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Habari -- a news service on African affairs


H-AfrArts is an on-line discussion forum, web site, and electronic service for scholars, students, teachers, artists, librarians, and others interested in the serious study of African expressive culture.


H-Africa is an international academic discussion group on African humanities and social sciences. Subscribers may submit questions, comments, reports and replies. H-AFRICA publishes research reports and inquiries, syllabi and course materials, bibliographies, listings of new sources, library and archive information, and non-commercial announcements of books and other resources in the field.

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H-Africa's Table of Contents Service-contents of African studies journals

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H-AfrLitCine is the H-Net discussion list dealing with African Literature and Cinema and is affiliated with the African Literature Association. Discusses all aspects of African literatures and cinema.

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H-AfResearch encourages discussion of issues surrounding the use of primary sources in African humanities and social  sciences research


H-AfrPol is an on-line discussion forum, web site, and electronic service for scholars, students,  teachers, diplomats, members of the international humanitarian community, and others interested in the serious study of current African politics. encourages scholarly discussion of African political  history


H-Afrteach encourages a wide consideration of the possibilities and problems involved in teaching about Africa in many educational settings. 


Hanno of Carhage

Hanno of Cathage. Texts and commentaries. article by Jona Lendering

Hanno's Periplus on the Web
Includes Translations and articles, both popular and academic, discussions, links.

The Voyage of Hanno. Tecxt from the THE MAPPING OF THE EARTH site

H-LUSO-AFRICA "is a official discussion list initiated by the Lusophone African Studies Organization (LASO). LASO is an independent professional society established in the United States that is open to all scholars with an interest in Lusophone Africa."



H-SAfrica is an international electronic discussion group dedicated to the promotion of all aspects of South(ern) African history and humanities.

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H-West-Africa is dedicated to enhancing research, service, and teaching in the field on the region of West Africa: its history, culture, science and development. 


Hans Zell Publishing Consultants " Consultancy services to publishers and academic institutions…and the book community in Africa and in other developing countries."

see also: Electronic African Bookworm: A Web Navigator
(NOTE: Bookworm not updated after January 2002)

The Harriet Tubman Resource Centre on the African Diaspora "a digitalized research facility that focuses on the history of the African diaspora and the movement of Africans to various parts of the world, particularly the Americas and the Islamic lands of North Africa and the Middle East." Based in the Department of History, York University, Canada. Includes a digital library and repository. Includes:

SHADD Studies in the History of the African Diaspora – Documents
Editors: Thabit Abdullah, José C. Curto, Paul E. Lovejoy, Renée Soulodre-La France, David Trotman "a publication of the York/UNESCO Nigerian Hinterland Project, Department of History, York University.


1 `Abd al-Rahman al-Baghdadi, Tasliyat al-gharib (The Foreigner’s Amusement by Wonderful Things) (1865), translated by Yacine Daddi Addoun, with Renée Soulodre-La France (View document )

2 Documents of the French Slave Trade on West Africa, including “Mémoire sur les negres esclaves” [1716]; “Mémoire du commerce du Calbar” [1762] (ADLA C 736, Chambre du Commerce de Nantes) (View document ); “Extrait de mémoire donné par Mr. Lepinay en septembre 1762” (ADLA C 738 folio 76); Archives Nationales, Nantes; transcription by Renée Soulodre-La France.

3 Muhammad Kaba Saghanughu, Kitab al-Sarat, Arabic text from Jamaica wrongly attributed to be fragments of the Qur'an, c. 1824; Baptist Missionary Society, Oxford (View manuscript )

4 The Slave Laws of Colonial Nigeria:
1. The Native House Rule Ordinance of Southern Nigeria (1901);
2. Paul Lovejoy and Jan Hogendorn,
"The Slavery Question in Colonial Northern Nigeria, 1900-1906";
3. Frederick Lugard, Memorandum No. 6 (1905, revised 1906);
4. Frederick Lugard, Memorandum No. 22 (1906).

