617/545-8969). Source : Online, September/October 1996, p.11

    New Child Labor Report Available
    The U.S. Department of Labor has released its latest report on the Child Labor Issue. It is entitled, "The Apparel Industry and Codes of Conduct: A Solution to the International Child Labor Problem?." The Martin P. Catherwood Library of the School of Industrial & Labor Relations, Cornell University is providing free public access to this report via its electronic archive. This public service is the result of a model government/university partnership to provide access to original source documentation on workplace issues. Source : Stuart Basefsky, Telephone : (607) 255-2184; Fax : (607) 255-9641; E-mail: smb6@cornell.edu, GOVDOC-L, November 4, 1996.
    (Last checked 03/28/00)

    Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System
    The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System is a computerized database containing very basic facts about servicemen who served on both sides during the Civil War; a list of regiments in both the Union and Confederate Armies; identifications and descriptions of 384 significant battles of the war; references that identify the sources of the informaition in the database; and suggestions for where to find additional information. The facts about the soldiers will be entered from records that are indexed to many millions of other documents about Union and Confederate Civil War soldiers maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration. Additional information about soldiers, sailors, regiments, and battles, as well as prisoner-of-war records and cemetary records, will be added over time. In celebration of the dedication of African American Civil War Monument in Washington, D.C., information on more than 230,000 black soldiers has been added to the database this year.
    (Last checked 03/28/00)

    Country Studies Handbooks
    Electronic versions of the Country Studies Handbooks (formerly called Area Handbooks) are now available from the National Digital Library. A typical book in this series contains five chapters describing and analyzing a country's history, society, economy, government and politics, and national security. Books encompassing two or more countries or an entire region contain maps, charts, photographs, illustrations, tables, bibliographies, a glossary, and an index. Not all parts of each Country Study are currently available electronically, but will be added later on. Source : Library of Congress Information Bulletin, September 16, 1996, p.323.
    (Last checked 03/28/00)

    DOD Information Analysis Center (IAC) Newsletters
    If you've been having a hard time keeping up with the activities of the various US Department of Defense Information Analysis Centers (there are sixteen of them, after all, charged with analyzing and disseminating scientific and technical information), this new page provides the links you need. From here users can jump directly to the newsletters published by each of the IACs, rather than having to go first to the web site of each IAC. Source : Scout Report, October 11, 1996. Note: Page no longer exists.
    (Last checked 03/28/00)

    Deadbeat Dads
    The Clinton Administration is serious about tracking down deadbeat dads. Check out the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Child Support Enforcement wanted list. It's an easy click to state-by-state sites, some of which include photographs of the 10 most wanted deadbeats who are behind in their child support payments. Source : National Journal, 09/07/96, p.1921.
    Information still avilable but you have to go to state links.
    (Last checked 03/28/00)

    Detroit Real-Time Freeway Conditions
    The Michigan Department of Transportation provides web updates, revised every 90 seconds, on traffic conditions on Detroit's freeways. Now if you only had a computer in your car to provide these continuous updates!
    (Web page no longer working: 03/28/00)

    Docbase 4.1 Available Free to Libraries
    Thanks to the government documents people at the University of Minnesota, Duluth (especially Michel Gerber), Docbase 4.1 (September 1996) is now available over the WWW. The new edition, containing guides to 115 government CD-ROMs available in the Western Washington University Library, can be read or downloaded. The entire file is also available in a zip file for downloading.

  • Each guide says what kind of information is on the CD, who publishes it, who to call for more information, whether it can be purchased, whether the data is available on the web, how to start the CD-ROM, how to run it, how to copy, download, and exit from it.
  • CD-ROMs covered by guides for the first time in this edition include: Agricultural Statistics, Army Materiel Command, Asian Pacific Commerce, Budget, Census In-Migration, Census Out-Migration, Census: Adults with Work Disabilities, Census: Fertility, Census: Geographic Mobility, Census: Housing - Condominiums, Census: Housing - Elderly, Census: Housing Characteristics, Census: Housing - Mobile Homes, Census: Housing - New, Census: Indians, Census: Journey to Work, Census: Occupation and Industry, Dictionary of Mining..., Economic Census: Nonemployer, Economic Census: Zip Codes, Exports Classification, Federal Procurement, Global Trade Outlook, Income and Poverty, IRS Tax Forms, Military Traffic Command, Office of Technology Assessment, Survey of Current Business, and Veterans Appeals Board. About 20 other guides have been updated. Source : Robert Lopresti, lopresti@cc.wwu.edu, GOVDOC-L, October 23, 1996.
    (Web link no longer works: 03/28/00)

    Eclipse Bulletin
    Contains information on the solar eclipse on Feburary 28, 1998. Also contains eclipse photography, related maps, dta on weather prospects, and related eclipse data on the internet. Courtesy of NASA. Source : Chronicle of Higher Education, July 12, 1996, p.A20.

    Economic Research Service of USDA
    The Economic Research Service of USDA has launched a new and improved website. Improvements include: expanded list of products, services and databases with links to summaries or abstracts and how to order more information or contact our researchers; briefing rooms to further ERS's mission to provide economic and other social science data and analysis. Look for topics on food safety, natural resources and rural America; site searching tools, refined navigational tools, New Analysis (for what's HOT at ERS) and a customer feedback database. Source : David Hopkins, GOVDOC-L, October 1, 1996.

