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  1. Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries Meeting Announcement (January 23, 1998)
  2. Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries Meeting Minutes, September 19, 1997

(1) Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries Meeting Announcement

The Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries is meeting Friday, January 23, 1998 in the Great Lakes Room of the Library of Michigan. The primary focus of this meeting is continued review and work on the Michigan Plan for the Federal Documents Depository Library System, as well as planning for the upcoming regional meetings in the Spring of 1998. Council will begin work at 10:00, and may run until 5:00 p.m.

The current working draft of the state plan in pdf format is available on the Library of Michigan website at The current revisions are intended to reflect the program's move to a "substantially more" electronic environment. Comments and questions should be directed to any member of the Council. You may also contact me at the address below for comments or paper copies of the working draft.

The meeting is open to anyone interested. It is helpful to have an estimate of the number of guests, since room capacity can be a problem. If you plan to attend, please contact the Library of Michigan at or by phone at 517-373-9489. The Great Lakes Room is located on the fifth floor of the Library. Lunch is typically ordered in, and the Department of Management and Budget charges 50 cents per hour for parking.

Source: Ann Marie Sanders, Depository Librarian, Collection Management Services, Library of Michigan, P.O. Box 30007, 717 West Allegan Street, Lansing, MI 48909-7507; e-mail: or ; telephone: 517-373-9489; fax: 517-373-9438; GOVDOC-M, January 20, 1998.

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(2) Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries Meeting Minutes, September 19, 1997

The Michigan Council of Federal Depository Libraries met Friday, September 19, 1997, at the Library of Michigan. The meeting was called to order at 9:48 a.m. by Ann Marie Sanders, Chair. State Librarian George Needham stopped in briefly for introductions to Council Members.

Council members attending included Anne Birkam, Paula Kaczmarek, Michael McDonnell, Darlene Pierce, Ann Marie Sanders, and Janet Schneider. Visitors included Debbi Schaubman, Cynthia Teague, Suzanne Schneiderman, Charley Pelkey, and Tish Kingaby (recorder).

Minutes from the previous meeting on February 6, 1997 were unanimously approved by the Council.

Council Election: Ms. Sanders reported that three nominations had been received for the position on the Council which will be vacated by Darlene Pierce: one was already a council member; one declined; the third, Kelly Eastwood, is an eligible member from the First Congressional District. Ms. Eastwood is running unopposed and is expected to replace Ms. Pierce at the January 1998 meeting.

Announcements from the Field:

  • Ms. Sanders reiterated the statewide announcement that the Legislative Web site (URL: is online, as a result of combined efforts of many agencies, primarily, the House, the Senate, the Legislative Service Bureau, and the Library of Michigan. Debbi Schaubman and Kim Ranger provided consultant work during the initial design segment.

  • The Library of Michigan, Collection Management Services Division, has posted two supervisor positions.

  • Paula Kaczmarek and Ann Sanders will present a workshop at North Central Michigan College in Petoskey on how to do a self study on September 26, 1997 for the First Congressional District depositories. Dependent on the success of the workshop, further workshops may be scheduled downstate.

  • Ms. Sanders reported some success in institutional support for documents activities; use of evaluation sheets and transmittal of their content to appropriate legislative offices by the State Librarian has been an effective PR tool.

  • Michigan Library Consortium (MLC) is offering fee-based GPO training as a result of attending an OCLC sponsored GPO training session. Neither Ms. Kaczmarek nor Ms. Sanders were contacted regarding this training session. Ms. Sanders contacted MLC regarding this and understood this was an oversight. Ms. Sanders was then asked to conduct the training and she affirmed she was interested, providing the training was free of charge. Since that initial contact, MLC appears to view the training from a more cooperative viewpoint. Deputy State Librarian Jeff Johnson is attending an executive board meeting today at MLC and will bring this subject up at that time.

  • Ms. Kaczmarek will be attending a GPO training session in January.

  • The three-day MLA GPO training conflicts with a GODORT meeting which Ms. Kaczmarek is setting up.

  • Ms. Sanders will be out of the office for approximately two weeks as of October 21, 1997 as she undergoes wrist surgery. Ms. Kaczmarek will be available during most this leave, except for a couple of days when she is attending GPO Council meetings.
  • Ms. Sanders announced three new depository librarians: Crystal Agnew at Marygrove College, Sandra Church at University of Detroit-Mercy, and Dawne Adam, University of Michigan Law Library.

  • An updated list of depository librarians, complete with email addresses, was included in the handouts distributed by Ms. Sanders (Appendix A of the State Plan).

  • Ms. Kaczmarek brought one preliminary draft of the biennial survey, which will be placed online.

  • Darlene Pierce reported errors in the Michigan Statistical Abstract reports. When Ms. Pierce contacted the source, the Michigan Information Center (MIC), Trina Williams confirmed that commas were used in place of periods, and that MIC would provide corrected copies upon request.

  • Anne Birkam will send out a notice on listserv regarding the grand opening of their new Hoyt Library building.

    Electronic Discard Lists: Charley Pelkey of the Library of Michigan described a new software package which she is presently working with, under which the Library of Michigan can post its missing list of documents and compare them to the discard lists submitted from the selectives. Instead of comparing individual lists from the selectives, one comprehensive list would be compiled and compared to the missing list electronically. The list could also be posted on the National Needs and Offers, after Michigan libraries have had first choice. This may also allay the problem caused by mislaid lists not received by the regionals.

    Ms. Pelkey said a decision would need to be reached about the maximum number of records a selective could submit under this system, replacing the old maximum of 10 pages. Council members agreed that the present schedule of a specific cycle of weeding should be maintained and that Ms. Pelkey should work with some volunteer libraries on an experimental basis. If the system works as expected, the Council saw no problem in requiring all depositories to use it, providing there were no technical limitations. Ms. Pierce and Ms. Schneider indicated their libraries would be willing to participate in the pilot.

    State Plan: The proposed State Plan revisions were discussed by section, led by the council member assigned to the section (see Ms. Sanders said a revised text would be prepared of the whole Plan and distributed to the Council for further review. It is projected to be ready to finalize by January 1998.

    Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Council will be held Friday, January 23, 1998 at 9:30 a.m. at the Library of Michigan. Ms. Sanders will contact Kalamazoo Public Library and Calvin College, Grand Rapids, regarding possible sites for upcoming regional meetings.

    Note: Minuted Accepted with Amendments by Council at January 23, 1998 Meeting.

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