MARCH 2000

Table of Contents

  1. Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries Meeting
  2. New Campaign Finance Bill Signed Into Law
  3. Michigan Register To Become Looseleaf and Online
  4. E-Michigan Office Created

(1) Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries Meeting
January 4-5, 2000

This meeting was conducted as a series of conference calls. Those parrticipating included: Sharon Bradley, Kelly Eastwick, Carolyn Gaswick, Paula Kaczmarek, Michael McDonnell, and Ann Sanders.

DPL/NTIS Pilot Project

Paula reports that DPL is part of an NTIS pilot project which continues. The project allows access to the full NTIS databases. Only 20 libraries in country are allowed to retrieve documents. Older documents not in the database are retrieved by NTIS and then mounted so there can be a 48 hour delay. If you have documents that you can not find let DPL know because it may be a good test of the project.

Geographic Area Meetings

The geographic area meetings are usually held in the spring and traditionally presented reports from the Federal Council meeting. The Federal Council meetings have been moved to the fall. Michigan Council will move the meetings to the fall to take advantage of the fall council meeting in Washington D.C. The 2000 meeting is Oct. 22-25.

  • 1st District - Thursday, Nov. 2 (location to be announced)
  • A library in Flint and Kalamazoo Public will be suggested as the other locations, with the meetings to take place the week of November 13.

    Suggested topics:

  • Issues arising from Biennial Survey
  • Census 2000
  • Replacement of Tangible Products with Electronic Products
  • Why be a depository/depository librarian?
    Finalization of the agenda will take place after Ann Sanders returns from maternity leave.

    MichGPO Listserv

    The Information Systems manager at DPL has been made aware of the requirement that the state depository community have an operational communications tool. As he is a temporary contract employee he needed to be brought up to speed by Paula Kaczmarek. The system has not been operational since October and hopefully he will be able to address the situation.

    Review of Special Discard Lists

    Fourteen libraries submitted special disposal lists in November. The Council felt this was a successful experiment and are willing to try this again in 2000.

    Council will meet again in June.

    Submitted by Sharon Bradley

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    (2) New Campaign Finance Bill Signed Into Law

    The state of Michigan will maintain campaign finance records for at least 15 years, according to a new law signed by Governor John Engler. State Rep. Scott Schackleton, R-Sault Ste. Marie, sponsored the legislation.

    Public Act 50 of 2000 amends the Michigan Campaign Finance Act to ensure an adequate holding period for pertinent local campaign finance records. It also extends the time frame in which filing officials at the state level are required to preserve similar records.

    "People are demanding more accountability in state and local government," said Shackleton, R-Sault Ste. Marie. "Coupled with full disclosure of campaign finances, this law will provide for accessability to these records because the public has a right to know."

    The law ends the state practice of destroying campaign finance records after five years. PA 50 requires the retention of campaign finance information for at least 15 years for all state-level office candidates and for local offices when a campaign committee has raised more than $50,000. Other local records will continue to be preserved for five years, but the statutory requirement for destruction at the end of that time period has been eliminated.

    For more information, including House and Senate Fiscal Agency analyses, see the Michigan Legislature web site at and search House Bill 4026.

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    (3) Michigan Register to Become Looseleaf Service and Online

    If all goes well, as of April 17, 2000, the Michigan Register will become a continuously updated, three-ring binder, looseleaf publication, according to Brian Devlin, the new Director of the State Office of Regulatory Reform.

    Plans are also underway to move to a web version of the Michigan Register.

    Source: Rules and Regs: The Newsletter of Michigan and Federal Regulatory Issues, Volume 1, Number 4, April 1, 2000.

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    (4) E-Michigan Office Created

    Governor John Engler signed Executive Order 2000-6 on April 5, establishing the e-Michigan Office within the Executive Office of the Governor. The office will coordinate the development of electronic government service, reengineer current practices and design better ways of conducting the business of government.

    "e-Michiganís goals are to provide more convenient services to our citizens 24 hours a day, seven days a week," said Governor Engler. "Not only will this new office provide services faster using the Internet and web-based technologies, it will eliminate the frustration of navigating through multiple government agencies to conduct business and will reduce the cost of services through the streamlining of current operations. Ultimately, citizens will have an easy-to-understand web connection to government services and information."

    Executive Order 2000-6 establishes the e-Michigan Office within the Executive Office of the Governor as a temporary agency pursuant to Article V, Section 4, of the Constitution of the state of Michigan of 1963. It shall have a life of no more than two years commencing May 1, 2000.

    Source: Governor's Office News Release, April 6, 2000.

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