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African-American Mosaic
The Amistad Case
Area Handbooks on Endangered List?
Biennial Report to Congress Online Via GPO Access
BJS Virtual Tour
Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 1999 via GPO Access
Additional Budget Coverage by GovExec.Com
Canadian Postal Code
Census and You
CIA and the Bay of Pigs
A Citizen's Guide to State Government
CityScape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research (HUD)
Colorado Libraries Focuses on Government Information
Congressional Record Filter (CRFilter)
Congressional Record Index
Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 1997
Economic Report of the President (1998) Released
Federal Reserve Economic Data
George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress, 1741-1799
Government Printing Office News
Government Resources on the Internet
HCFA: The Medicare and Medicaid Agency
History of Bills, 1983-1997
Human Rights Practices for 1997, Country Reports on
IMF Country Reports
Inter-Parlimentary Union
Libraries Can Help Citizens Make Use of the Internet
Library Laws Handbook
Michigan Administrative Code
Michigan Budget, 1998-99
Michigan College Financing Plans
Michigan Democratic Party
Michigan House Fiscal Agency
Michigan House Republican Communications Section
Michigan Public Acts, Frequently Requested
Michigan Supreme Court Now Online
Michigan Tax Forms and Treasury Publications
NASA Origins Program
National Environmental Publications Internet Site
National Environmental Scorecard
National Parliaments Web Server (IPU2)
Naval Historical Center
NCJ Publications by Identification Number
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Organization of American States Trade Documents
Parent's Guide to the Internet
Politics 1
Report on the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic
The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures
Square Peg in a Round Hole: Electronic Information & the FDLP
State Magazine
State of Food and Agriculture 1997 (FAO)
State of the Union Addresses--Past and Present
The State of the World's Children 1998
Statistical Abstract of the United States 1997
Tax Planning Guide
Title 44 Reform
Tobacco Documents
Uncle Sam's Brief Guide to Citing Government Publications
UN Conference Information, Locating
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
UN Scholars' Workstation
UN Social Indicators
US Consumer Gateway
US Drug Policy
US Housing Market Conditions (HUD)
US State and Local Gateway
Voices from the Dust Bowl
World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers 1996

The African-American Mosaic: A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture
This site marks the publication by the US Library of Congress of the Mosaic, the first Library-wide resource guide to the institution's African-American collections. "Covering the nearly 500 years of the black experience in the Western hemisphere, the Mosaic surveys the full range, size, and variety of the Library's collections, including books, periodicals, prints, photographs, music, film, and recorded sound." The site offers samples of the materials and themes in the Library's collections. It is also a sample of a much larger exhibit planned for 1998. The LOC chose to highlight four of the many themes covered in the Mosaic at this site: Colonization, Abolition, Migrations, and the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Each section covers key issues and figures and offers many digitized images of original documents held by the Library. Source: Scout Report, February 6, 1998.
(Last checked 02/15/98)

Two on Amistad:
The Amistad Case--NARA
Exploring Amistad: Race and the Boundaries of Freedom in Antebellum Maritime America
These two sites investigate an old subject that has been infused with new interest by the release of a major Hollywood movie. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), in its Digital Classroom, offers a glimpse of its rich holdings at this site concerning the Amistad case, a Supreme Court case in 1839 that involved a group of illegally-captured Africans who had seized their captors' ship and killed the captain. Original hand-written documents from this case, defended by John Quincy Adams, have been digitized and can be viewed. Each section provides a well-written summary clarifying the historical context of the story. Related teaching activities, designed to correlate to national standards for history, civics and government are provided. Note that how long this site will be available is unknown.

Exploring Amistad, provided by Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea in Mystic, Connecticut, through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, is very much a work in progress at this time, but shows much promise. The most complete pages at this time are the story pages in the discovery section, which contain a detailed narrative of the story, along with several primary documents. Many primary documents, as well as lesson plans and a timeline are forthcoming. Source: Scout Report, December 12, 1997.
(Last checked 12/12/97)

Area Handbooks on Endangered List?
Faced with loss of financial support from the Department of the Army in Fiscal Year 1998, the Library of Congress has decided to cease production of all but a few Area Handbooks. This series of books covers the history and political, economic and social systems of more than 100 countries and regions of the world. Readers familiar with these white volumes (dark green in earlier years) will regret the demise of this popular and unique series. Eighty five countries are included in the online version of the texts now available from the Library of Congress website, but the cutoff will eliminate production of both electronic and hard-copy editions. Unless funds are restored, prospects for resuming the series are not considered good. Source: "Library Report", by Dan Clemmer, Chief Librarian, in the November/December 1997 issue of
State Magazine (U.S. Department of State). Posted by Lauris Olson, Reference Department, Van Pelt Library/6206, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6206; olson@pobox.upenn.edu; in GOVDOC-L, January 28, 1998.

