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REVISED: June 16 2015
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This guide/directory is revised regularly. It encompasses Internet sites, discussion lists and any other e-resources of relevance to Africa/African studies. It is widely linked to by scholars. Internet addresses change frequently. If an address is obsolete please try a search engine. Thanks to Ibra Sene and numerous correspondents for additional links. [History: the original print edition (AFSAAP Review June 1995) was first posted electronically on H-Africa in August 1995.] © all rights reserved, Peter Limb 1995, 2002-2015


Part A1  A – Africabib


A12n-collaboration "African languages & ICT technical working group hosted by Bisharat.. a temporary working group established 21 March 2002 and intended to: 1) facilitate communication among individuals working on codepages for scripts for African languages; 2) facilitate communication among individuals working on input methods for African languages; 3) promote collaboration on other projects on technical aspects of facilitating use of extended Latin-based character sets and non-Western scripts on computers and the internet"

A12n-entraide "un forum pour échanger de l'information sur, et l'expérience avec, l'utilisation des langues africaines sur les ordinateurs et l'Internet"

A12n-forum "This group is about helping people with "Africanisation" of computers and the Internet, particularly with African languages. It's called A12n-forum because A and n are the first and last letters of "Africanisation" and there are 12 letters in between ... the A12n-forum is a place for exchanging information on and experience with using African languages on computers & the internet. It is a forum for computer users and webmasters of all levels in Africa and interested in Africa to ask questions, share ideas & practical information, and disseminate news about multilingual African uses of information & communication technology."

"A12N gateway" / "Portail A12N" "African language encoding, fonts, keyboards: discussion fora and reference & demo pages=Encodage, polices, et claviers pour langues africaines: groupes de discussion et pages de référence et de demonstration." Includes many links to "Base extended-Latin characters by country (you will need Unicode fonts to display properly)" as well as useful resources on fonts & keyboards for African languages.

Ababda Bedouins of the Eastern Desert Photographs and accompanying texts of the Ababda people of the Eastern Desert between the Red Sea and the Nile Valley

ABBOL=Aequatoria Book Bank On-line
.  "a project revolving around an electronic library from which africanist students and scholars in sub-Saharan Africa can retrieve scientific publications free of charge"

Abdurahman, Abdullah, 1872-1940 (South African political leader). From SA History Online. Includes works; addresses, biography Gallery


Abyssinia Gateway A basic guide.

Acacia Initiative (aims to empower sub-Saharan communities with the ability to apply information and communication technologies to their social and economic development).

Acces Cinema Africain = African Film Access : a Resource For Recent African And Creole Films And Video

ACCORD “The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) is an international civil-society organisation working throughout Africa to bring appropriate African solutions to thechallenges posed by conflict: online journal: CONFLICT TRENDS African Journal in Conflict Resolution

Action Health Incorporated Nigerian non-governmental organisation on health of adolescents. Includes summaries and some full text publications.

Adam, Heribert, Kogila Moodley.The Opening of the Apartheid Mind: Options for the New South Africa. 1993. [Full-Text ]

Addis Ababa University

Addis Tribune [online newspaper]  

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Aesthetics, African

'African Verbal Arts and the Study of African Visual Aesthetics' by Wilfried van Damm [full-text] Research in African Literatures Vol 31 no.4 2000  


Aethiopica. International Journal of Ethiopian

AFRI-PHIL "For the discussion of topics related to the philosophy of African society and history


Africabib http://WWW.AfricaBib.Org/ contains Africana Periodical Literature Bibliographic Database (indexes over 26,000 articles from 200+  periodicals that specialize in African Studies or consistently cover the African continent), and the Africana Women's Database

Africa Book Centre, (London).



Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC)

Africa Confidential a fortnightly bulletin on Africa. Subscription only. or

Africa Development = Afrique et Développement " the quarterly bilingual journal of CODESRIA published since 1976. It is a social science journal whose major focus is on issues which are central to the development of society. Its principal objective is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among African scholars from a variety of intellectual persuasions and various disciplines. The journal also encourages other contributors working on Africa or those undertaking comparative analysis of developing world issues" Full-text PDF for 2000-2, tables of contents of earlier issues.

Africa--Discussion Groups/Mailing Lists
  (see also under individual countries and "discussion lists")



Exploring Africa! A very useful guide to teaching about Africa with curriculum resources "The Exploring Africa! curriculum is divided into Units, Modules, and Learning Activities. Each unit covers a major topic or theme in the study of Africa. Each unit is divided into thematic, disciplinary, regional, or country modules. Each module is comprised of four to eight learning activities. The learning activities in each module vary in length of time needed for completion. Consequently, each module will take between two and five standard 50-minute class periods to complete. "


Africa--Education, Higher

Resources on South African Higher Education "'one-stop tertiary education access' with links to most South African higher education institutions, numerous research and policy documents on educational transformation, and links and relevant documents (including those from the international conference on "Academic Partnerships with South Africans forMutual Capacity Building.""


