MARCH 1997

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  1. Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries Minutes
  2. Possible Funding Available for Documents Libraries from LOM
  3. Gerald R. Ford Museum News
  4. MSU Provides Campus-Wide Access to STAT-USA
  5. MSU Libraries Provide GPO Access Gateway

(1) Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries Minutes
February 6, 1997

Present at the February 6th Meeting of the Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries were Anne Birkam (Public Libraries of Saginaw), Paula Kaczmarek (Detroit Public Library), Michael McDonnell (Western Michigan University), Ann Sanders (Library of Michigan), and Janet Schneider (Schoolcraft College). Darlene Pierce (Northern Michigan University) sent comments via e-mail because she was unable to be present.


Linda Kawaguchi is no longer at the University of Michigan Law Library; in the interim contact Barb Vacarro if you need assistance .

Susan Field's position at St. Clair County has not been filled yet; in the interim contact Stanley Arnett if you need assistance.


Ann Sanders is planning an orientation session for new documents librarians for March or April. She will be out of the Library of Michigan the last two weeks of February.


Ann Sanders and Paul Kaczmarek have done several library visits in November and December. Ann did ten library visits in 1996. Her administrative goal is to do 20 visits a year, which would enable her to get to all depositories every three years.


Ann Sanders passed out a flier on the LSTA Funding Forums which will be held across Michigan during the next few months. Depository libraries may want to attend (see separate announcement).

Ann also passed out a summary of the proposed changes to Title 44 (H.R. 4280) as well as the Government Printing Office's version.

Ann has sent out messages on GOVDOC-M asking for input from depository libraries about what services they want from regionals. More training is the most frequent response, but very few indicated what kind of training. She mentioned interlibrary loan as an example of a basic service that regionals provide.

The Government Printing Office will be offering sessions in August on training the trainers so that regional librarians will be able to assist GPO in this responsibility.

Questions were raised about the need to share information on why a depository library should remain a depository library in light of the changing electronic environment. What kind of support can a depository library expect to receive over and above that provided to every other library via the world wide web?

The structure of the Library of Michigan and the Detroit Public Library will be explained at the biennial meeting for librarians who are unsure about whom to contact for assistance.

Anne Birkam mentioned that the Hoyt Library is being renovated and air conditioning is being installed. The project should be completed by November 1997.

Paula Kaczmarek is looking for someone to take notes at ALA midwinter about the proposed revisions to Title 44. Neither she nor Ann Sanders will be attending.

In the future, Paula and Ann will be splitting four annual meetings (ALA midwinter, ALA annual conference, the April conference, and the Fall conference) between them.

Minutes of the September meeting were approved.


Council members discussed the revision of the appendices to the State Plan. The information in the directory (appendix A) and the map (appendix B) are in the process of being updated. Changes will be ready in time for the biennial meeting. Appendix C was updated.

Council discussed changes to Appendix E at great length. Ann Sanders will send the revision to council members for final review. This revision will then be sent to depository librarians before the biennial meeting for comments. The revision will then be discussed at the biennial meeting before a final vote approving the changes.


Council decided to keep the Library of Michigan, Lansing, April 30th as the location and place for the biennial meeting, at least for the time being. Ann Sanders will be responsible for organizing the meeting.

The following subjects were discussed as possible agenda topics:

  1. Report from Washington
  2. State Plan
  3. Regional Services to Selectives
  4. LSTA
  5. Inviting a speaker from NCLIS to discuss the status of the commission and their agenda
  6. Cataloging Internet resources
  7. Designing a home page
  8. Discussing electronic tools
  9. Discussing the self study
  10. Inviting support staff members to area meetings in 1998
Received from Anne Birkam, Secretary, March 6, 1997.

(2) Possible Funding Available for Documents Libraries

Please see the notice on forums for the new Library Services and Technology Act Grants program below. Depositories are urged to attend, since the change from the old LSCA to the new LSTA means that all types of libraries are now eligible, instead of just public libraries, and the emphasis is on technology, so projects involving access to electronic government documents could become fundable. These forums are intended to give libraries the opportunity to tell the Library of Michigan how they would like to see the program administered. I plan to attend at least one of the forums myself.

Source: Ann Marie Sanders,Depository Librarian, Library of Michigan, P.O. Box 30007, Lansing, MI 48909; Tel. 517-373-9489; E-mail:; Fax 517-373-338, GOVDOC-M, January 22, 1997.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 08:06:05 -0500 (EST)
From: Eileen M. Palmer 
To: Ann Sanders 
Subject: Forums on LSTA (fwd)

As announced earlier the Library of Michigan will be sponsoring a series
of forums in order to hear from the statewide library community on how we
can best implement the Library Services and Technology Act.  Please plan
to join us at one or more of the following sessions (and bring your
staff, board, friends, etc.).  Preregistration is ONLY required for the
April 10th session where we are using up to three sites connected via
compressed video.  Email or call me to sign up for the April 10th session.
Flyers will be mailed tomorrow to all libraries and organizations listed
in the Michigan Library Directory.