Biennial Report to Congress Online Via GPO Access
On December 31, 1997, the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) completed the Biennial Report to Congress on the Status of GPO Access, an online information service of GPO. This report was written in accordance with the requirements of Public Law 103-40, the Government Printing Office Electronic Information Access Enhancement Act of 1993. Source: GOVDOC-L, January 22, 1998.

BJS Web Site Virtual Tour
The BJS Web site is a gateway to a wealth of statistical resources on a wide variety of crime and justice topics. If you are not a regular user of the Bureau of Justice Statistics Web site, a "virtual tour" of the site is now available to lead you through it. All you have to do is click from time to time to learn where to find everything from online graphics to spreadsheets full of useful data.
(Last checked 01/27/98)

Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 1999 via GPO Access
The new Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 1999 is now available available online via GPO Access, simultaneous with the print edition. The database contains a summary of the President's budget proposals along with the following separately searchable documents: Supplement; Analytical Perspectives; Historical Tables; Appendix; A Citizen's Guide to the Federal Budget; Principles of Budgeting for Capital Asset Acquisitions; and Budget System and Concepts. As with the FY 1998 and FY 1997 Budget, users have the option of performing a search across all of the budget publications or searching each publication individually. Additionally, all documents within the FY 1999 Budget are available for direct download. Source: Jacqueline D. Gregory, GOVDOC-L, January 31, 1997.
(Last checked 02/02/98)

Additional Budget Coverage by GovExec.Com
Check out GovExec.com's exclusive budget coverage to see how federal agencies and employees fared this year. This special section features in-depth coverage of Clinton's proposed fiscal 1999 budget, including new performance goals for agencies, pay and benefits information, a Defense budget overview and links to agencies' budgets on the Web. Source: GoVExec.Com, February 1998.
(Last checked 02/12/98)

Canadian Postal Codes
If you ever get questions on Canadian postal codes, you may need to bookmark this site.
(Last checked 02/25/98)

Census and You
Trying to keep up with the latest Census developments? Then take a look at the most recent issues of Census and You. The Census Bureau's monthly newsletter features articles summarizing newly issued findings, reports and data files. It also publishes information on key economic indicators, including housing starts, retail sales, and the Consumer Price Index. New software, planned data collections, and sources of assistance for data users are also discussed.
(Last checked 02/09/98)

CIA and the Bay of Pigs
The Inspector General's Survey of the Cuban Operation
The National Security Archive
After spending 36 years locked in a safe in the CIA director's office, this highly critical report of the CIA's handling of the Bay of Pigs Invasion was made public on February 22, 1998, after a two year Freedom of Information Act effort by The National Security Archive at George Washington University. The top secret report, officially known as "The Inspector General's Survey of the Cuban Operation," strongly criticizes the CIA for misinforming Kennedy administration officials, poor planning and intelligence, treating rebel leaders as "puppets," and conducting an overt military operation beyond "Agency responsibility as well as Agency capability." Source: Scout Report for the Social Sciences, February 24,1998.
(Last checked 02/27/98)

A Citizen's Guide to State Government
Take the time to read through the entire Citizen's Guide -- it has answers to some hard-to-find information on term dates of Supreme Court justices, history of the capitol, how to write legislators, and much much more. Courtesy of the Library of Michigan.
(Last checked 02/04/04)

Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research (HUD)
This electronic journal from HUD, published three times per year, is an in depth publication that summarizes research on housing issues. Past issues are available in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format and early issues are single compressed (.exe) .pdfs. Recent issues have featured such topics as ethnographic studies of homeownership, and community and housing development policy within the context of environmental protection issues.
(Last checked 12/15/97)

Colorado Libraries, Spring '98 Issue, Focuses on Government Information
The Spring 1998 issue of Colorado Libraries will be a special issue on Depository Libraries, focusing on all the changes in the past decade and the outlook for the future. The (working) title is "Government Information 2000 and Beyond". If you have an idea for an article about (for example) all the changes in the organization and function of federal and state depository programs, of Depository Libaries or map collections, about doing all the traditional depository library functions (collection development, processing, record-keeping, cataloging, reference, preservation, etc.) with the new information formats, about the different information management skills that are essential, please consider contributing. If you're interested in contributing, contact Mark Anderson, Government Documents Librarian, James A. Michener Library, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO 80639; Phone: 970-351-2987; Fax: 970-351-2540; Email:
maanders@bentley.unco.edu. Source: COGOPUB-L, September 2, 1997.