    The Michigan State University, International Business Center, in conjunction with the Network for Excellence in Manufacturing, offers the following site to people interested in marketing products for export. Review the Ten-Step-Road-Map, consult the various reference tools described, and you will be on your way.

    FAO Publications Available Via the Web:
    Commodity Market Review 1995-96
    Food Outlook
    Food Crops and Shortages
    The Economic and Social Department of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has made three international food-related publications available via the Web. Commodity Market Review 1995-96 is a new title, replacing Commodity Review and Outlook. It presents general developments in the world food economy. Food Outlook is a bimonthly publication that discusses aspects of world food production, imports, and exports, and is highlighted by detailed selected country and region tables on those variables. World Food Shortages is a bimonthly publication that concentrates on unfavorable crop prospects, food supply shortfalls, and local surpluses by country. Together, the three publications provide an excellent overview of the world food situation. Source : Scout Report, October 25, 1996.

    FDA Consumer Archive
    Provides electronic copies of all FDA Consumer issues from July/August 1995 on. Also provides text versions of selected issues of FDA Consumer magazine between April 1989 and June 1995 plus miscellaneous individual articles from other issues.

    FDA Regulations on Nicotine, Cigarettes, and Smokeless Tobacco
    ftp to: fedbbs.access.gpo.gov, then change directory to gpo_bbs/fda_fr
    Recent US Food And Drug Administration nicotine regulation documents have been aggregated at one site within the Government Printing Office Web site. The documents are available in both text and .pdf format. They are: Regulations Restricting the Sale and Distribution of Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco to Protect Children and Adolescents (final rule, released August 28, 1996); and Regulations Restricting the Sale and Distribution of Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco Products to Protect Children and Adolescents (proposed rule, released August 11, 1996). In addition, a searchable Analysis Regarding the Food and Drug Administration's Jurisdiction Over Nicotine-Containing Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco Products (August 11, 1996), is available. Part 2 of the massive regulation published August 28, Nicotine in Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco Is a Drug and These Products are Nicotine Delivery Devices Under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act: Jurisdictional Determination, will be available in the future in a searchable form. Federal Register citations for all these publications are available at the site. Source : Scout Report, August 30, 1996.

    FDLP Administration Home Page Launched
    The Library Programs Service is pleased to announce a new Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) Administration Web page. The purpose of this page is to provide "News, Information, and Communication for and about the Federal Depository Library Program." Users can link to online electronic versions of Administrative Notes, Administrative Notes Technical Supplement, LPS Contacts, and various FDLP instructions, manuals, and guides. Source : GOVDOC-L, September 3, 1996 and September 9, 1996.

    Family and Medical Leave Policies
    The report of the Commission on Family and Medical Leave entitled: A Workable Balance: Report to Congress on Family and Medical Leave Policies is now available over the web free-of-charge through a partnership between the Department of Labor and the M.P. Catherwood Library of the School of Industrial & Labor Relations, Cornell University. Source : Stuart Basefsky, smb6@cornell.edu, GOVDOC-L, October 23, 1996.

    I Did Time in a Federal Depository....Library
    http://www.colorado.edu/libraries/govpubs/tshirt.htm (No longer exists 05/21/98)
    The Documents Librarians in Colorado came up with a great idea for a t-shirt. Take a peek via the web. Source : Tim Byrne,
    byrnet@spot.colorado.edu, October 30, 1996.

    Update: I wanted to comment on your "t-shirts might be better" because my library is the one that came up with the "I DID TIME IN A FEDERAL DEPOSITORY LIBRARY" t-shirt design. I tried, at the time so much interest was expressed, to get GODORT to offer the t-shirt. I was in communication with the folks at GODORT and they were supposedly working out how to make it available. That was the last I heard from them. They must have decided against it for whatever reason. Thanks for appreciating our efforts! Sharon Johnson, Government Documents Librarian, McDermott Library, HQ USAFA/DFLIB/DOC, 2354 Fairchild Drive, Suite 3A22, USAF Academy, CO 80840-6214; telephone: 719-333-4774; e-mail: sharon.johnson@usafa.edu August 2007.

    Federal Information Policies in the 1990s : Views and Perspectives
    This new book by Peter Hernon, Charles McClure, and Harold Relyea provides a current overview of key issues and topics related to the development and debate of U.S. Federal Information Policies. Chapter titles include :

  • Government Information Policy in a Time of Uncertainty and Change
  • The Clinton Administration and the National Information Infrastructure (NII)
  • Congress and Information Issues
  • Access to the Judicial Branch
  • An Executive Branch Perspective on Managing Information Resources
  • Federal Informaiton Resources Management: Integrating Information Management and Technology
  • Privacy
  • National Security Information Policy After the End of the Cold War
  • Freedom of Information Revisited
  • U.S. Scientific and Technical Information Policy
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • The Depository Library Program: Another Component of the Access Puzzle
  • Managing Archival Records in the Electronic Age: Fundamental Challenges
  • Moving to the Networked Information Environment: New Challenges and Issues
    Cloth: ISBN 1-56750-282-2/$65.00 (tentative); Paper: ISBN 1-56750-283-0/$29.50 (tentative) Availability: Ablex Publishing Corporation, 355 Chestnut Street, Norwood, NJ 07648. Source : Charles McClure, GOVDOC-L, October 7, 1996.