5 al-Timbuktawi ms, in Arabic, from Tunis, c. 1813, translated by Ismael Musah Montana

6 Timbuktu slavery documents, 19th century (Hunwick Collection), translated by Yacine Daddi Addoun

7 Documents on Slavery and the Slave Trade, Nigerian National Archives, Enugu; inventory by Paul Lovejoy and Carolyn Brown*

8 Texts of Ocha , 61 volumes; introduction by Henry Lovejoy Ifa and Santeria, Regla, Cuba

9 Slavery in Nueva Granada; selection of archival documents on slavery, Archivo de la Nación, Colombia, Sección Colonia, Negros y Esclavos; inventory of materials by Renée Soulodre-La France*

10 Mahi-Mina texts from 18th century Rio de Janeiro; Biblioteca Nacional, Rio de Janeiro; introduced by Mariza de Carvalho Soares* (View document )

11 Robin Law (ed.), Documents on the History of the Oyo Empire; texts relevant to the history of Oyo, drawing on published documents and translations of non-English texts (previously published, Department of History, University of Ibadan)

[12-19 not yet accessible]
12 Hugh Clapperton, Second Expedition into the Interior of Africa (1826-27), unpublished text and remark books, transcribed, edited, and annotated by James Bruce Lockhart, Paul Lovejoy, Femi Kolapo, Olatunji Ojo, and Ibrahim Hamza

13 William Balfour Baikie, Reports on the Niger Valley and the Central Sudan (1850s), edited materials from the Public Record Office; inventory and introduction by Femi Kolapo and Paul Lovejoy

14 Rudolph Prietze, Hausa and Kanuri texts from Tripoli, c. 1900, previously published in Mitteilungen des Seminars für Orientalische Sprachen; edited by Paul Lovejoy

15 Reports and Documents on Trinidad Muslims in the 19th Century; records from the Public Record Office; inventory and introduction by David Trotman and Paul Lovejoy

16 Underground Railroad Reports on Canada West (Ontario), documents from the Ontario Provincial Archives; ntroduced by Paul Lovejoy, Owen Thomas, and Karolyn Smardz

17 Malés texts from Bahia, Arabic documents, c. 1835, introduced by Ibrahim Hamza and João Reis

18 Documents from the Archives of A.O.F.; inventory of holdings, K Series, Slavery

19 Slavery Documents, Nigerian National Archives, Kaduna; introduction and inventory by Paul Lovejoy*


Hausa -- culture and language


BBC Hausa language site

Deutsche Welle News Hausa

Hausa at SOAS brief notes on learning Hausa at University of London "is the place for all Hausa and non-Hausa speaking people to come together to learn, teach, and experience the Hausa culture, language, and the people."

K'ofar Hausa Hausa Database.ONLINE-Dictionary Hausa/Boko to English/German.

Alan R. King's Language Files--Hausa. Basic data only.

languagelinks HAUSA a page of links to various Hausa sites


The Malam Haliru Memorial Page ("Muhammad Wurno was a historian who lived in Wurno Nigeria, sometime capital of the Sokoto Caliphate...Haliru's knowledge of the history of the town was a great help to me and to all historians who have investigated the town.




UCLA Hausa Home Page, "information on the Hausa language and links to other sites that have information on the language and on Hausa culture".


Voice of America News--Hausa


Hausa--Discussion lists

H-Hausa website and moderated discussion network, created in 2002 for all things Hausa

Hausa--Language and Literature


Hazardous wastes--Africa--Treaties

The Bamako Conventions - Convention on ban of import into Africa and control of transboundary movement and management of hazardous wastes in Africa adopted 30 Jan 1991


Lesley Sharp, The Possessed and the Dispossessed: Spirits, Identity, and Power in a Madagascar Migrant Town, U. California Press, 1994 full-text version



Africa Regional Sexuality Resource Center established in 2003, focuses on Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Includes Discussion Forum, Sexuality in Africa Magazine, and Resource Library


African Index Medicus (AIM). Bibliographical database (abstracts) from national databases published in African countries on health/WHO
includes links to free full-text electronic journals

African Journal of Neurological Sciences

African Malaria Vaccine Testing Network

Africa's Health:


AfroAIDSinfo HIV/AIDS portal for Southern Africa (South African Medical Research Council). Includes newsletter, and links.