This new site is designed to facilitate learning about Congress, how it works, its Constitutional underpinnings, its leaders and members, and the public policies it produces. The Dirksen Congressional Center is developing this web-based community to:

  • Facilitate ongoing civic-oriented communications among scholars, teachers, students, and citizens of all ages.
  • Provide a nationally-recognized point of interactivity for those dedicated to furthering an understanding of the legislative process.
  • Further ongoing discussions about the impact of new technologies on the teaching of history, government, and civics.
    The CongressLink site features: Congressional Basics, Lesson Topics, Student Research Activities, Online Resource Center, Related Web Sites, Message Boards, Meeting Rooms, andŽ Experts Online. In this first year, CongressLink is focused on serving the needs of teachers and students in schools. It employs the latest in web-based technologies in the service of civics education. The site is being designed in cooperation with teachers of American government, American history, and civics to address current trends toward student-centered, research-based, authentic curriculum.
    (Revised 01/06/00)

    Congressional Record Filter (CRFilter)
    Those interested in following events unfolding in the US Congress may find the Congressional Record Filter helpful for:

  • Comprehensive retrospective search of items in the Congressional Record Text, 1993 - to date
  • Streamlining the process of monitoring new developments on these topics.
    CRFilter is a Web-based information filter for the US Congressional Record text and extends the resources of the Library of Congress' THOMAS search system. CRFilter creates a personalized search page for THOMAS, so that users can periodically check to see the latest developments in their areas of interest as well as search the CR back to 1993. CRFilter is part of a doctoral dissertation on the adoption of filtering technology being run by Steve Gant at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Users are required to fill out a 40 question survey and agree to have the frequency (but not content) of their use of the filter measured. Due to its use of advanced Java and JavaScript, the CRFilter requires NetScape Navigator 3.0 or later and is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Source: Steve Gant, School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; e-mail: gants@ils.unc.edu; telephone: (919)-942-3337; GOVDOC-L, February 10, 1998.

    Congressional Record Index Available Via GPO Access
    This new database is updated daily when Congress is in session and indexes the daily issues of the Congressional Record. Unlike the paper editions, these databases cumulate from the beginning of the session of Congress. Each year of the Congressional Record Index can be searched individually, however; selecting the historical database searches all years back to 1983 except for the current year. Source: Vicki Amey, vamey@gpo.gov, GOVDOC-L, December 31, 1997.
    (Last checked 01/05/98)

    Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 1999
    The US State Department released its annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices to the US Congress on February 25. Composed from evidence and data gathered by embassy staff, government officials, military sources, human-rights monitors, journalists, and others, the reports are designed to serve as a tool for shaping policy, conducting diplomacy, and determining international resource allocations. Reports are offered for nearly every country, grouped by region. Each report contains a brief overview of the country's political and economic systems and a detailed review of its record on respecting "internationally recognized individual, civil, political, and worker rights, as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights." Appendixes include a list of International Human Rights Conventions, the 54th UNHRC (UN Commission on Human Rights) Voting Record, and the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Source: Scout Report, March 10, 2000.
    (Last checked 03/15/00)

    The Documents Technical Processing list serve is devoted to questions regarding the technical processing of Government Documents. DocTech-L will not be a place for reference questions, position announcements, or conference announcments. This may not be a list for people who are not directly affiliated with processing Government Documents. To subscribe send a message to
    maiser@library.lib.usu.edu; leave the subject field blank; and include the following message: Subscribe DocTech-L. For more information, contact Camilla Williams, USU Merrill Library, Documents Department, Logan, UT 84322-3000; e-mail: camwil@ngw.lib.usu.edu.

    1998 Economic Report of the President
    The US Government Printing Office has again made available the electronic version of the Economic Report of the President immediately after it was transmitted to the Congress. The report shows that the economy grew by 3.9 percent in 1997 with an inflation rate of only 1.7 percent. The unemployment rate of 4.9 percent in 1997 was the lowest in 24 years. The 112 statistical tables in the Economic Report of the President can be found in pages 274 to 408 of the report or separately as Lotus spreadsheet files. The site also contains full text of ERP's back to 1995, and spreadsheet tables back to 1997. Source: Scout Report, February 13, 1998.
    (Last checked 02/15/98)

    FRED Enhancement -- Federal Reserve Economic Data -- FRBSTL
    FRED Data Electronic Mailing Lists
    Number crunchers will be glad to know that the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis provides this clearinghouse of financial and economic data. Central to this site are the data files, a compendium of hundreds of daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly time series on financial, monetary, interest rate, producer and consumer price, employment, population, and exchange rate data, among others. Some files are in .zip or compressed format. The site also offers FRBSTL growth rate macros (Excel and Lotus formats) and a selection of the Bank's online publications. Recently, FRED began making selected databases available for delivery via email. At present, over 100 files are available in this manner. Previously mentioned in the September 1996 Red Tape. Source: Scout Report, December 12, 1997.
    (Last checked December 23, 1997.