    Girl Power
    HHS Secretary Donna E. Shalala today [11/21/96] launched "Girl Power!" -- a national public education campaign sponsored by HHS to help encourage and empower 9- to 14-year-old girls to make the most of their lives. In its first phase, the campaign will focus on preventing alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug use among girls. Subsequent phases will address related issues such as premature sexual activity, physical activity, nutrition, and mental health. Visit the Girl Power Web Page for Tips; Related Reports, Studies, and Surveys; Relevant Publications; and a Resource Directory.

    Government Documents Librarians Resources
    Andrea Sevetson reports that the UC Berkeley Library is now hosting several additional home pages of interest to government documents librarians, including : the Official ALA/GODORT home page, plus GITCO, the new International Documents Task Force, and the State and Local Documents Task force home pages. There are also sections for Conferences, Nominations and Awards with information about submissions. Source : Andrea Sevetson, UC-Berkeley, asevetso@library.berkeley.edu, GOVDOC-L, September 24, 1996.

    Government Executive Magazine
    Government documents librarians may be interested to know that Government Executive Magazine, the independent business magazine of government, is now available over the web. In addition, the web site contains a full-text archive of all past articles appearing in the paper edition of the magazine since January 1996. Each issues features :

  • The "Daily Fed" : Daily news updates on what is going on of interest to federal employees. Includes lots of agency budgetary information.
  • Great departments such as Careers, Travel, Procurement, Technology, and Virtual Government.
  • The Top 200 Contractors Database. This keyword-searchable database allows on-the-fly rankings of federal contractors based on contract sales to specific agencies or types of product or service.
  • Reinvention Center. Government Magazine has been the primary source of information on government reinvention efforts for the past several years. Come see past articles, links to organizations leading the effort, and discussion areas with well known speakers.
  • Forums: We have just opened our forum discussion section, and we plan to bring in well-known speakers for dialogs in the near future. Our first forum is on "Creating the Public Service of the Future" with Mark Abramson, Vice President of The National Capital Area Chapter (NCAC) of the American Society for Public Administration.
    Source : Michael Reeder, GOVDOC-L, October 7, 1996.

    Finding Government Information on the Internet
    There's a wealth of government information available on the Internet, some of it available in no other format -- much of it free! Depository and non-depository libraries can use this invaluable manual to locate and deliver the latest government information to patrons, and enhance their collections via the Net with highly current documents or resources it does not receive. The manual draws upon a team of experts to tell you where to find, access, and print information in three comprehensive sections. "Topics" looks at the theoretical underpinnings of free and timely access to government information. "Tools" provides a detailed description of the best ways to navigate the Internet and access specific resources. "Net Resources" is an extensive list of government information Internet sources arranged by subject, including state, local, and international government information. ISBN: 1-55570-228-7. 1996. 175pp. $45.00 Fax your orders to Neal-Schuman Publishers Inc. at 800-584-2414.

    Government Information Xchange
    The GSA has established the Government Information Xchange in order to "facilitate the assimilation, sharing and dissemination of information resources among federal, state and local governments, and to provide a convenient forum for all levels of government to share and exchange information with businesses and the American public." The Xchange is a page of links to federal, state, and local government information providers, as well as selected foreign government sources. It is searchable as well as browsable. Source : Scout Report, September 20, 1996.

    Taps for Government Reports Announcements?
    According to NTIS, the Government Reports Announcements and Index will cease with 96-24, due the end of December. It will no longer be distributed to the Federal Depository Libraries in any format. Source: Robin Haun-Mohamed, GOVDOC-L, September 30, 1996.

    Guide to U.S. Government Publications
    Documents Index, publisher of Guide to U.S. Government Publications and Guide to U.S. Government Statistics, now has a web page. Source : Jay Andriot, GOVDOC-L, October 1, 1996.

    More Gulf War News
    On February 8, 1996, DoD removed 308 files from its GulfLink Web Site, claiming that the files must undergo rigorous review for classified information despite their earlier electronic publication. Under pressure from veterans groups and the raised visibility of front page coverage in the New York Times, DoD returned 88 of these files to the website on August 30, 1996. The rest of the missing GulfLINK files remain hidden behind vague claims of national security.
    ALL 308 of these files are republished on the Insignia Publishing Company's web site. The files are presented here as they appeared in the GulfLINK web site. In case you want more, Insignia Publishing Company is taking orders at 1-800-606-2665 for Gassed in the Gulf : An Insider's View of the DoD-CIA Cover-Up of Gulf War Syndrome.

    HMSO (Her Majesty's Stationary Office) Privatizes
    The British government has now completed its privatisation of its publisher, HMSO. The new private sector body came into existence at the end of October 1996. This publisher has been re-named 'Stationery Office Ltd'. Presently it is still 3 separate business (publishing, procurement and printing) but will soon be re-formed with new senior management. Many individual agencies are choosing their own publishing agents. Source : J. Allan Alastair, E-Mail :
    A.Allan@sheffield.ac.uk, GOVDOC-L, November 18, 1996.

    INS Hot Line
    The Immigration and Naturalization Service recently unveiled a toll-free hot line for its Detroit district. Michigan residents who call 1-800-375-5283 can listen to tape recordings on various topics or speak with an INS representative. Tape recordings can be heard 24 hours and assistance is available from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Representatives can also provide information about how and where to apply for benefits. Source : Brian Murphy, Detroit Free Press, September 24, 1996, p.3B.

