Issue 112, November 2005

Table of Contents

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  2. 20% Cut in Michigan Insurance Rates?
  3. 21st Century Jobs Trust Fund Passed by Michigan Senate
  4. 2005 Buyers’ Guide to Home and Renters Insurance Released
  5. 2006 Michigan Reads Program
  6. 2006 ‘Michigan Reads!” Finalists Announced;
    Vote for Your Favorite
  7. Attorney General Cox Challenges Decision on Same-Sex Benefits
  8. Bill Seeks to Shift More Inmate Health Care Costs to Inmates
  9. Closure of Michigan Youth Correctional Facility’s Impact on Lake County, Michigan
  10. Community Internet Under Attack
  11. Cox Vs. Fieger
  12. Eastern Michigan University Celebrates 40th Anniversary as Federal Depository Library
  13. Federal Judge Allows Wine Into Michigan
  14. Federal Judge Puts Hold on Michigan Law Related to
    the Selling or Renting of Violent Video Games by Minors
  15. Granholm Calls for Bipartisan Effort to Support Manufacturing, Protect Manufacturing Families
  16. Granholm, GOP Spar Over What’s Best for Michigan Roads
  17. Granholm, Legislative Leaders Agree on $3 Billion Job Creation Pact
  18. Governor Granholm Signs Bill Limiting Regulation of Phone Service
  19. Governor Granholm Signs Legislation to Increase Opportunities
    for Organ Donation
  20. Governor Granholm Signs State Budget for 2005-2006
  21. Governor Granholm Vetoes Portions of the Jobs Incentive Legislation as Promised;
    Calls for Legislature to Return to Work
  22. Great Lakes Governors Reach Consensus on Saving Region’s Water
  23. Great Lakes Initiative Funding Turned Down
  24. House Republicans Aim to Make Michigan
    More Tax-Friendly for Firms
  25. How Far Can Federal Regulations Go When It Comes to Wetlands?
  26. Junkers, Clunkers Now Tracked in Cyberspace
  27. Kids Get Extra Week of Summer Vacation
  28. Lawmakers Still Seeking Reform in Teacher Health Care Programs
  29. MEDC Announces New Investment Fund to Encourage New Jobs
  30. Michigan Bill Would Ban Parents from Smoking in Cars With Children
  31. Michigan Bills Ban Smoking In Public Places; Not Likely to Go Anywhere
  32. Michigan Center for Geographic Information News
  33. Michigan’s Constitutional Amendment Barring Same-Sex Marriages;
    How Will It Impact Health Insurance Benefits?
  34. Michigan Democrats Want to Penalize Companies That Violate Federal Pension Regulations
  35. Michigan E-Mail Law Upsets Parents
  36. Michigan Genealogist Launched
  37. Michigan House Sponsors Bill to Assist Disaster Relief Efforts
  38. Michigan Job Plan Could Be in Trouble; Disagreement Over SBT
  39. Michigan Legislation Grants Rights to Sue to Help Curb Medicaid Fraud
  40. Michigan Legislature Considers Help for Ailing Malls
  41. Michigan Legislature Considering Fining Teens
    Who Use Cell Phones While Driving
  42. Michigan Legislature Fails at Keeping Higher Education Affordable
  43. Michigan Legislature Grapples with Eminent Domain Issue
  44. Michigan Legislature Seeks Ways to Help With Rising Fuel Costs
  45. Michigan Legislature Working On Providing Financial Breaks for Movie Makers
  46. Michigan Public Libraries Are Not Obligated to Extend Services to Non-residents
  47. Michigan Republicans Propose Business Tax Cut
  48. Michigan Republicans Seek To Trim Welfare Recipients
  49. Michigan Republicans Worry About Morning-After Pill
  50. Michigan School Health Insurance Solution?
  51. Michigan Senate Committee Tackles Childhood Obesity
  52. Michigan Senate Drafts Bills Against Torture
  53. Michigan Senate Seeks to Use Tobacco Settlement Funds
    to Invest in Technology Companies
  54. Michigan State Fair History
  55. Michigan Tax Reform Plan Unravels
  56. Michigan Wants to Toughen High School Diploma Requirements
  57. li>New Library of Michigan Newletter — LM4X — Launched
  58. New Library of Michigan Newletter — Michigan Genealogist - Launched
  59. Payday Loans May Be Regulated Soon in Michigan
  60. Possible Ballot Proposals for November 2006
  61. Refined Petroleum Cleanup Advisory Council Proposes 2-Cent Gas Tax
  62. Same Sex Benefits Battle Continues in Michigan
  63. Senate Bill Would Encourage Michigan Medicaid Recipients
    to Pursue Healthy Lifestyles
  64. Senator Martha Scott Goes On Crusade
    Against the High Cost of Insurance In Detroit
  65. Senator’s Bill Would Ban Sentencing Youths to Life
    with no Chance of Parole
  66. Should Michigan Shift Taxes from Sales to Services?
  67. Should the Michigan Broadband Development Authority Be Scrapped?
  68. State Considering More Regulations for Day Care
  69. State of Michigan Expecting Further Budget Cuts?
  70. Western Michigan University Just Misses Adding 1 Billionth Item to WorldCat
  71. Will Michigan Legislation Cripple Michigan Wineries?
  72. Will Michigan State Board of Education Mandate Additional Curriculum?
  73. Will Michigan Surveying Project Be a Casualty to Budget Reallocations?
  74. Will Promises to Veterans’ Children Be Tabled Because of State Budget Problems?
  75. Will the Michigan State Depository Program Be Crippled?

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for News From Around the State

In response to a request at our last Godort of Michigan meeting at the Wayne State University School of Law, the Red Tape editor will be mounting items for "News from Around the Country" on the Red Tape Blog first. Time will tell if he has enough time to go back and mount all of the same items in this regular Red Tape Newsletter. Your advice will be appreciated on whether it's worth the effort to post items in both locations.

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