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  1. LOM Hires New Regional Depository Supervisor
  2. GOVDOC-M Launched
  3. GPO Depository Inspectors in Michigan
  4. Fast Facts About Michigan

(1) LOM Hires New Regional Depository Supervisor

The Library of Michigan has hired Ann Marie Sanders to supervise Regional Depository Operations.

Ann Marie is a Michigan native from Kalamazoo, with a B.A. from Nazareth College, and a M.S.L. and a M.A. in Geography from Western Michigan University. While at Western, Ann Marie worked over 4 years as Michael McDonnell's assistant and even supervised Kim Ranger from Grand Valley State University in the process! After leaving Western, Ann Marie worked over six years as Government Documents Librarian at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee.

According to Ann Marie, "I am pleased and terrified to be following someone of Anne Diamond's stature in this position....I am looking forward to acquainting and re-acquainting myself with the Michigan government documents community and beg everyone's indulgence until I can quit getting lost on the way to work!"

Speaking on behalf of the Michigan government documents community, we hope Ann Marie will enjoy her new job and wish her all the best in carrying out her many duties.

(2) GOVDOC-M Launched

GOVDOC-M has been chosen as the new name for the mail reflector maintained by Grace York at the University of Michigan as a service to the documents community in Michigan and anyone else who wishes to maintain ties with the documents community in Michigan.

The name change was suggested because of the need to move the old mail reflector to a new server. As a result, Grace York asked for input, and the RED TAPE Editor responded with the winning entry.

All former subscribers to "Depository.Libraries", approximately 60 individuals, will be automatically enrolled under the new GOVDOC-M name. In addition, Grace York has announced that she will attempt to pick up any other members of GODORT of Michigan who did not subscribe to "Depository.Libraries". However, if anyone objects, they can unsubscribe. According to Grace, traffic should not be overwhelming.

If you would like to have your name added to GOVDOC-M or would like to correct or update an old e-mail address, contact Grace York at "". To send a message to GOVDOC-M, and have it automatically redistributed to all of its members, send your e-mail to "".

(3) GPO Depository Inspectors in Michigan

Ann Marie Sanders, the new Regional Depository representative at the Library of Michigan, notified me that the following libraries will be inspected in Michigan during October. Unfortunately, since more that one library will be inspected on the same day, she will not be able to be at both locations.

Date           Library                            Inspector

10/10/95       Grand Rapids Public Library        Callard

10/11/95       University of Michigan-Flint       Snider
               Calvin College                     Callard

10/12/95       Flint Public Library               Snider
               Kalamazoo Public Library           Callard

10/13/95       Alma College                       Snider
               Western Michigan University        Callard

10/16/95       Library of Michigan                Snider
               Hackley Public Library             Callard

10/17/95       Michigan State University          Snider
               Southwestern Michigan College      Callard

10/18/95       Jackson Public Library             Snider

10/19/95       Albion College                     Snider
               Grand Valley State University      Callard

10/20/95       Schoolcraft College                Snider
               Benton Harbor Public Library       Callard

(4) Fast Facts About Michigan

Quick: What's Michigan's most crowded county? That's easy, you say; Wayne (with 3,439 people per square mile in 1990). What's the least crowded? Gotcha! The answer is Keweenaw, the northernmost part of the UP, where you can really get away from it all, with only three people per square mile. Obviously, these two counties face very different problems and policy choices in areas such as the environment, transportation planning, and commerce.

If you need to know facts like population density, IPPSR's Michigan Database has developed "A Michigan Fact Sheet" to make your life easier. This colorful horizontal poster (48" by 30") displays demographic, economic, fiscal, and vital-statistics information about each of Michigan's counties, and its 79 largest cities (whose 1990 population exceeded 11,500). Counties are shown on one side, cities on the reverse. Hang the poster in your office and you will have a variety of facts at eye level--including the 1993 crime and unemployment rates, and (for cities) police and fire expenditures per capita.

To order a poster, call IPPSR at (517) 355-6672, write to Bettie Landauer-Menchik at IPPSR, or send her an e-mail at []. The price is $9.75 per poster, with quantity discounts available. Also available (no charge): Michigan Database's first working paper, "Demographic Change : Policy Implications for Michigan", by Brendan Mullan.

Source: Institute for Public Policy and Social Research Perspectives, Michigan State University, Vol. 2, No. 1, Fall 1995, p.6.

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