    Inaugerations Past
    When the Defense Department decided to create a Web page to highlight the military's role in presidential inaugurations, they went to the experts: High school students. The collaboration succeeded quite nicely. The Official Home Page of the Armed Forces Inaugeral Committee pulls together news releases, history, photos, a complete set of the Inaugerator newsletter, and a countdown to President Clinton's 2nd Inaugeration. Source : USA Today, Hot Picks, November 22-24, 1996.

    International Court of Justice (World Court) Decisions
    Decisions of the International Court of Justice (World Court), the main judicial organ of the United Nations, are being made available via the web by the Cornell University Law School. At present, the full texts of four 1996 decisions are available. In addition to the decisions, the site contains information on the Court, a listing of judges, an ICJ resource guide, Statute of the ICJ and United Nations Charter, and annotated pointers to selected international law sites. In the near future, the site plans to make all ICJ decisions available. Source : Scout Report, November 1,1996.

    International Documents Task Force Web Site
    The GODORT IDTF Web Page is up and running courtesy of Northwestern University. You'll find a list of IDTF Officers, Minutes of the NYC '96 meeting, information on the IGO Liaison program, a description of INTL-DOC and other nifty and useful things. The compilers hope to make the IGO Links page the most comprehensive list of links to IGOs on the web. They also hope to create a similar page for national governments. Let's hope they succeed. Source : Mike McCaffrey-Noviss, mmccaff@nwu.edu, GOVDOC-L, September 24 and 27, 1996.

    Internet Mailing Lists Help Track the Federal Government
    This article by Bruce Maxwell in the October/November 1996 issue of Database identifies some of the most useful federal mailing lists, 35 in all.

    Library of Congress Classification System--Unofficial Guide
    This very simple Web site has one very useful function: it contains the outline of the Library of Congress Classification System. While the outline is not searchable, users may browse through the twenty-one categories, which are then arranged by sub-category and number range. This site will be most useful to library patrons who need to get an overall sense of the LOC system, and to library staff members who are assisting them. Source : Matthew Rosenberg, University of California, Davis, mtrosenberg@ucdavis.edu September 3, 1996 and Scout Report, September 13, 1996.

    Publicly Accessible Lighthouses
    This is a listing of historic U.S. lighthouses which are accesible to you. Listed by region, the information is derived from the National Maritime Initiatives inventory of historic light stations.

    Mars Atlas Available from NASA
    Give NASA a hand at this critical time by scouring through a zoomable, scrollable atlas of the Red Planet. Who knows what little green things you may find? Source : USA Today, Hot Pick, August 8, 1996.

    Mars Global Surveyor
    Aside from the usual absolutely incredible images and animations we expect from NASA (have your QuickTime viewer plugged-in), the Mars Global Surveyor Project site provides specifics on the missions and on Mars itself, making it both a delight to view and a useful site for educators of the K-16 range. MGS was launched November 7, and will provide mapping and weather information on Mars. In December, the Mars Pathfinder will be launched to collect surface data. The site also includes spacecraft design and onboard instruments, meteorology, glossaries, biographical sketches and, of course, details of life on Mars. Source : Scout Report, November 8, 1996.

    Michigan Court of Appeals Cases Online
    Beginning on August 1, 1996, ICLE has started mounting Michigan Courts of Appeals cases on its web site. You can browse the opinions, in a reverse chronological list, or perform a keyword search through the opinions. ICLE purchases these opinions in electronic form from the Michigan Supreme Court and provides them at no charge as a public service. ICLE also provides Michigan Supreme Court Opinions from October 1995 through the present and 1996 Michigan Supreme Court Orders.

    Michigan DOT Asks for Public Input
    The Michigan Department of Transportation and the Metropolitan Planning Organizations are encouraging businesses, industries, the general public, and groups with special transporation needs to participate in statewide transportation planning. A description of the public involvement plan can be located on the department's web site at
    http://www.mdot.state.mi.us/planning/pubinv/pubinv.htm. For more information, contact Terry Eldred at 373-9192 or send an e-mail to eldred@state.mi.us.
    Source : Lansing State Journal, September 3, 1996, p.4B.

    New Directory of Michigan Libraries Released by LOM
    The Library of Michigan has released the 1996-97 Directory of Michigan Libraries. The directory contains separate sections on Michigan Documents Depository Libraries and Federal Documents Depository Libraries. For a free copy, send an e-mail to Cindy Krueger, LOM Public Information Office,
    ckrueger@libofmich.lib.mi.us or call (517) 373-4364.

    Michigan State Board of Education Adopts Character Education Policy
    Source : Peter Butts, MEL-News, October 27, 1996.

    Michigan Statistical Abstract Available
    A new edition of the Michigan Statistical Abstract is now available from the University of Michigan Press. ISBN 0-472-08370-8; price $49.50. Source : Grace York, GOVDOC-M, September 12, 1996.

    Michigan Tax Tribunal
    The Tax Tribunal has exclusive jurisdiction over all ad valorem property tax matters and concurrent jurisdiction on other state taxes administered by the Michigan Department of Treasury, including but not limited to, sales, sue, income, intangibles and SBT. This page provides an up-to-date listing of past published materials dating back to October 1, 1995 and recently entered opinions and orders that will eventually be published in the Michigan Tax Tribunal Reporter.

