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Dagaare (African People)--Bibliography

The Dagara and their Neighbors (Burkina Faso and Ghana) Richard Kuba Carola Lentz University of Frankfurt am Main, inELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF AFRICANA BIBLIOGRAPHY. Vol. 7 (2001)

Dagaare language (Ghana and Burkina Faso)

Dagaare Linguists' Home Page "an informal grouping of professional academic linguists who have worked on the Dagaare language": Includes: Who is Who in Dagaare Linguistics; Recent Publications in Dagaare Linguistics; An Introduction to the Dagaare Language; A Comprehensive Bibliography of Dagaare Studies; UN Declaration of Human Rights in Dagaare; Journal of Dagaare Studies; Links to Relevant Sites.

Journal of Dagaare Studies "strives to publish high quality peer-reviewed research articles in various areas of the Arts and Sciences that bear on the language, culture and society of the Dagaaba of West Africa."


Daily Graphic (Accra; on-line newspaper)

Dance, African (see also Performance, African)

ABANG DANCE: RADIANCE FROM THE RIVER AND EFIK IDEAL OF FEMININITY by Onyile Bassey Onyile in Ijele: Art eJournal of the African World (2000)

African Performance Clearinghouse, University of Wisconsin-Madison includes: 

COMPANHIA NACIONAL DE CANTO E DANÇA =National Song & Dance Company of Mozambique

Les Guirettes

Sing Sing Rhythms of Senegal

The Wofa Group, Guinea

'Dance in Sub-Saharan Africa'an overview of traditional and contemporary dance in sub-Saharan Africa  By:Marian Aguiar

GÈLÈDÉ: METAPHYSICS AND GENDER IN AN AFRICAN RITUAL PLAY by Dele Layiwola  in Ijele: Art eJournal of the African World(2000)

Dandemutande, a resource for Zimbabwean music & culture

Dandemutande Email List . Join by sending "subscribe" to
 Darfur (Sudan)


Crisis in Sudan (Oxfam). Includes action to take, program update, case studies

Darfur Information Center aims to "Provide balanced views and news about the current events in Darfur. - Provide general information about Darfur history, culture, geography, for Sudanese and non-Sudanese. - Serve as an advocacy organization that promotes peaceful co-existences between various ethnic groups of Darfur. - Expose the atrocities and human rights abuses committed by the Sudanese government, and various militia groups. - Provide political solutions for the current political turmoil in Darfur within a unified Sudan" by Ali B. Ali-Dinar, Ph.D.

Darfur Relief and Development Association, UK.

Dossier: ASC Web Dossier on Conflict in Sudan: the case of Darfur The Library, Documentation & Information Department of the African Studies Centre Leiden has compiled a web dossier on conflict in Sudan, and especially Darfur, to coincide with a workshop held at the ASC on 10 September 2004. ... The dossier aims to give background information on the Darfur crisis within the context of the wider conflict in Sudan. It contains a selection of titles from the ASC library's online catalogue on Darfur, the conflict in Sudan, and media coverage of conflicts in Africa in general, covering monographs as well as articles and chapters from edited works. The dossier further contains an introduction on the Darfur crisis and links to selected web resources.


Reports: Peoples Darfur Drafted for Minority Rights Group 1995

Special Report Sudan (Guardian Unlimited) news.

Sudan Information Gateway: United Nations System in the Sudan, Darfur Region Crisis. Includes UN situation reports, weekly roundups, assessment reports, , maps.