    George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress, 1741-1799
    The US Library of Congress American Memory Project announces the premiere release (about 8,000 pages) of the complete George Washington Papers (176,000 pages), which will eventually consist of eight parts to be published successively through 1999. Documents include correspondence, letterbooks, diaries, journals, books, military records, and reports and notes Washington accumulated between 1741 and 1799. The materials reflect Washington's wide range of interests and activities, including his service as a delegate to the First and Second Continental Congresses, his command of the Revolutionary Army, and his service as the first President. Additional resources include a timeline, essays about the papers, and a select bibliography. Source: Scout Report, February 20, 1998.
    (Last checked 02/23/98)

    Government Printing Office News
    A reformed federal printing law soon? Don't hold your breath. A brief overview of the political issues of Title 44 reform (the players etc) rather than the content issues. An article by Timothy Sprehe appearing in Federal Computer Week, February 16, 1998. Source: Andrea Sevetson, Head, Government Information, Government & Social Science Information Service, 223 Library, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-6000; e-mail: asevetso@library.berkeley.edu; telephone: 510-643-9346; fax: 510-643-6650; GOVDOC-L, February 19, 1998.
    (Last checked 02/24/98)

    Government Resources on the Internet
    Genie Tyburski sent me an e-mail notifying me that the URL for this site mentioned in the December 1997 issue of Red Tape now has a new address! Check out the contents of this seminar presentation. Sections include: Finding Government Resources; Navigating the Executive Branch; Exploring the Legislative Branch; Conquering the Judicial Branch; Sampling State, Local, and International Resources; Evaluating Information Quality on Internet; and Hands-On Practice. Source: Genie Tyburski, Research Librarian, Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, 1735 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19103; telephone: (215) 864-8151; fax: (215) 864-8999; e-mail: tyburski@hslc.org

    HCFA - The Medicare and Medicaid Agency
    The US Health Care Financing Administration provides this site, a clearinghouse of information resources on Medicare and Medicaid. Included are consumer and technical publications, national legislative information, statistical overviews, and a state directory of basic contact information, among other features. Source: Scout Report, January 23, 1998.
    (Last checked 02/09/98)

    History of Bills Online Via GPO Access
    The History of Bills and Resolutions is a section of the Congressional Record Index that provides information about all bills and resolutions introduced during that session of Congress. The database is updated daily, usually the day after publication of the Congressional Record. Each year is available for searching individually, however, searching the Historical database searches all years back to 1983 except for the current year. Entries for each bill include actions that are reported in the Congressional Record and reference issue and date and pages where the action is reported. Source: Vicki Amey, vamey@gpo.gov, GOVDOC-L, December 31, 1997.
    (Last checked 01/05/98)

    IMF Staff Country Reports in Full Text
    The International Monetary Fund has begun to make selected staff country reports available (Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] format only). At present reports covering ten countries are available. The reports are in-depth studies that discuss such issues as recent economic developments and policies, poverty issues, banking systems, income developments and growth, among others. Topics covered vary by report. As this repository grows, it will become a major source of country social and economic information. Note that the .pdf files are scanned from paper rather than created from an electronic source; thus the reports are not searchable and printing speed may be affected as well. Source: Scout Report, January 30, 1998.
    (Last checked 02/09/98)

    The Nation's Electronic Legislative Issues Forum. This site brings together the texts of proposed legislation and the policy issue statements that various interest groups have issued concering these proposals, as well as links to congressional and governmental sites. Interest groups have to pay to use this web site, but the public can gain free access by registering. Source: Detroit Free Press, February 15, 1998. p.16A.
    (Last checked 02/15/98)

    Inter-Parliamentary Union
    The Inter-Parliamentary Union, a "world organization of parliaments of sovereign States" since 1889, provides this informational site, which is highlighted by two searchable databases, PARLINE and PARLIT.

  • PARLINE contains information about parliaments in over 190 countries, including structure, leader, percentage of women, term, and other useful data which may include distribution by political group and sex, candidacy eligiblilty requirements, and background to the last election. A comparative search function allows qualitative and quantitative search variables and returns country parliaments that meet specifications.
  • PARLIT contains bibliographic references to a subset of IPU's 37,000 item database. Items from 1992-present are currently available. Searches can be performed on seven variables, including country, parliamentary organization, periodical, and language. The IPU site also contains links to parliamentary web sites and other information about the organization. Source: Scout Report, December 5, 1997.
    (Last checked 12/5/97)

    Libraries Can Help Citizens Make Use of the Internet
    Two librarians from Charleston have shared this piece of local publicity appearing in the Charleston (S.C.) Post and Courier, January 9, 1998, as inspiration for other Federal Depository Librarians around the country. The article is now mounted on the South Carolina Godort Home Page, the second web site. Source : Sandra Hughes, L. Mendel Rivers Library, Charleston Southern University; e-mail: shughes@csuniv.edu and David Heisser, Daniel Library, The Citadel, David.Heisser@Citadel.edu, GOVDOC-L, February 6, 1998.
    (Last checked 02/06/98)

    Library Laws Handbook
    The 1997 edition of the Library Laws Handbook is now available (in paper format only). If you would like a copy please contact Cindy Krueger, Library of Michigan, Information Coordinator, Business Services, P.O .Box 30007, Lansing, MI 48909-7507; telephone: 517-373-4364; e-mail:
    kruegerc@libofmich.lib.mi.us; fax: 517-373-5815. Source: Michlib-L, March 5, 1998.