    Michigan Travel Bureau
    "Welcome to Michiganís official travel information Web Site, produced by the Michigan Travel Bureau. Located in the Midwestern United States, Michigan offers an abundance of activities and experiences -- from color tours to visiting cider mills and antique shops located in both the Lower and Upper Peninsulas." Provides information to help you plan your next Michigan getaway, including a seasonal calendar of events, scenic photos of Michigan, golf information and more.

    The Minimum Wage--From the US Department of Labor
    Starting October 1, 1996, the federal minimum wage will increase to $4.75. On September 1, 1997, it'll go up again, to $5.15. Stop by DOL's site for the history of the minimum wage, a downloadable copy of the minimum wage poster, a collection of frequently asked questions, and other minimum wage resources. Source : Counsel Connect, Editor's Picks, September 2, 1996.

    NASA Astronomy Sites:
    StarChild--General Astronomy Learning Center for Young Astronomers [QuickTime, .avi]
    High Energy Astrophysics Learning Center [Frames, QuickTime, .avi]
    NASA's well known High Energy Astrophysics Learning Center has created an astronomy site just for kids. StarChild, still under construction at this time, contains sections on the solar system, the universe, and "space stuff" (astronauts, space travel, and the Hubble Space Telescope, among others). It also includes a glossary with brief explanations of astronomy-related terms. The site is intensively graphical, includes QuickTime and .avi movies, and is intended for the 4-14 year age group. Content is written at two reading levels, with level two available now, and level one due by December. The High Energy Astrophysics Learning Center is a high school and college level site that includes basic and advanced level discussions on its topic, an astrophysical dictionary, data and software, teacher resources, and a Cineplex with, at present, four QuickTime and .avi movies (under the HEA Village). Source : Scout Report, November 15, 1996.

    NTIS Computer Products Center (FCPC)
    The NTIS Computer Products Web Site contains information about 1,200 data files and software products. The Federal Computer Products Center (FCPC) was established to provide access to U. S. government computer software and data in electronic format. Information on the Center's current inventory is now available online through the NTIS Web site. Products include data files and software on diskette, CD-ROM and magnetic tape. The FCPC Home Page provides a list of all computer product titles from 1990 to the present. They can be viewed by topic or searched directly. Major topics include the environment and health. Also available from the FCPC page are a listing of current CD-ROM titles; most requested titles by topic and a listing of new software data files and databases received from government agencies within the last three months. Source : Mona Smith, GOVDOC-L, September 10, 1996.

    NTIS Sustains Heavy Losses in its Clearinghouse Program
    Although the National Technical Information Services (NTIS) registered a small surplus in 1995, its basic program area sustained heavy losses and the average cost of the direct labor hour increased over 1994. According to the Agency's 1995 annual report, which was published in July, NTIS showed a surplus of $171,000 as opposed to a surplus of $770,000 in 1994. A large part of the drop in net earnings can be attributed to the negative performance of NTIS' Clearinghouse Program, which constitutes 67% of all the agency's earnings. The annual report shows that the Clearinghouse program--which includes the sale of all NTIS information products and FedWorld, the electronic gateway to federal government information--lost $410,000 in 1995. Source : EPIN, Vol. 6, no. 8, Sept. 1996.

    NTIS OrderNOW Catalog News
    The National Technical Information Service (NTIS) and Government Printing Office (GPO) have reached a tentative agreement to share the cost of providing the NTIS OrderNow Catalog on CD-ROM to the 700+ Depository Libraries currently receiving the GRA&I. The GRA&I will cease publication by December 1996. Participating Federal Depository Libraries should receive their first shipment of the OrderNow CD-ROM beginning February 1997. The initial OrderNow disc will cover products added to the NTIS collection from January 1, 1995 through December 31, 1996. Thereafter, the CD-ROM will be updated on a quarterly basis, and contain up to two-year's worth of NTIS products. Source : Mona Smith, E-Mail :
    MSmith@ntis.fedworld.gov, GOVDOC-L, November 18, 1996.

    National Library of Canada Digitization Activities
    This site, provided by the National Library of Canada contains a virtual treasure chest of Canadiana. Highlights include Canada Speaks, biographical information and selected speeches by Canadian Prime Ministers since 1867; Canadian Confederation, information on the interplay between the American Civil War and Canadian Confederation; the Glenn Gould Archive, a comprehensive site devoted to the famous concert pianist; and an essay on the Canadian North. However, the most impressive part of the site is the Canadian Music Periodical Index, a searchable database of over 25,000 bibliographic citations from 475 Canadian music sources. Source : Scout Report, October 18, 1996.

    National Museum of American Art
    http://www.nmaa.si.edu/ or
    Mostly Text
    The National Museum of American Art, part of the Smithsonian Institution, has made selections from its collections available via the web. The site is graphically quite intensive, as might be expected; loading time is increased by the site's reliance on image maps for navigation (although some "mostly text pages" are available). Users will need audio plug-ins to fully experience the site, which contains in-depth exhibits for the researcher and the visual arts admirer. These include Highlights of the Permanent Collection, the White House Collection of American Crafts, and the American Kaleidoscope, to name a few. Information on publications and exhibit schedules is also provided. Source : Scout Report, November 8, 1996

    The National Register of Historic Places
    Learn how to nominate a historic property to the National Register, what benefits come from registration, and what properties are already listed in the National Register.
    Source : Civil War Times Illustrated, October 1996, p.12.