AFRO NETS (African Networks for Health Research & Development)

AfroImplement: Evidence to Action

Blair Research Institute - Zimbabwe

Essential National Health Research (ENHR). African ENHR Network

Health Systems Research for Reproductive Health & Health Care Reforms in the Eastern &  Southern Africa Region

Health Systems Trust - South Africa

HealthNet Africa

Independent Group for Health in Africa (Independent watchdog for health in Africa)

Medical and Acturial Research Foundation - Zimbabwe

Medical Research Council of Zimbabwe

Medical Research Council of South Afric

Network for Equity in Health in Southern Africa (EQUINET) Zimbabwe. Includes full text of publications.


Resources on African Health & Diseases. (University of Pennsylvania, African Studies Center) "A Comprehensive Resource on African Health and Diseases" Links to web sites on diseases, NGOs, IGOs, and community organizations, national health ministeries and hospitals, discussion lists on health issues in Africa.

Social Science and Medicine Africa Network

South Africa. Dept. of Health

Support for Analysis and Research in Africa

Health--Africa--Discussion lists


Af-AIDS Regional forum for AIDS in Africa"

Africa Health Lists: Countries & Diseases (part of Resources on African Health & Diseases. (University of Pennsylvania, African Studies Center): includes many links. [2005]

African Malaria Network Trust: AMANET Forum (sign in required)
"discussion group hosted by the African Malaria Vaccine Testing Network African Malaria Network," Tanzania.

African Networks for Health Research & Development(AFRO-NETS) "established in 1997 to facilitate exchange of information among different networks active in Health Research for Development in Anglophone Africa, and to facilitate collaboration in the fields of capacity building, planning, and research."

Centre for the Study of AIDS-Message List "based in the University of Pretoria .... promotes a holistic understanding of HIV/AIDS..."

"initiative of the Centre for Health Policy and Strategic Studies, Lagos, Nigeria."

Gender-AIDS "Facilitates linkages and information sharing between people living with HIV or AIDS groups, women"s organizations and other organizations..."

HDNet Forums- Africa "HIV/AIDS discussion forums focused on such topics as stigma, gender, regional areas, and sex work."

Health-L, Zambia. Listserv. "helps people and communities from all over the world exchange information and experience in response to HIV/AIDS." mailing list on Health Informatics in Africa

Malaria Foundation International

Nigeria-AIDS Discussion
"news and discussion network on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria established since January 2000."

"a national eForum for HIV/AIDS-related health and development issues in Uganda."

SAFCO "SAFCO [Sida en Afrique du Centre et de l'Ouest] est un forum public indépendant qui bénéficie du soutien du Programme commun des Nations Unies sur le VIH/SIDA et de ses partenaires nationaux et régionaux..."

South Africa: Health Systems Trust (HST) "over 100 electronic discussion forums and mailing lists..."

* Visions-afr
"moderated by the Committee for Studies on Women, Health, and Environment in Africa, Dakar Senegal, in cooperation with Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, serving as a space for people and organizations within West Africa and outside ... on issues of gender, reproductive health and rights within the region"

"West Africa Doctors and HealthCare Professionals Network
"... a virtual meeting place for doctors and healthcare professionals across West Africa and beyond. ..." Includes "Telemedicine Database: A database for the storage of captured images to be shared within a group of specialists for discussion and knowledge exchange. These discussion groups are mainly targeted at second opinion consultations"




Karine Delaunay, « "Faire de la santé un lieu pour l’histoire de l’Afrique" : essai d’historiographie Introduction du Dossier thématique “La santé et ses pratiques en Afrique : enjeux des savoirs et des pouvoirs, XVIIe - XXe siècles”, Outre-Mers, n° 346-347 (2005), 1er semestre, Paris, SFHOM, 2005, pp. 1-411 PDF


Health Information in Africa (Helina)   subscribe Helina-l 



Action Health Incorporated Nigerian non-governmental organisation on health of adolescents. Includes summaries and some full text publications.