Conclusions and recommendations of the Pan-African Conference on the African 
Debt Crisis Libreville, Gabon, 12-14 April 1999


The Southern African Development, Culture, and Communication Network's electronic discussion network, DECCO-N. To subscribe and receive the SADECCON Newsletter, send mail to: with the following: SUBSCRIBE DECCO-N      DECCO Web site:


Jane's Defence

Dehai, Eritrea Online


Dehai see also Eritrea 


[articles in Journal of Democracy]

Democracy in Africa--Recent Analyses: A Bibliography with Annotations, 1996


Institute for Democracy in South Africa



Africa policy files on Democracy & Human Rights

"Communication and Democratization in Africa." University of Florida's Center for African Studies' 1997 Carter Lectures

Democratization--Africa--Discussion groups

Research and Discussion Group of Democracy and  Development in Africa and the Third World.  Alphonse Cilumba

Democratization in Africa south of the Sahara: bibliography: 



Demographic Effects of Economic Reversals in Sub-Saharan Africa (NATIONAL ACADEMY PRESS, Washington, D.C. 1993) [full-text]


Demography--South Africa--Periodicals


The Southern African Journal of Demography. selected full-text articles, 1987-2004"currently located at the Centre for Actuarial Research, and edited by Prof Rob Dorrington and Dr Tom A Moultrie." (2005)


Denmark--Foreign relations--Africa

DANIDA, Danish International Development Assistance

Denmark. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Denmark--Relations--South Africa

Links om Sydafrika

Sydafrika Kontakt

Southafrica Programme South Africa: History – democracy - teaching


Development, Industrial--Africa

Desta Mebratu  'Strategy Framework for sustainable industrial development in sub-Saharan Africa'  PHD Lund University, 2000 236 p. (Available in PDF-format)

Development studies sites include 

Community Agency for Social Enquiry (CASE) is a South African research NGO specialising in socio-economic and policy research from a
development-oriented perspective.

Devline ( Institute of Development Studies/British Library for Development Studies, Sussex UK)

DPRU : Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU) University of Cape Town

ELDIS. Electronic Development and Environment Information System
includes  inter-disciplinary web page of new materials: e.g Materials on South Africa added to British Library for Development Studies

ENDA Maghreb est l'antenne décentralisée au Maroc de l'Organisation Non Gouvernementale Internationale du Sud, ENDA Tiers Monde, dont le siège est à Dakar (Sénégal).

Information for Development in the 21st Century.  digests of the latest social and economic research studies across 30 key topic fields.

email newsletter called ID21NEWS

PRODDER (Programme for Development Research), a development information medium which collects and disseminates information on Southern African development issues. E-mail:

Southern African Development, Culture, and Communication Network (SADECCON) is is a consortium, co-ordinated by the Human Sciences Research Council. It has its own discussion network, DECCO-N. To subscribe send mail to: with the following: SUBSCRIBE DECCO-N.

see also Acacia Initiative

Diamonds--Sierra Leone

Diamonds and Human Security Publications (Partnership Africa Canada,)


The Heart of the Matter– Sierra Leone, Diamonds and Human Security by Ian Smillie, Lansana Gberie and Ralph Hazleton (Partnership Africa Canada, Jan. 2000)

Diaspora, African

African Americans And National Identities In Central America "An interdisciplinary, multinational research program to reconceptualize and document, both visually and textually, the history of people of African descent in Central America."

African Canadian On-Line "The Centre for the Study of Black Cultures in Canada provides information on African Canadian artists and their work and links to other Canadian resources".

The African Diaspora Forum is "a discussion forum on topics and themes relating to the history of the African diaspora. The Forum is managed by graduate students who are associated with the Harriet Tubman Resource Centre on the African Diaspora at York University. Discussion Topics Discussion Topics are determined by graduate .... Archives contains excerpts, as determined by the Steering Committee".

African Diaspora-Latin American Resources "The Latin American Network Information Center's mission is to facilitate access to Internet-based information to, from, or on Latin America. Our target audience includes people living in Latin America, as well as those around the world who have an interest in this region".

The Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora (ASWAD)

"information about the African Diaspora … from an historical perspective.

Globalisation and the black diaspora by Ronald Segal (Transnational Communities Working Paper Series)

Law, Robin and Lovejoy, Paul, "The changing dimensions of African history: reappropriating the diaspora," In Rethinking African History, ed. Simon McGrath, Charles Jedrej, Kenneth King & Jack Thompson (Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh, 1997), 181-200

[Links] African diaspora


African Digital Library - West African Resources Multi-media digital library of West African sources in multiple languages. Michigan State University (MSU), including H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences OnLine, the African Studies Center, and the MSU Library, and in Dakar, Senegal, the Institut Fondemental d'Afrique Noire (IFAN) and the West African Research Center (WARC).