    The Nixon-Presley Meeting
    George Washington University National Security Archive
    One of the highlights of the recently opened National Security Archive (George Washington University) web site, is the Richard Nixon-Elvis Presley meeting section. After writing a six-page letter in which he suggested being made a "'Federal Agent-at-Large'" in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs," Elvis Presley visited President Nixon on December 21, 1970. This site contains an image of the actual letter along with a transcription, and several presidential staff memoranda regarding the meeting (in .gif format). In addition, there is background on the meeting and photographs from it. The Nixon-Presley meeting is but one example of declassified documents that the Archive has acquired through the Freedom of Information Act and made available at the site. In addition, the Archive contains material on the Cuban Missile Crisis, selected White House email, and a searchable catalog of bibliographic records in its Nuclear Non-Proliferation Database (1945-1990). Scout Report, September 20, 1996.

    Occupational Outlook Handbook, 1996-97
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information which describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in a wide range of occupations. Employment in the approximately 250 occupations covered in the 1996-97 Handbook accounts for about 7 out of every 8 jobs in the economy. If you take a look at this web site, you will not only find a free electronic version of this wonderful reference book, with a key word search engine, but you will also discover why the OOH was first compiled and that it is now celebrating its 50th anniversary.

    Finding Overseas Markets with Uncle Sam's Help
    This article by Daniel E. Kubiske in the October/November 1996 issue of Database focuses on "International Trade Resources on the Net", including
    Stat-USA, the International Trade Administration, the Office of Export Promotion, the Office of Trade and Economic Analysis, Big Emerging Markets, Small Business Administration, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, U.S. Department of State, Consular Affairs Section, and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

    Patent and Trademark Depository Library Program Home Page
    The U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office has created a new home page for the Patent and Trademark Depository Library Program. It provides information about the PTDLP mission, history, basic materials and services available at PTDLPs, a list of PTDLPs (including the three in Michigan), PTDL publications, and other publications that might be of help to patent and trademark searchers. Source : Martha Sneed, GOVDOC-L, October 7, 1996.

    Plum Book Now Available from GPO Access
    The perennial post-election favorite, the United States Government Policy and Supporting Positions, more commonly referred to as The Plum Book, contains a list of over 9,000 Federal civil service leadership and support positions in the legislative and executive branches of the Federal government that may be subject to noncompetitive appointment. These positions include agency heads and their immediate subordinates, policy executives and their advisers, and aides who report to these officials. The Plum Book also includes Schedule C, Senior Foreign Service, and other senior positions.
    The online version provides a browseable Table of Contents arranged by government branch and office. A chart is then provided that lists the branch, office, location, title, name of occupant, pay plan, type of appointment, level, grade or pay, tenure and expiration. Please note: This is strictly a Web Application; this is not a searchable database.
    If you have questions or comments, call toll-free at 1-888-293-6498, Monday-Friday 7am-5pm, or send an e-mail to gpoaccess@gpo.gov Source: Grace York, November 21, 1996; Victoria Ries, vries@gpo.gov, GOVDOC-L, November 19, 1996

    Commission on Presidential Debates
    Transcripts of Past Presidential Debates
    The highlight of the Commission on Presidential Debates web site is the full-text transcripts of presidential debates from 1960, and 1976 to the present. Vice presidential debates from 1984 through 1992 are also included. The site is interesting in that the transcripts stand as testimony to what was really said in these debates, not allowing users to see how the candidates looked or what "impression" they gave. The site is searchable. Also at the CPD web site is information about participating organizations, the upcoming 1996 debates, and DebateWatch, a CPD initiative to "get American voters talking about the candidates and issues." Source : Scout Report, October 8, 1996.

    Smithsonian Announces New Electronic Magazine
    Less graphical entrance
    "increase & diffusion" is a new monthly webzine from the Smithsonian Institution that seeks to "capture the breadth of the institution." (The title is based on SI's mission: "the increase and diffusion of knowledge." The magazine will cover a wide variety of topics and their relationship to Smithsonian projects. The inaugural issue contains articles on the Smithsonian's "Wine in American History and Culture" symposium, poetry from Reuben Jackson's collection Fingering the Keys, an interview with former Los Angeles Laker basketball player James Worthy (in .wav format), and an article on how the Smithsonian obtained artifacts from a Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina. This was the site of one of the first sit-ins to challenge racial segregation in the South, initiated by four African American students on February 4, 1960. The webzine is graphically rich, and it promises to make the stories behind the scenes at the Smithsonian as interesting as the Institution itself. Source : Scout Report, September 27, 1996.

    State Appellate Defender Office's Legal Resources Project
    The State Appellate Defender Office's Legal Resources Project has been serving Michigan's criminal defense community since 1977, offering a variety of useful publications, on-line services, and advice to attorneys. SADO is a state agency representing indigent criminal appellants; its collective legal expertise and resources are shared with attorneys through the LRP.
    The SADO Web site is organized into two principal sections, one open to all, and one restricted to registered users. The public section contains summaries of recent appellate decisions, newsletters, bulletins, a training calendar, addresses, the CDAM membership roster, and a well-screened list of links to other legal sites. Mailing addresses provided include County Jails in Michigan, Correction Centers in Michigan, Prisons, Federal Prisons, County Prosecutors, Circuit Courts, and Appellate Courts. There is also a section providing information on how to find criminal defense attorneys.
    The restricted section contains not only recent materials, but also the much larger and more comprehensive archives of appellate summaries, books, and more. This section includes a large number of appellate briefs which may be searched by key word, as well as downloaded as documents ready for word processing. The archive is the Defender Database, searchable in whole or in part for information, research or document preparation purposes.