    Michigan Administrative Code Now Online
    The Michigan Administrative Code was last compiled in a 1979 edition. Since that time, changes to the Code have been published by the Michigan Legislative Service Bureau in the Annual Supplements. The on-line version you have accessed is the first comprehensive recodification since the 1979 edition. To facilitate research, the MAC is arranged with both numeric and departmental indices to make it easier and more efficient to use. Courtesy of the Office of Regulatory Reform.
    (Revised 01/17/00)

    Michigan Budget, 1998-99
    Contains a copy of Governor Engler's proposed budget for 1998-99. Legislators will be debating the pros and cons in the weeks to come.
    (Last checked 02/15/98)

    Michigan College Financing Plans
    If you want the latest information about Michigan state government supported college financing plans, this is the site to visit. Covers Michigan Education Trust, Michigan Guaranty Agency - Defaulted Loan Repayments, Michigan Higher Education Assistance Authority (MHEAA), Michigan Higher Education Student Loan Authority (MHESLA).
    (Last checked 01/06/98)

    Michigan Democratic Party Web Page
    (Last checked 11/28/97)

    Michigan House Fiscal Agency
    The Michigan House Fiscal Agency (HFA) is a nonpartisan agency whose primary mission is the provision of expert assistance to the House Appropriations Committee and to other members of the Michigan House of Representatives regarding state fiscal matters. In addition to budget-related issues, the agency also provides the members of the House with detailed projections of the Michigan economy and estimates of state revenues and expenditures. Includes links to House Fiscal Focus Reports and other analyses of interest.
    (Last checked 12/15/97)

    Michigan House Republican Communications Section
    The House Republicans have created a web page which includes "Breaking News Stories" at the Capitol, "Legislative Activities Across the State" broken out by community name or by topic, and reports from House GOP Task Forces. Review the four basic ideas and policies promoted by the House Republicans that will continue to move Michigan forward and build on a solid foundation for the future: strong families, successful schools, safe communities, and sensible government.
    (Last checked 12/15/97)

    Michigan Public Acts, Frequently Requested
    Current selections include: Child Custody, Clear Indoor Air, Consumer Protection Act, Employee Right-to-Know, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Graduated Driver's License, Landlord-Tenant, Lemon Law, Open Meetings, Power of Attorney - Medical Directives, Returnable Beverage Container Law, Scanner Law, Seller Disclosure Act, Statutory Will, Truth in Renting, and the Whistleblower Protection Act. Courtesy of the Library of Michigan, Law Library. Source: Debbie Gallagher, Government Information Specialist, Michigan Electronic Library, 117A Hatcher North, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1205; e-mail: dgallag@umich.edu; telephone: 313-764-4000; fax: 313-764-3916. Michlib-L, January 13, 1998.
    (Last checked 01/27/98)

    Michigan Supreme Court Now Online
    You'll find biographies of the Justices (including the answer to those tricky ref questions like when do their terms end), FAQs on the court system, description of the various levels of courts (appeals, district, etc.), schedule of arguments and more. Source: Debbie Gallagher, Government Information Specialist, Michigan Electronic Library, 117A Hatcher North, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1205; e-mail: dgallag@umich.edu; telephone: 313-764-4000; fax: 313-764-3916, Michlib-L, February 8, 1998.
    (Last checked 02/09/98)

    Michigan Tax Forms and Treasury Publications
    The place to go for a tax form or publication from the Michigan Department of Treasury.
    (Last checked 01/06/98)

    NASA Origins Program
    Origins attempts to provide answers to such questions as

  • How did life on earth begin?
  • Are we alone in the universe?
  • How did the first galaxies form?
    Students can read about the program's space- and ground-based observatories, about the long-term goals of the project, and about the technology used to research such questions. Source: Chronicle of Higher Education, Information Technology Resources, October 3, 1997, p.A31.
    (Last checked 02/09/98)

    National Environmental Publications Internet Site (NEPIS)
    A project begun in 1997 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to offer one stop shopping for over 7,000 full text, online EPA documents.
    (Last checked 09/23/99)