Dictionaries see also under LANGUAGES

Dictionaries, Afrikaans

Afrikaans-English dictionaries

English to Afrikaans Dictionary

English-Afrikaans On-line Dictionary

Word list

Dictionaries, Algerian Darya

Algerian Darya-English Dictionary

Dictionaries, Amharic

English-Amharic Glossary

Dictionaries, Arabic

Sakhr Arabic-English Dictionary 
Sakhr Arabic-English-Arabic Dictionary 
Islamic Dictionary 
Sakhr Arabic Dictionaries 
Arabic grammars and fonts

Dictionaries,  Bamwe

Bamwe-English Dictionary (Samarin 1994) Click on "Dictionaries" (Downloadable Files)

Dictionaries,  Bantu languages

Comparative Bantu On-Line Dictionary (60+ Bantu Languages—CBOLD Project) Click on "Dictionaries" (Downloadable Files).

Dictionaries,  Basaa

Basaa-English Dictionary (Dautrey 1994) Click on Dictionaries" (Downloadable Files)

Basa-English Dictionary

Dictionaries,  Bemba

Bemba-English Dictionary (Mann 1995) Click on "Dictionaries" (Downloadable Files).

Dictionaries, Berber

Lexique Tamazight-Français,Français-Tamazight

Dictionaries,  Bobangi

Bobangi-English Dictionary Click on "Dictionaries" (Downloadable Files).

Dictionaries, Bukusu 

Bukusu-English Dictionary Click on "Dictionaries" (Downloadable Files).

Bukusu Word List (KWL,1998) Click on "Dictionaries" (Downloadable Files).

Dictionaries, Chewa

Chewa Dictionary (Scott and Hetherwick, 1957)

Dictionaries, Eggon

Eggon-English Dictionary

Dictionaries, Egyptian

Coptic Soundex Files 
Beinlich Egyptian-German Dictionary 
Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary 
Egyptian Soundex Files
Egyptian grammars and fonts

Dictionaries, Emakhua

Emakhua Word List (Kisseberth, 1996)

Dictionaries, Fang

Fang-English Dictionary

Dictionaries, Ganada

Ganda Dictionary (Snoxall, 1967; filemaker or text download)

Dictionaries, Gbari 

Gbari-English Dictionary

Dictionaries, Ibo

Igbo Wordlist

Dictionaries, Kalanga

Kalanga Word List (Mathangwane, 1995)

Dictionaries, Katcha

Katcha-English Dictionary unpublished text of dictionary of Katcha, spoken in Nuba hills of the Sudan

Dictionaries, Kerewe 

Kerewe Word List (Odden and Hubbard, 1994)

Dictionaries, Kiga

Kiga Dictionary (Taylor, 1959)

Dictionaries, Kongo

Kongo-English Dictionary (Swart 1973)

Dictionaries, Kordofanian Languages 

Katcha-English Dictionary unpublished text of dictionary of Katcha, spoken in Nuba hills of the Sudan

Dictionaries, Lingala

Lingala-English Dictionary (Dzokange1979)

Dictionaries, Lozi

Lozi Dictionary (Jalla, 1982)

Dictionaries, Mambwe

Mambwe-English Dictionary Database

Dschang Hyperlex Mawu Lexicon

Dictionaries, Mande/Mandinka

Mandinka-English Dictionary and Grammar Manual (by Ebrima Colley, Peace Corps, 1995)

Dictionaries, Masaba

Masaba-English Dictionary (Serts 1981; MS Word or text download)

Dictionaries, Mpongwe

Mpongwe Word List (Mouguiama, 1994)

Dictionaries,  Nande

Nande Word List (Kavutirwaki, 1978)

Dictionaries, Ndebele

Ndebele Dictionary (Pelling, 1971) h


Dictionaries-- Nigeria

The text of a dictionary of the Basa language 
A draft dictionary of the Gbari language 
A dictionary of the Bura language
A dictionary of the Eggon language

Dictionaries, Nyamwezi 

Nyamwezi Word List (Maganga & Schadeberg, 1992)

Dictionaries, Pende

Pende Dictionary (Gusimana, 1972)

Dictionaries, Shi

Shi Dictionary (Polak-Bynon 1978)

Dictionaries, Shona

Shona-English Dictionary (Hannan 1959; download MS Word or text) h

Dictionaries, Somali

Somali-English-Italian Online Dictionary

Somali spell checker.