    State Court Administrator's Office News
    The State Court Administrator's Office has set up a toll-free information line so that citizens can call in and get simple answers to questions about the law and the courts. Dozens of recorded messages can be accessed by entering touch-tone codes. Topics include divorce laws and procedures, criminal law, traffic violations, victims' rights, adoption, small claims court, and bankruptcy. Callers may dial 1-800-968-5669 at any time to access the system. Recorded messages will lead callers to the topic they desire. A time-saving printed listing of the touch-tone codes is available from many court offices, or may be mailed to Michigan residents who call the State Court Administrator's Office at 1-517-373-8257, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. weekdays. Source Hugh McDiarmid, Jr., State Dateline, Detroit Free Press, September 23, 1996., p.1B.

    Supreme Court Decisions : 1937-1975
    The full text of US Supreme Court Decisions from 1937 to 1975 (7,407 decisions from volumes 300 through 422 of US Reports) has been made available via the US Air Force FLITE (Federal Legal Information Through Electronics) system. Users may access the decisions through a search interface that presently allows querying by keyword or case name. Decisions are available in ASCII format. The decisions will soon be available on the Government Printing Office's GPO Access system as well and have already appeared on the home pages of selected law schools (Villanova, Cornell, etc.). This file had previously been determined to be exempt from release under the Freedom of Information Act by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. That decision was not appealed. Nonetheless, the Air Force has agreed as a matter of discretion to release these materials. Source : Sally Katzen, Administrator, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, September 25, 1996; Scout Report, September 27, 1996; and various other discussion lists.

    Supreme Court Justices
    Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Anthony M. Kennedy, Sandra Day O'Connor, William Hubbs Rehnquist, Antonin Scalia, David Hackett Souter, John Paul Stevens, Clarence Thomas: Cornell Law School presents a gallery of the nine top justices, with bios and full text of opinions by each member of the court, along with important concurrences and dissents. Also featuring transcripts of the 1991 confirmation hearings of Justice Thomas. Source : Counsel Connect, Editor's Pick Archive, Week of Sept. 9.

    Treasures of the Nation
    This online exhibit lets you browse among a sampling of the 28 million museum objects and specimens and 14,000 linear feet of archives found in over 300 NPS park sites.

    TWA Flight 800
    Get an online glimpse into the U.S. Navy's operations at the TWA Flight 800 crash site, the most expensive investigation in history. Includes photos and articles from the Navy Public Affairs Library. Source : USA Today, Hot Pick, August 28, 1996.

    UN Bibliographies Available Over Web
    Peace-Keeping Operations : a Bibliography is the latest in a series of bibliographies about the work of the UN made available over the web by the Dag Hammarskjold Library. Other Reference Guides that are available include: UN Charter : a Bibliography, UN Reform : a Bibliography, Security Council : a Bibliography, and Guide to Major United Nations Conferences. Source : Lorraine Waitman, United Nations Dag Hammarskjold Library, waitman@un.org, GOVDOC-L, October 17, 1996.

    United Nations Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Conference On Disarmament Information
    Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Information and Full Text
    Major International Instruments on Disarmament and Related Issues
    The full text of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on September 10, 1996, is now available (in .pdf format) from the United Nations Office (Geneva) web site. In addition, the site contains information on the Conference on Disarmament, as well as selected full texts of major international documents on disarmament and related issues, including Prohibition of the Use in War of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or Other Gases (1925), Geneva Convention documents (1949), Partial Test Ban Treaty (1963), and Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons (1993), among many others. Some of these documents are in .pdf format, others are ASCII text. Connections to the free Adobe Acrobat reader can be obtained from the Conference on Disarmament Information home page (a frames-based page). Source : Scout Report, September 27, 1996.

    UN CyberSchoolBus
    This is an educational project for kids launched by UN Publications. Imagine the United Nations as a vast land of resources you can travel through. You can stop on the way and pick up information on water pollution or on housing and urban problems, you can drop in at any one of the four major UN conferences, say the one on population held in Cairo, or you can visit all of the peace-keeping sites around the world. You can also take a tour of the UN and then stop by the bookstore to order instructional materials, charts and posters. Source : USA Today, Hot Picks, November 4, 1996.

    UN Economic Commission for Europe
    The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE) is the forum at which the countries of North America, western, central and eastern Europe and central Asia come together to forge the tools of their economic cooperation. The ECE's role is threefold: policy analysis; development of conventions, regulations or standards; and assistance. The web site covers the struacture and wide range of ECE activities (economic analysis, environment and human settlement, industry and technology, statistics, trade, and transports)and provides information on ordering publications and databases. Press releases and excerpts from publications are also included. Includes "How to buy a dacha in Eastern Europe!" Source : UC Government Information InfoMine.

    UN High Commissioner for Refugees
    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has recently debuted its web page, which is highlighted by country-specific information about the refugee situation, back issues of Refugees Magazine, and selected documents from UNHCR's Refworld Database, including full-text background studies on selected countries and refugee statistics. Also at the site are news briefings, a section on information for teachers, and a poignant photo essay depicting refugee life. Source : Scout Report, October 4, 1996.

