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  1. Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries Meets
  2. University of Michigan to Suspend Its Commerce Data Gopher
  3. Regional Depositories Offer Consultative Services
  4. Michigan Legislative Materials Scheduled for Library of Michigan Web Site

(1) Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries Meets
September 11, 1996 Minutes

Present at the meeting were Ann Sanders (Library of Michigan), Paula Kaczmarek (Detroit Public Library), Michael McDonnell (Western Michigan University), Darlene Pierce (Northern Michigan University), Kim Ranger (Grand Valley State University), Janet Schneider (Schoolcraft College), and Anne Birkam (Public Libraries of Saginaw).

Ann Sanders introduced the two new members to Council - Michael McDonnell and Paula Kaczmarek. Michael will serve a three year term starting in January 1997 and takes the place of Kim Ranger. Paula will serve as a permanent member of the council replacing Cass Hartnett as the Detroit Public Library's representative.

The following new Federal Documents Librarians in the state were identified :

Other personnel notes : Paula Kaczmarek brought a new edition of the Michigan Statistical Abstract published by the University of Michigan Press for council members to look at. The cost will be $49.50; the ISBN 0-472-08370-8.

Ann Sanders and Cass Hartnett conducted an orientation session for new documents librarians at the Library of Michigan on July 8th. Ann also conducted a session at Michigan Technological University on August 30th which was videotaped. She and Paula are planning another session for sometime in October or November.

Kalamazoo Public Library has 98% of their Documents Collection in storage due to building renovation.

The Library of Michigan has filled in the last gap in its paper Congressional Record collection.

There was much discussion about the 10 page discard list and exceptions to this requirement. Ann Sanders reported that she has been getting more and more requests for "special" lists. The regional librarians with approval of council decided to send out a letter regarding such "exemptions". They will develop a form that selectives will need to fill out to request special permission to submit any type of list other than the standard 10 page list.

Ann Sanders talked about software called Documents Assistant. This software would allow the Library of Michigan to merge lists, making the discard process less arduous. Ann will be looking at this software and talking to people in Tennessee to see how pleased they are with it.

Anne Birkam's term on Council as the Godort Representative expires in December. This will be brought up at the October Godort Meeting to see if someone else would like to be the representative. Anne is willing to continue serving only if there is no one else willing to do so.

Much discussion was given to the revision of the State Plan. Ann Sanders brought copies of the changes to Chapters 17 and 19, Title 44, which the Government Printing Office just released. Because we do not know what, if any changes will take effect, it was decided to wait awhile before undertaking the revision of the plan. Instead, Council concentrated on updating the appendices to the plan. Ann Sanders will update Appendix A which is the Directory of Michigan Federal Documents Depoistory Libraries. There is only one change on the map in Appendix B (Detroit College of Law has moved to district 8). Council members will need to be updated in Appendix C. Standards in Appendix D are okay for the time being. The Guidelines for Disposal of U.S. Government Depository Publications have a few changes (phone numbers). A section at the end will include the request form for exceptions to the 10 page disposal list form. Council members will contact those libraries listed as interested in receiving disposal lists to see if they wish to remain on that list. Ann Sanders will revise the Sample Discard List.

Council next discussed the topic of outreach to congressional offices for both state and federal government officials. The Library of Michigan is focusing on Michigan Documents because it is something they do uniquely. Council talked about having this as a topic for the biennial meeting. Janet Schneider mentioned that the GPO inspector who visited Alma was very impressed with Larry Hall's outreach activities. Michael McDonnell will talk to Larry about this and also about the possibility of a joint program with Godort's spring meeting. A tentative date of April 30, 1997 (Wednesday) in Lansing was set for the biennial meeting.

Council discussed the proposed changes to Title 44. Council decided they needed to read about these changes more closely, contact ALA, and find out their opinion as well as the opinions of Susan Tulis and Debbie Schaubman who were at ALA where these changes were discussed. Council members will also pay attention to any discussion on govdocs-l and govdoc-m. Council members will remain in contact with each other by e-mail about this issue.

The next meeting date for Council will be Thursday, January 23, 1997 in Lansing.

Submitted by Anne Birkam, Secretary, to Red Tape, September 30, 1996.

(2) University of Michigan To Suspend its Commerce Data Gopher
In Favor Of STAT-USA Site License

The Department of Commerce has recently moved the vast majority of files previously found only on its dial-in Economic Bulletin Board Server to the STAT-USA World Wide Web Server (URL:

Due to the friendliness of the STAT-USA interface, new software which permits STAT-USA to site-license access to large clusters of IP addresses, and the availability of a single no-cost password to federal depository libraries, the University of Michigan has agreed to suspend its downloading of all STAT-USA files to its own gopher server ( gopher:// as of October 9, 1996.

The following files had previously been suspended from the University of Michigan's gopher server on April 4, 1996: AgWorld, Eastern European Trade Leads, Industrial Sector Analysis Reports, International Market Insight Reports, Trade Opportunity Program, USDA Agriculture Leads, and United Aid Initiative.

Users affiliated with the University of Michigan may access Stat-USA's files directly using the URL:

Non-University of Michigan users can obtain information about STAT-USA/Internet by calling the STAT-USA Helpline at (202) 482-1986, Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM Eastern Time, or via e-mail at

For a list of federal depository libraries which may have on-site access to STAT-USA, consult the Government Printing Office web site (URL:

Source : Grace York, Coordinator, Documents Center, University of Michigan Library,, GOVDOC-M and GOVDOC-L, October 2, 1996.

(3) Regional Depositories Offer Consultative Services

Ann Sanders, Regional Depository Coordinator at the Library of Michigan, recently shared the following letter over GOVDOC-M offering the possibility of library visits and consultative services to depository libraries in Michigan.

"I'm in the process of planning (or attempting to plan) visits to libraries for this fall and tentatively for the spring. I'd like to hear from libraries facing re-organizations, building projects, moves, or other upheavals, large and small, that might make a visit more or less useful. In other words, if you have a particular need for a visit or training of a particular sort, now would be a great time for me to hear about it."

"This offer is not limited to federal documents (state documents depositories will be getting a similar message in their next shipments) nor is it limited to libraries in the LM service area. Paula Kaczmarak is gearing up to take over at Detroit Public and we would enjoy doing some of these visits together."

"One last disclaimer: these visits are in *no way* to be viewed as inspections. In many cases, they would not necessarily be all-day events or be limited to specific staff. Think about what you would like from your regionals, and please let me know."

Source : Ann Marie Sanders (Depository Librarian, Library of Michigan, P.O. Box 30007, 717 W. Allegan St., Lansing, MI 48909; e-mail :; tel. : 517-373-9489; fax : 517-373-3381), GOVDOC-M, October 8, 1996.

(4) Michigan Legislative Materials Scheduled for Library of Michigan Web Site

George Needham, Library Director at the Library of Michigan, formally announced at the MLA conference last week that current bills and other legislative materials related to Michigan legislation will be available online at the Library of Michigan web site beginning around February, 1997.

Source : Debbie Gallagher, MICHLIB-L, November 11, 1996.

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