Katcha-English Dictionary (Word) unpublished text of dictionary of Katcha, spoken in Nuba hills

Dictionaries, Swahili

Russian-Swahili & Swahili-Russian Dictionaries
Swahili-English& English-Swahili Vocabularies

Swahili-English-Swahili Java Dictionary

Swahili Living Dictionary (KAMUSI Project)

Dictionaries, Tamazight

Le lexique Tamazight-Français, Français-Tamazight

Dictionaries, Tarok

Tarok-English Dictionary

Dictionaries, Venda

Venda Word List (Murphy, 1997)

Dictionaries, Wolof

French-Wolof-French Dictionary

Peace Corps Wolof-English Dictionary and Grammar Manual

Dictionaries, Xhosa

English-to-Xhosa Translator)


Dictionaries, Yaka

Yaka Dictionary (Rut, 1969)


Dictionaries, Yao

Yao Dictionary (Sanderson's 1954)

Dictionaries, Yemba

Yemba (Cameroon)

Yemba (Dschang) Hyper-Lex Dictionary

Petit Dictionnaire Yémba-Français


Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the web-Africana


Digital Libraries--Africa 

African Digital Library -- West African resources Collaborative International Project of
Michigan State University-Institut Fondamental d'Afrique Noire-West African Research Center,


African Digital Library (Association of African Universities, Technikon SA and netLibrary)


Diop, Cheikh Anta (historian of Senegal) 

The Pharoan of Knowledge

Cheikh Anta Diop: savant et humaniste

DISA, the National Digital Imaging Project of South Africa:


Discussion Lists--Africa (see also under names of individual lists) 

[list of] Discussion Lists (Stanford University Libraries)

AAM (African Assoc iation of Madison)


AFRGRAD (H-NET List for Midwestern Grad Students in African Studies) AFRGRAD-L@H-NET.MSU.EDU

AFHSA-L@LISTSERV.TEMPLE.EDU African Heritage Studies Association

African Affairs (journal of Royal African Society) 

AFRICA@LISTSERV.CC.KULEUVEN.AC.BE IAAS mailing list for the African member countries (Belgium)

AFRICA@LISTSERV.TAMU.EDU  African Students Association



AFRICA-L@LISTSERV.VT.EDU Pan-Africa Discussion List 

Africa Matters (forum on United States-Africa relations)

africa_net (Liste de discussion sur l'internet en Afrique)

Africa Online Discussion Forums

Africa_think_tank  (discussion list on " political, social and economic issues")

AFRICA-TODAY@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU AFRICA-TODAY: Discussion of the Africa Crisis (DR of Congo)

africa_web_content_owner (forum on how to produce web content that can impact on development in developing countries, particularly in Africa)

African Diaspora Opportunities & Issues list

African scholars "scholarship and scholarly publishing in Africa"



AFRICANBANKING@CDINET.COM Promoting Commercial Banking in Africa Mailing List 

AFRICNET@LISTSERV.TEMPLE.EDU Organization of African Students 

AFRICPOP@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU Social demography of Africans: research and activism 

AFRIK-IT@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE African Network of IT Experts and Professionals 

AFRIMUSE@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU Music & Performing Arts of Sub-Saharan Africa 

AFRINET@LISTSERV.ALBANY.EDUAFRINET: African Trans-National Communications 

Afri-Phil (Philosophy of African Society)

Afrique (in French) archive:


AFWOSCHO@LISTSERV.IUPUI.EDU Association of African Women Scholars 


AICP@H-NET.MSU.EDU H-Net List for the African Internet Connectivity Project 

anarchy_africa ("A list for news and views from and about the African anarchist movement")

ASAEXEC@CRCVMS.UNL.EDU Africa Student Association 

ASAMEMB@CRCVMS.UNL.EDU Africa Student Association 

ASDP-L@MITVMA.MIT.EDU African State and Democracy Project 

ASO-L@LISTSERV.BINGHAMTON.EDU African Students Organization 

ASQ-L@LISTS.UFL.EDU African Studies Quarterly Discussion and File Archives List 

ASULIST@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU African Students Union ListServe, Syracuse University, NY. 

AWA@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU AWA (African Women's Association)

BRC-NEWS, Black Radical Congress News


CAFRICANMUSIC-L@LISTSERV.UCLA.EDU Central African Music (Lusophone Africa) superseded by H-Luso-Africa

DIASPORA@YORKU.CA African Diaspora/Slavery Research E-Mail List 

EAGER-AFRICA-L@PEACH.EASE.LSOFT.COM Discussion of growth & development in Africa 

EJAS-L@LISTSERV.KENT.EDU Electronic Journal in Africana Studies 

ELTECS-AME-L@LIST1.BRITISHCOUNCIL.ORG ELTeCS list for Africa & the Middle East 

FARMERINNOVATOR@NIC.SURFNET.NL discussion group concerning Farmers Innovators in Land Husbandry in Africa 

Francopholistes - Afrique

GLAS = Gays & Lesbians in African Studies

H-AFRARTS@H-NET.MSU.EDUH-NET List for African Expressive Culture 

H-AFRESEARCH@H-NET.MSU.EDU H-Net Discussion List on Research in African Primary Sources 

H-AFRICA@H-NET.MSU.EDU H-NET List for African History and Culture 

H-AFRLITCINE@H-NET.MSU.EDU H-NET List for African Literature and Cinema 

H-AFRTEACH@H-NET.MSU.EDU H-NET List for African Studies Outreach and Teaching about Africa 

H-LUSO-AFRICA "official discussion list initiated by the Lusophone African Studies Organization (LASO). LASO is an independent professional society established in the United States that is open to all scholars with an interest in Lusophone Africa"

"all aspects of South and Southern Africa history and culture, and Southern African studies in general."


IAUP-AFRICA@NIC.SURFNET.NL Mailing list for project group of the IAUP Africa Internet Project 

JAFECO-L@WEBBER.OUP.CO.UK Oxford Journals: Journal of African Economies 

JAFLAW-L@WEBBER.OUP.CO.UK Oxford Journals: Journal of African Law

JSAS-open discussion list for readers of the Journal of Southern African Studies

KASA@LISTSERV.KENT.EDU Discussion list for Kent African Students Organization

LPCA-L@NIC.SURFNET.NL Language and Popular Culture in Africa discussion list

MENA-H@LISTSERV.LOUISVILLE.EDU   History of the Mideast and North Africa 


NETWORK-A@NIC.SURFNET.NL African Discussion List 

Nuafrica (African studies discussion list) Once a vibrant discusison list on African Studies, it still functions but only very occasionally.

OAS@HERMES.CIRC.GWU.EDU Organization of African Students 


SAIMMIG@WWWSERVER.LAW.WITS.AC.ZA South African Immigration Law   

SA_TALK@LISTSERV.TEMPLE.EDU South African social and political issues forum   

SCANOTIFY@WWWSERVER.LAW.WITS.AC.ZA New judgment notification, South African Supreme Court of Appeal 

TIRRA-L@LISTSERV.BINGHAMTON.EDU North African Literature and Translation  

UNLASA2@CRCVMS.UNL.EDU African student Association e-mail list 

UNT-PASA@UNT.EDU Pan African Student's Association 


Angola, Botswana, Burundi, D.R. Congo (ex Zaire), Malawi,
Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.
A bibliography, with introduction and some historical items. M. MILES (Compiler) [an extensive listing]


Dissertations/Theses (African)