AFRICA-EIS   [listserv] "e-mail service provided by Program on Environment Information Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa, hosted at Environmentally Sustainable Development Division of Africa Technical Department of the World Bank in collaboration with UNDP, OSS/UNITAR, USAID/WRI-NRICG."


AfricaFiles is a "network of volunteers committed to promoting human rights and economic justice in Africa and to relaying African perspectives and alternative analyses for viable human development." Includes: Africa InfoServ , "a free e-mail information service. It features up-to-date reports on African events, issues and people, drawn from a variety of sources."


Africa Focus: Sights and Sounds of a Continent  '...contains digitized visual images and sounds of Africa contributed over the years to the African Studies Program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison... digital representations of more than 3000 slides, 500 photographs, and 50 hours of sound from forty-five different countries'

Africa--Foreign Relations--United States

Foreign relations of the United States, 1964-68 volume 24, Africa. editors, Nina Davis Howland, David S. Patterson.Washington: Office of the Historian, U.S. Dept. of State, 1999. Full text

Africa Fund (New York)  "works for a positive U.S. policy towards Africa and supports human rights, democracy and development."


Africa--Guides (selected)  see also under INTERNET and CONNECTIVITY

Africa South of the Sahara: Selected Internet Resources (by Karen Fung, Stanford University). One of the very best and most comprehensive siteshttp://www-l

Africa Web Links: an Annotated Resource List - a top site for links

African Studies Internet Resources (Joe Caruso, Columbia University) Another exceptionally useful and well maintained site


Africa--History (see under "History", and under [Country]--History"

Africa InfoServ "a free e-mail information service. It features up-to-date reports on African events, issues and people, drawn from a variety of sources."


Africa is a Country (African politics and contemporary culture blog)

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Africa Journals Online tables of contents and other data of many African scholarly journals.

Africanet (Travel Index)

"Africa on the Internet Starting Points for Policy Information"  Background Paper, Africa Policy Information Center, Published July, 1996

Africa Peace and Conflict Network. "APCN is a non-exclusive association of scholars, professionals, and activists dedicated to constructive change and peace-building in the African World. Selected examples of APCN activities include producing public educational events, sponsoring research, facilitating knowledge sharing and dissemination, skills training, and mentorship of aspiring and practicing peacebuilders." Includes print and multimedia publications,


Africa--Politics--see under 'Politics" and under individual countries

The African Publishing Companion [password required]a comprehensive documentation and information resource on African publishing and book development….also includes an extensive bibliographic guide to current literature about African publishing and book development - in print format and available online - arranged by topics, and most with abstracts.”

Africa Recovery (United Nations journal) (United Nations journal) (United Nations journal) (United Nations journal)

Africa Regional Sexuality Resource Center established in 2003, focuses on Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Includes Discussion Forum, Sexuality in Africa Magazine, and Resource Library

Africa Reparations Movement (UK)


Africa Research Central Gateway to archives, libraries, and museums with important collections of African primary sources. The focus is on repositories in Africa, but there are also links to the web sites of institutions in both Europe and North America.

Africa Research Bulletin: Economic, Financial and Technical Series Edited by: Pita Adams. Subscription only.
Africa Research Bulletin: Political, Social and Cultural Series Edited by: Pita Adams. Subscription only.




Africa Review of Books (Council for Development of Social Science Research in Africa (Codesria): 2005- ). Will be published twice yearly in English and in French.

NOTE also the unrelated: African Review of Books (UK and South Africa) Features reviews, news. Updated at least twice a month and contributions from academic as well as non-academic contributors.

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*Africa South of the Sahara: Selected Internet Resources* by Karen Fung. One of the very best sites for links

Africa Technology Forum (ATF) magazine on science and technology in Africa

Africa Today (Indiana University Press Journal)

Africa Upbeat - 'News, music, sport, tourism, environment, women's issues - Italian gateway to Africa'

Africa Update   -- quarterly newsletter of the Central Connecticut State University African Studies Program

Africa Web Links: an Annotated Resource List - one of the best sites for links

Africabib (contains Africana Periodical Literature Bibliographic Database (indexes 26,000+ articles from 200+ periodicals in African Studies or covering the African continent), and the Africana Women's Database http://WWW.AfricaBib.Org/

AfricaFiles is a "network of volunteers committed to promoting human rights and economic justice in Africa and to relaying African perspectives and alternative analyses for viable human development." Includes:


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Acknowledgements: I would like to thank Mark Huppert of Australian National University and Professor Kenneth Wilburn of East Carolina University for their indefatigable help with technical matters, fellow Africana web-bibliographers Karen Fung of Stanford University and Joseph Caruso of Columbia University, and the numerous people who, over the years, have suggested links and changes.

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