    1997 National Environmental Scorecard
    The League of Conservation Voters produces a scorecard showing how members of Congress vote on environmental issues. The latest edition of the Scorecard provides information on how the 105th Congress voted on "environmental health and safety protections, resources conservation, and spending for environmental programs." Users can search the scorecard by state, member name, or area code. Summaries on the voting of the House and Senate and descriptions of each topic are also available. Topics range from public lands to international-population. Information is also provided on committee assignments, previous environmental scores, and contact information. Source: Scout Report for the Sciences and Engineering, February 18, 1998.
    (Last checked 02/23/98)

    National Parliaments Web Servers
    This online directory of links to National Parliament Web Sites is sponsored by the Inter=Parliamentary Union.
    (Last checked 12/1/5/97)

    Naval Historical Center
    US Naval History Bibliography Series
    The US Department of the Navy Naval Historical Center provides six bibliographies at this time covering both general and specific aspects of US Naval history. Included are two general bibliographies, and several specific bibliographies on the Navy's role in World War II, Desert Shield/Storm, and the Korean War. Central to this collection is the seventh edition (1993) of United States Naval History: A Bibliography, which covers the Navy chronologically, by special subject, and includes pictorial histories. The bibliographies complete the NHC site, an informative resource that profiles the Center, its mission, and its services. Source : Scout Report, January 2, 1998.
    (Last checked 01/27/98)

    NCJ Publications by Identification Number
    Looking for a NCJRS report by number. Try the following list compilied by Western Illinois University.
    (Last checked 12/15/97)

    Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) [.pdf]
    The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an international organization with 29 Member countries from North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific area. The OECD serves as a "forum for governments of the industrialized democracies to study and formulate the best policies possible in all economic and social spheres." Content is organized into activity sections such as development and co-operation, economics, environmental issues, transition economies, trade and transport. Within each activity, visitors can usually find related publications. The OECD site features a news and events page highlighting the latest OECD developments, and a guide to free on-line documents sorted by activity. Source: Scout Report for Business and Economics, December 18, 1997.
    (Last checked 12/23/97)

    Organization of American States Trade Information (SICE)
    SICE (Foreign Trade Information System) is the "information technology arm of the Trade Unit of the Organization of American States (OAS)." It provides information and trade documents on trade in the Western Hemisphere. The available documents are divided into categories such as Free Trade Area of America (FTAA) process, Trade Agreements, Investment Treaties, and Dispute Settlement. The Dispute Settlement section contains all of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) panel reports from 1948 to 1994. The site also contains a quantitative trade data section with links to data on tariffs, trade flows and national statistical agencies. Spanish, Portuguese and French versions of the site are available. Source: Scout Report for Business and Economics, December 18, 1997.
    (Last checked 12/31/97)

    Parent's Guide to the Internet--Department of Education
    The US Department of Education has recently released this 24 page pamphlet--a simple and concise guide to the Internet for parents. Its thirteen sections include a brief discussion of what the Internet is, how to get started using the Internet even if you don't have a computer, basic computer terminology, pointers to give young children when dealing with communicating on the Internet, and a brief but excellent list of annotated family sites and meta-sites. Source: Scout Report, December 5, 1997.
    (Last checked 12/23/97)

    Politics 1
    Your complete directory of Michigan candidates for Governor, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... political books for sale ... and daily state news sources. Source: Grace York, GOVDOC-M, February 2, 1998.
    (Last checked 02/03/98)

    Report on the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic: December 1997--UNAIDS WHO
    US Mirror
    UNAIDS (The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS) and the World Health Organization (WHO) provide the 1997 version of this report, which contains a global summary of the state of the epidemic, global estimates, and regional summaries. Figures and tables illustrate major trends covered in this report. Interested users may also access the 1996 version of the report. Both reports are available in English, French, and Spanish. Source: Scout Report, November 28, 1997.
    (Last checked 12/23/97)

    The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures [MPEG, QuickTime]
    To commemorate the centennial of the sinking of the USS Maine, the US Library of Congress American Memory Project has mounted on the web 53 motion pictures from the Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection, some by Thomas Edison. Subjects include troops, ships, notable figures, parades, and reenactments of battles. Films are offered in chronological order with brief essays establishing an historical context. Source: Scout Report, February 20, 1998.
    (Last checked 02/23/98)

    Square Peg in a Round Hole: Electronic Information and the Federal Depository Library Program
    Rapid technological advances have brought into question the relevance of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). Technology has advanced to the point that government information is so easy to distribute electronically, that it is seemingly available everywhere. Documents librarians, and increasingly other librarians as well, must come to terms with how to handle the flood of electronic government information from a wide variety of sources while at the same time coping with the changes wrought by the fading FDLP. The slow and uneven response of the Government Printing Office (GPO) to accelerating technology and electronic information, in part due to congressional and information policy impediments and in part due to its own reluctance to move beyond its traditional printing role, says much about the FDLP's current situation and what it will mean to be an electronic depository. This article by Susan M. Ryan, Government Documents Department, duPont-Ball Library, Stetson University, DeLand, FL 32720, examines the history of electronic products in the depository program, the redefinition of dissemination of government information in the electronic environment, the roles for the non-depository government information services, and what the future may hold for public access to government information in all formats. Journal of Government Information, Volume 24, Number 5, September/October 1997, pp.361-375.