[extensive list]

[BOTSWANA] University of Botswana. Department of History  "Subject index and checklist of history and archaeology dissertations and research essays submitted at the University of Botswana, 1976-1998"

Canadian Master's Theses and Doctoral Dissertations on Africa, 1905 - 1993  Compiled by / Compilé par: José C. Curto & Raymond R. Gervais  

Centre d'étude d'afrique noire, Institut d'études politiques de Bordeaux  Soutenance de thèse Liste des thèses soutenues depuis1987 (search under "Doctorants")

Clio en Afrique  (theses on African from French universities)  


DATAD Association of African Universities Database of African Theses and Dissertations. Largely a database, by subscription.

'Database of African Theses and Dissertations: Report of a Feasibility Study ' (Feb. 1999) by Lisbeth Levey (The Project for Information Access and Connectivity)

H-Africa has some abstracts

[KENYA]  Kenyan Resources Database

[NAMIBIA] National Archives of Namibia - NATHES  (database holding theses on Namibia or submitted by Namibians."
Central Register of Theses on Namibia (1999)

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)

Presses Universitaires du Septentrion ( theses on Africa from French universites)

Rhodes University Library (some theses FULL-TEXT  for Rhodes University clients.

[SENEGAL] L'Universite Cheikh Anta Diop Theses:

NISC's Biblioline - Index to South African Theses and Dissertations

UMI Online Dissertation Services

Universite Paris VII - Laboratoire Societes en Developpement dans l'Espace et dans le Temps (SEDET) ( list of theses)  

University of Florida Africa-Related Dissertations and Theses

University of Leiden

Lund University Dissertation Abstracts

University of Mumbai. Centre for African Studies.  Dissertations

University of Natal. Graduate Program in Cultural & Media Studies (Durban) 
full text of some masters and honours theses

University of the Witwatersrand (list of theses)

University of Oslo Theses

University of Pretoria (UpeTD) open access e-theses. [FULL-TEXT]
University of the Witwatersrand ETD [FULL-TEXT]

Yale University. African Collection



Anthropology: UK Social Anthropology Thesis data


HISTORICAL RESEARCH FOR HIGHER DEGREES IN THE UK. History Theses in Progress or completed at U.K. universities. (includes sections on Africa)


Distance Education in Africa


District Six Museum
This site commemorates the area and honours the people who fought against the forced removals and Group Areas Act in Cape Town's District Six.



Djibouti country profile


Arab-Net includes very brief notes on 


Arrival of the French

Rise of nationalism

First elections


[brief chronology]


Djibouti. Statisitics, brief history, etc. [from Online]

République de Djibouti, Histoire  


Waberi, Abdourahman A.[African writer from Djibouti), Site focuses on his literary work. Includes: Biographie; Bibliographie; Actualités; Textes; Djibouti; Iconographie; Liens; Poésie; Traductions; CV; Revue de presse. Translations into English, Somali, Spanish, German.

Djibouti--Human Rights

[U.S. State Department] 1998 Human Rights Report - Djibouti





Africa News Online


Djibouti Net


Djibouti Pages



Djibouti. [Statisitics, brief history, etc.] [from Online]

Dogon (African people)--Mali


Dogon--Metallurgy, with a  film called "Inagina, the last house of iron"


"A Note on Shaykh Husayn of Bale and Dreams" by Tim Carmichael,
Michigan State University in The Sidama Concern Volume 5, Number 1,
March 2000

L'interprétation des rêves dans la région sénégambienne (Prix Noma 1999).  Un entretien avec Djibril Samb, proposé par Jean-Marie Volet




Drought Monitoring Centre for Greater Horn of Africa

'Rainfall and drought in equatorial east Africa during the past 1,100 years'
(in Nature, 6768, v.403, pp 410-14, Jan 27, 2000) by Dirk Verschuren,
Kathleen Laird and Brian Cumming


Drum Online A South African journal


Drums and drumming--Africa 

Ghanadrum (includes 'Glimpses of Ga Music/Dance ' by Barbara L. Hampton (1998)


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