LSTA Forums Schedule

Date			LOCATION				

January 28, 1997	Kent County District Library  		
3:30 - 5:30		Wyoming Branch
  			3350 Michael S. W.
			Wyoming, Michigan

January 30, 1997	Mott Community College			
3:00 - 5:00		1401 East Court Street
			Flint, Michigan  48503
February 11, 1997	Wayne State University			
3:00 - 5:00		Purdy/Kresge Library
			5265 Cass Ave.
			Detroit, Michigan  48202

February 20, 1997	Big Rapids Community Library	
3:00 - 5:00		426 South Michigan Ave.
			Big Rapids, Michigan 49307

February 28, 1997	The Library Network		
10:00 - 12:00		33030 Van Born Road
			Wayne, Michigan  48184

March 5, 1997		Kellogg Community College		
2:00 - 4:00		Mawby Center for Continuing
			450 North Avenue
			Battle Creek, Michigan 49017-3397

March 18, 1997		Public Libraries of Saginaw		
9:00 - 11:00		Rudolph C. Zauel Memorial Branch
			3100 North Center
			Saginaw, Michigan 48603

March 27, 1997		Holiday Inn				
1:00 - 3:00		833 West Main Street
			Gaylord, Michigan 49735

*April 10, 1997		Delta-Schoolcraft ISD 		
3:00 - 5:00		2525 Third Ave. South
			Escanaba, Michigan 49829

			Michigan Technological University
			Houghton, Michigan 49931
			(Participants via compressed video connection)

			Lake Superior State Uuniversity
			Library, Room 253
			906 Ryan St.
			Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan 49783
			(Participants via compressed video connection)

April 30, 1997		Rural Library Conference (conference registration not required) 
3:00 - 4:30		Grand Traverse Resort
			Acme, Michigan

*REGISTRATION REQUIRED - call or email Eileen Palmer at 517-373-4466 or

(3) Gerald R. Ford Museum News

A collection of ordinary tools that illustrate the fall of President Richard Nixon will be displayed when the Gerald R. Ford Museum opens news galleries in April.

The tools possessed by Watergate burglars -- eye irritant, a flashlight, gloves, screwdrivers, and a lock-picking kit -- will be shown to the public for the first time, director Richard Norton Smith said February 18th.

They have been stored at the National Archives along with other evidence from the break-in at Democratic Party headquarters in June 1972. The burglars "were also arrested with quite a bit of cash on them. That' still at the Archvies," curator Jim Kratsas said. "We're also going to have one of the tape recorders from the Nixon Oval Office."

Former Presidents Ford, Jimmy Carter, and George Bush will be in Grand Rapids April 17 to rededicate the museum in an outdoor even open to the public.

The new galleries will include a hands-on interactive display allowing visitors to travel via video to the world's hot spots with Ford and former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

"In redoing the entire exhibit, we're realizing President Ford's original vision that his museum be a living, growing educational institution for the entire community," Smith said. On April 16, Kissinger and the other scholars will be at the museum discussing the 50th anniversary of the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after World War II.

Source : Ed White, Associated Press, Detroit Free Press, February 19, 1997, p.6B.

(4) Michigan State University Provides Campus Wide Access to STAT-USA

MSU now has a site license for Stat-USA. This is a government-produced set of databases containing domestic and foreign economic statistics, as well as full text documents (including many of the Country Studies/Area Handbooks).

The three main components are the National Trade Databank (which we will also continue to have in cd form), the Economic Bulletin Board, and Bureau of Economic Analysis data. This last set is of particular importance since much of it is no longer printed.

You can connect to this via the MSU Library's Home Page (it's the last item on the Remote Electronic Resources page). You can also go directly to from any MSU IP address.

There will be additional links to this site from various subject and/or documents pages within the MSU Libraries pages.

For further information, contact Cynthia Teague at or (517) 432-1749.

(5) Michigan State University Provides GPO Access Gateway

Check out the new GPO Access Gateway provided by the Michigan State University Libraries. The Gateway is located at

The GPO Access Program was put into place as a result of the GPO Electronic Information Access Enhancement Act of 1993 (P.L. 103-40). According to this legislation, the Government Printing Office (GPO) is required to:(1) maintain an electronic directory of Federal electronic information; (2) provide a system of online access to the Congressional Record, the Federal Register, and, as determined by the Superintendent of Documents, other appropriate publications distributed by the Superintendent of Documents; and (3) operate and electronic storage facility for Federal electronic information to which online access is made available.... (107 Stat. 112)

Databases currently available include:
Congressional Record 1994-
Congressional Record Index 1992-
Federal Register 1994-
Public Laws 1994-
Budget of the United States 1997, 1998
Campaign Finance Reform Legislation Hearing (1995)
Code of Federal Regulations (3 titles only)
Commerce Business Daily
Congressional Bills Database 103rd Congress-
Congressional Calendars
Congressional Directory
Congressional Documents 104th Congress-
Congressional Reports 104th Congress-
Economic Indicators
Economic Report of the President
United States Government Manual
GAO 'blue book' Reports
GAO Comptroller General Decisions & Opinions
History of Bills and Resolutions Database
House Rules Manual
Dept. of the Interior Inspector General Reports
Privacy Act Issuances
Supreme Court Decisions (1937-1975)
Unified Agenda (semi-annual regulatory agenda)
United States Code

For more information, contact Cynthia Teague, Federal Documents Librarian, Michigan State University Libraries, 100 Library, E. Lansing, MI 48824-1048. Phone: (517) 432-1749; fax: (517) 432-1446; E-Mail:

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