    U. S. Air Force Museum
    If you like aviation, then you'll love the U.S. Air Force Museum web site. Provides an abundantly illustrated overview on the history of manned flight. Source: The weapons page is not bad either. Source : Database, October/November 1996, p.82.

    U. S. Export-Import Bank
    Keep an eye on the activities and services of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, whose mission is to help finance and facilitate U.S. exports. Entrepreneurs can check out the bankís Small Business program. Source : USA Today, Hot Picks, November 21, 1996.

    U. S. Information Agency's Daily Washington File
    A world of international information -- from diplomatic and security issues to human rights and election reports-- is available at the U. S. Information Agency's Daily Washington File. Source : USA Today, Hot Picks, August 30 - Sept. 2.

    U. S. Sentencing Commission
    Want a Washington insider's view of how the federal war on crime is going? The U.S. Sentencing Commission has the government's most extensive stats on who's going to the federal pen -- and why. Source : USA Today, Hot Picks, August 29, 1996.

    University of Michigan Library Economic Bulletin Board Data Gopher to Suspend Updates October 9, 1996
    The University of Michigan Library, which has downloaded a subset of the Department of Commerce's Economic Bulletin Board data and made it freely available on its EBB gopher since 1992, will suspend its updating of these files on October 9, 1996. The gopher, which contains hundreds of files on the economy, energy, foreign trade, business, and industry, has long been a staple source for economic and social science researchers. Data from the Economic Bulletin Board is available via fee-based subscription from the Commerce Department's STAT-USA web site, which contains a user-friendly interface and software that provides for site licenses for large clusters of IP addresses. STAT-USA is also free to participating Federal Depository Libraries. The University of Michigan Library, which began the service before most federal agencies had access to the Internet, is presently considering the merits of archiving the existing gopher. Source : Scout Report, October 4, 1996.

    Watching Congress
    Congressional Observer Publications expands the idea of keeping an eye on Congress. The vote on every bill is chronicled. Samples are free. Source : USA Today, Hot Pick, September 11, 1996.

    Welfare Reform Info from ACF
    The Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has compiled key resources on Welfare Reform, including information on state welfare reform demonstrations and the new welfare reform law. Be sure to visit the Essential Documents Page for links to welfare reform fact sheets, Presidential speeches, full text of the new welfare reform law, and links to Web Sites/Documents inside and outside HHS. This will be a dynamic page with new links constantly being added. Its worth a look.

    Witness, an original documentary series produced by World Media Live in conjunction with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), "presents first-person accounts of the issues and events shaping our world." The first in the series, Roads to Refuge, tells the stories of six civilians who survived the war in Bosnia. Panoramic QuickTimeVR scenes, photographs, maps, sound clips, and a substantial amount of text combine effectively to make each of these individuals' stories a powerful reality. While this site is a rich multimedia experience, the information provided in text alone may be worthwhile for anyone lacking the requisite multimedia capabilities. Source : Susin Park, UNHCR Webmaster, October 3, 1996; Scout Report, October 25, 1996.

    Women in the Military
    Women in the military -- and those who may be thinking of joining -- are invited to visit a new information-packed site. Everything from insights on family life in the military to reasons why women decide to leave the service. Source : USA Today, Hot Pick, September 13-15, 1996.

    World Bank Annual Report 1996
    The World Bank Annual Report 1996, which covers July 1, 1996, to June 30, 1996, is now available full text on the on the World Wide Web for the first time. The narrative is available in both html and pdf formats. The Financial Statements and the IBRD/IDA Appendicies are available in pdf format only.

    World Bank Publications Catalog
    The World Bank publishes a myriad of information products : books, journals, databases on diskette and CD-ROM, and full-text publications on the world wide web. Check out the publications catalog to review the many resources available, including an executive summary of the World Development Report 1996 : From Plan to Market as well as order information for the paper edition. Be sure to indicate which language you want. It comes in your choice of Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

    World Food Summit [.pdf]
    http://www.fao.org/wfs/aaastart.htm or
    Food For All
    The World Food Summit will be held in Rome, Italy from November 13-17 1996, and its convener, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has made much useful information about it available in three languages (English, French, and Spanish) at its web and gopher site. The site is highlighted by 15 technical background documents in HTML or text format (under Documentation), including "Success Stories in Food Security," "Investment in Agriculture: Evolution and Prospects," "Food and International Trade," and a technical atlas of 19 color world maps (available in .pdf format only), on topics such as chronic malnutrition, economic importance of agriculture, and water utilization intensity, among others. The site also contains news updates, a "Draft Summit Policy Statement and Plan of Action," and an agenda. Food for All is a new 64-page book (in .pdf format) produced for the World Food Summit, which is "intended for a general audience, and looks at the vital issues and questions that lie at the heart of global food security and achieving the goal of food for all." It is profusely illustrated with charts and maps, and designed for large (tabloid) page output. Source : Scout Report, November 8, 1996.

    Youth Info
    Welcome to YouthInfo, a new information resource developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to provide you with the latest information about America's adolescents. YouthInfo currently includes the following: a statistical profile of America's teenagers; new reports and publications about adolescents; information for parents of teens; speeches by federal officials on youth topics; and links to youth-related websites at HHS, other federal agencies, private foundations and research organizations.

    Editor's Note:
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