The Government Documents Round Table of Michigan is a group dedicated to promoting the effective use of publications and other information products issued by all levels of government.

Don't just sit there--get involved today. Whatever you're interested in -- federal, state, local, foreign, or international -- there's a place for you. Volunteer and influence what programs are held. Network. Help spread information about government documents/information products far and wide. Join and help support our programming and information sharing.

The current membership fee is $20. The membership year runs from July 1 to June 30. Make checks payable to GODORT of Michigan and send them to the GODORT Treasurer.

GODORT of Michigan

Membership Registration



Library: ______________________________

Work Address:__________________________


Work Phone: __________________________

Email: __________________________

(Please send a copy of this registration form to the Treasurer with your payment.)
The current Treasurer is:

Name: Michael Samson
Public Service Librarian
Arthur Neef Law Library
Wayne State University
474 Gilmore Mall
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone (W): (313) 577-6184
E-Mail Address: ad4092@wayne.edu
Term expires Spring 2015

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