    State Magazine
    Published by the U.S. Department of State to facilitate communication between management and employees at home and abroad and to acquaint employees with developments that may affect operations or personnel. Includes issues back to August 1996.
    (Last checked 01/29/98)

    The State of Food and Agriculture 1997 (FAO)
    The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has made available the full text of the latest version of this annual publication that keeps track of developments in world agriculture. It is divided into three sections, a general world review, regional overviews, and a special section on the agroprocessing sector. The regional overviews highlight six countries this year: Mozambique, Angola, Bangladesh, Peru, Egypt, and the Russian Federation. The site also contains tables of contents for _SOFA_ back to 1993, along with full text of special chapters from each issue. Previous country briefs for eight countries are available. Information about how to purchase the valuable country time-series diskette that accompanies the print volume can be obtained at the site. Source: Scout Report, February 20, 1998.
    (Last checked 02/23/98)

    State of the Union Addresses--Past and Present
    Presidential Speeches and Writings
    President Clinton's State of the Union Message, delivered January 27, 1998, is available in both text and RealPlayer formats at the White House site. The White House has also posted a useful collection of background materials relating to the main themes of the President's address. For Internauts who would like to place this year's speech in historical perspective, the presidents index at George Welling's From Revolution to Reconstruction site offers the full text of a number of selected State of the Union messages by previous presidents. Source: Scout Report, January 30, 1998.
    (Last checked 02/09/98)

    The State of the World's Children 1998--UNICEF [QuickTime]
    This year's United Nations Children's Fund report on the world's children focuses on nutrition. The report contains a forward by UN Secretary-General Kofi A. Annan and sections addressing the scale of malnutrition, successful approaches to combatting child hunger, and scientific breakthroughs in nutrition. Additional features include statistical tables, special issue panels, spotlights, text figures, fact sheets, and several QuickTime video clips. Source: Scout Report, December 19, 1997.
    (Last checked 12/23/97)

    Statistical Abstract of the United States 1997 [.pdf, 1023p.]
    Adobe Acrobat Reader Required
    The first piece of good news is that the US Census Bureau has made the newest addition of this exhaustive compendium of national, regional, state, local, and selected international statistics drawn from "reports and records of government and private agencies" available (Adobe Acrobat [.pdf] format only). The second piece of good news is that the site where the volume resides has been reorganized in a fashion that makes the 1,481 tables in it more easily accessible to researchers, journalists, librarians, and the general public. Table ranges in each of the 31 sections are clearly delineated and the 1995-1997 editions are now arranged side by side, so that users can begin to easily use multiple editions of the Statistical Abstract. The best way to find specific tables (with or without a print copy of the book) is still the index. Source: Scout Report, December 5, 1997.
    (Last checked 12/23/97)

    Tax Planning Guide
    Are you ready for April 15? Delloite and Touche LLP, a large accounting firm, has developed this online Tax Planning Guide to help individuals in filling out their tax forms. The Guide provides an overview of the Tax Relief Act of 1997 and explains how the changes in the tax code affect individual taxpayers. This site also offers general tax strategies for all taxpayers and customized tax strategies for particular types of taxpayers such as high-income earners and self-employed people. A guide on long-term financial planning and a tax forecasting worksheet rounds out the site. Source: Scout Report for Business and Economics, December 18, 1997.
    (Last checked 12/23/97)

    Tobacco Documents [.pdf]
    US House of Representatives Committee on Commerce Chairman Tom Bliley has released over 800 tobacco related documents "which a Minnesota Judge has ruled are not protected by the attorney-client privilege..." The documents go back to 1954. They can be browsed (by date, size, or Bates Stamp). Full text searching is also available. The documents are scanned Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files. Three privilege logs contain very useful document index information and a glossary of names to help in locating items of interest.
    (Last checked 12/22/97)

    Uncle Sam's Brief Guide to Citing Government Publications
    Need help in answering student questions about citing government documents? This web site, courtesy of the University of Memphis Government Documents Library, may provide all the information you need.
    (Last checked 02/03/98)

    United Nations Conferences, Locating
    A guide to locating resources in the MSU Libraries and on the Web by Debbi Schaubman.
    (Last checked 01/27/98)

    The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
    The Third Conference of the Parties (COP-3) takes place in Kyoto, Japan from December 1-10, 1997. The Official Site features the full text of the Convention (with chronological and alphabetical listing of ratifiers in the last five years), official documents in five languages from all three Conferences of the Parties, and a beginners guide to the Convention. The guide explains the issues of climate change and global warming in the form of understandable answers to a set of five questions. In addition, official sessions are available live and will also be archived (in RealPlayer format). Source: Scout Report, December 5, 1997.
    (Last checked 12/5/97)

    United Nations Scholars' Workstation
    Developed by the Yale University Library and the Social Science Statistical Laboratory, this site is "a collection of texts, finding aids, data sets, maps, and pointers to print and electronic information. Subject coverage includes disarmament, economic and social development, environment, human rights, international relations, international trade, peacekeeping, and population and demography." The Research Tools and Research Approaches to UN information sections highlight this site. The tools section contains links to library resources and finding aids, internet resources, CD-ROMs and databases, numeric data, maps, recent publications, and archival resources. The approaches section describes Internet access to UN information by organizational structure, research topic, geographic area, biographical information, and current US legislation. Source: Scout Report for the Social Sciences, November 18, 1997. Previously mentioned in the June 1995 issue of Red Tape.
    (Last checked 12/18/97)

    United Nations Social Indicators
    The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) has recently updated its social indicators page. Data is available on population, human settlements, water supply, housing, health, education, literacy, unemployment, income, and child-bearing. Source: Scout Report for the Social Sciences, February 24, 1998.
    (Last checked 02/27/98)

    US Consumer Gateway
    This site, provided by six US Government agencies ranging from the Federal Trade Commission to the Securities and Exchange Commission to the Food and Drug Administration, is aimed at providing one-stop shopping for consumer information. It points to relevant consumer-oriented government information in the fields of food, health, home, transportation, children, buying smart, product safety, money, and education. This information is mostly in the form of articles and publications at this time. Each section also contains articles of special interest, and the main page connects to the General Services Administration's Consumer's Resource Handbook. Although the site is still in development, it promises to be a powerful centralized locator for government consumer information.
    (Last checked 12/1/5/97)

    U.S. Drug Policy Web Site
    ONDCP announces the release of a new World Wide Web site that provides access to U.S. drug policy information. The new site features the latest drug policy information, statistical summaries, ONDCP press releases, speeches, congressional testimony, the Federal drug control budget, the National Drug Control Strategy, and information about enforcement, prevention, education, and treatment initiatives. The site also includes features such as:

  • a directory of State antidrug agencies.
  • a comprehensive list of drug slang terms.
  • a slide show highlighting drug-related statistics.
  • Make-A-Zeen, where kids and teens are invited to submit artwork, stories, and games to create their own online magazine.
    (Last checked 01/27/98)

    US Housing Market Conditions (HUD)
    A quarterly publication from HUD that contains national and regional housing information, as well as historical data tables. Issues from the 1st two quarters of 1997 are available in HTML format, while previous issues are available in text and .pdf formats. Older tables are available in .pdf format only.
    (Last checked 12/15/97)

    U.S. State and Local Gateway
    A Federal interagency project in collaboration with Vice President Al Gore's National Performance Review. This web site was developed to give state and local government officials and employees easy access to federal information in ways that make sense to you.
    (Last checked 02/12/98)

    Voices from the Dust Bowl
    This outstanding new addition to the US Library of Congress American Memory Collection is an online presentation of a contemporary ethnographic field collection that documented the lives of Dust Bowl migrants living in Farm Security Administration (FSA) camps in California in 1940-41. The highlight of the site is a very large collection of audio titles (334 in all), available in both RealAudio and .wav formats. Users can browse a list of over 100 song titles that includes links to each song's full text and recordings made in an FSA camp. Other audio titles include interviews, recordings of camp meetings, and more songs (without text). Users can also browse the audio collection with the performer/interviewee index or they can use an internal search engine. Additional features at this site include a collection of 23 photos, a sampling of dust jackets from recording discs, a bibliography, and print material from the collection including a scrapbook, newspaper clippings, camp newsletters, radio scripts, and correspondence between the ethnographers and LOC officials. Source: Scout Report, January 9, 1998.
    (Last checked 01/15/98)

    World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers 1996
    The US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency has placed online the full text of its 1996 WMEAT report, a reference on military expenditure, arms transfers, armed forces, and related economic data for 172 countries over the 1985-1995 decade. The data is comprehensive, up-to-date, and accompanied by analyses and highlights. Users may also choose to download selected portions of the larger report, including Highlights and Country Rankings. Source: Scout Report, December 5, 1997.
    (Last checked 01/27/98

    Editor's Note:
    Web sites mentioned in the Odds & Ends section may sometimes be inaccessible for a number of reasons including maintenance, limited capacity, or perhaps because they have been suspended or moved to a new URL address. Please notify the RED TAPE Editor if you cannot access a particular URL so that he can check it out.

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