Health--South Africa


SA HealthInfo

HealthNet Africa

Herero (African people)

'Interface Between Hereros and San of Namibia: The Ignored Reality' by Kaitira Kandjii  1996, Masters thesis in cultural and media studies, Centre for Cultural and Media Studies, University of Natal, Durban [full-text]

Heritage—South Africa

Archaeology Africa

Arts and Culture guide to South Africa for 2000

Cape Nature Conservation

Cradle of Humankind
Palaeo-anthropology and archaeological finds at Sterkfontein site“a listed World Heritage Site in the provinces of Gauteng and the North West in South Africa”: 

Cultural Heritage
Southern Africa Environment Project’s cultural heritage 

Department of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology (DACST)

Fifty must-see South African heritage sites

Heritage South Africa : Heritage Sites

Historical Documents Archive [ANC]

Landscape and Memory Project - LAMP
Makuleke and the Pafuri region.

Mayibuye Archives

Museums and Art Galleries

Museums Online: South Africa

National Heritage Cultural Studies Centre - Fort Hare

National Heritage Resources Act

National Parks Board

National Trust of South Africa

Natural Environment
South Africa’s parks, nature conservation. 

Robben Island Homepage

Rock Art Research Centre

South Africa Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA)

South African Nature wildlife sites

Sterkfontein – World Heritage Site
Palaeo-anthropology and archaeological finds at Sterkfontein site

Himba (African people)

The Ovahimba Years – Les années Ovahimba Material based on seven years with the Ovahimba by Rina Sherman (1997 to 2004 near Etanga,north western Kunene region of Namibia, and also south western provinces of Cunene and Namibe in Angola); "recorded lives of the members of the family, their relatives and friends in video, photography, sound and text of their everyday and ritual lives"

H-ISLAMART H-Net List for the History of Islamic Art and Architecture 

Historians of Africa

Papers of  Michael Crowder (1958-88 (predominantly 1982-85)

History -- Africa

(see also under individual countries e.g. Botswana--History, as well as H-Africa, Clio en Afrique, H-SAfrica, etc.)

ACLS History E-Book (HEB) Project: over 800 books of high quality in the field of history. Access by subscription only. Includes dozens on African history, such as:

Ajayi, J. F. Ade Christian Missions in Nigeria, 1841-1891: The Making of a
New Elite 1965
Barber, Karin I Could Speak Until Tomorrow: Oriki, Women, and the Past in
a Yoruba Town 1991
Barry, Boubacar Senegambia and the Atlantic Slave Trade 1998
Bay, Edna G. Wives of the Leopard: Gender, Politics, and Culture in the
Kingdom of Dahomey 1998
Cooper, Frederick Decolonization and African Society: The Labor Question
in French and British Africa 1996
Daaku, Kwame Yeboa Trade and Politics on the Gold Coast, 1600-1720: A
Study of the African Reaction to European Trade 1970
Davidson, Basil Let Freedom Come: Africa in Modern History 1978
Dike, Kenneth Onwuka Trade and Politics in the Niger Delta, 1830-1885
Ehret, Christopher The Civilizations of Africa: A History to 1800 2002
Fabian, Johannes Language and Colonial Power: The Appropriation of
Swahili in the Former Belgian Congo, 1880-1938 1986
Fairhead, James and Leach, Melissa Misreading the Landscape: Society
and Ecology in a Forest-Savanna Mosaic 1996
Ford, John The Role of the Trypanosomiases in African Ecology: A Study of
the Tsetse Fly Problem 1971
Harms, Robert W. Games Against Nature: An Eco-Cultural History of the
Nunu of Equatorial Africa 1987
Hassen, Mohammed The Oromo of Ethiopia: A History, 1570-1860 1990
Higman, B. W. Slave Population and Economy in Jamaica, 1807-1834 1995
Hodgkin, Thomas Nationalism in Colonial Africa 1956
Hunwick, John O. Sharia in Songhay: The Replies of al-MaghB/ilB/i to the
Questions of Askia al-C2HB/ajj MuC2hammad 1985
Iliffe, John A Modern History of Tanganyika 1979
Iliffe, John The African Poor: A History 1987
Inikori, Joseph E. Africans and the Industrial Revolution in England: A
Study in International Trade and Development 2002
Jeater, Diana Marriage, Perversion and Power: The Construction of Moral
Discourse in Southern Rhodesia, 1894-1930 1993
Kimambo, Isaria N. A Political History of the Pare of Tanzania,
c.1500-1900 1969
Klein, Martin A. Slavery and Colonial Rule in French West Africa 1998
Law, Robin The Oyo Empire c.1600-c.1836: A West African Imperialism in
the Era of the Atlantic Slave Trade 1977
Law, Robin The Slave Coast of West Africa, 1550-1750: The Impact of the
Atlantic Slave Trade on an African Society 1991
Levtzion, Nehemia Muslims and Chiefs in West Africa: A Study of Islam in
the Middle Volta Basin in the Pre-Colonial Period 1968
Lyons, Maryinez The Colonial Disease: A Social History of Sleeping
Sickness in Northern Zaire, 1900-1940 1992
Martin, Phyllis M. Leisure and Society in Colonial Brazzaville 1995
McCaskie, Thomas C. Asante Identities: History and Modernity in an
African Village, 1850-1950 2000
Mudimbe, Valentin Y. The Invention of Africa: Gnosis, Philosophy, and the
Order of Knowledge 1988
Ogot, Bethwell A. History of the Southern Luo Volume I: Migration and
Settlement 1967
Peel, J. D. Y. Religious Encounters and the Making of Yoruba 2003
Robertson, Claire C. Sharing the Same Bowl: A Socio-Economic History of
Women and Class in Accra, Ghana 1984
Shepperson, George and Price, Thomas Independent African: John
Chilembwe and the Origins, Setting and Significance of the Nyasaland
Native Rising of 1915 1987
Strobel, Margaret Muslim Women in Mombasa, 1890-1975 1979
Tamrat, Tadesse Church and State in Ethiopia, 1270-1527 1972
van Onselen, Charles Chibaro: African Mine Labour in Southern Rhodesia,
1900-1933 1980

African History guide "Africa South of the Sahara"

AFRICA'S HISTORY Gloria Emeagwali


[BBC] "The Story of Africa" A well-resources series backed by prominet historians. Includes some good audio. Sections cover:

AFRICA & EUROPE (1800-1914)


'A Bibliography for Research at Columbia University on "Maps and Power in  Modern African History"' by Dr. Joseph Caruso, African Studies Librarian & Prof Mohamed Mbodj, Dept of History, Columbia University.


"eBooks: African History" a list with links to both open access and pay sites of books on African history (Digital Book Index).

Gallica, the digital library of Bibliotheque Nationale de France, include many precolonial and colonial era full-text book and journals sources on Africa.

Gronniosaw, James Albert Ukawsaw, A narrative of the most remarkable particulars in the life of James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw, an African prince, written by himself.

Historical Text Archive - Africa 
Maintained by Mississippi State University

Internet African History Sourcebook

'Issues in African History' by Professor James Giblin,History University of Iowa


Jones, Adam Henige, David, Editor Raw, medium, well done: a critical review of editorial and quasi-editorial work on pre-1885 European sources for Sub-Saharan Africa, 1960-1986 [Madison, Wisconsin] : African Studies Program, University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1987

Memory and History : Remembering, Forgetting and Forgiving in the life of the Nation and the Community. An International Conference Cape Town, 9 - 11 August, 2000 (click on: 'activites' then 'conferences et colloques'; then conference 2)

"Mutations africaines dans la longue durée" (MALD) CNRS - Université Paris 1 Panthéon - Sorbonne Histoire de l'Afrique ancienne et contemporaines Problématiques, chercheurs, enseignements, publications, revues.


Reviews: Mail & Guardian  African History

includes reviews of: BICKFORD-SMITH, VIVIAN Ethnic Pride and Racial Prejudice in Victorian Cape Town 
COETZER, OWEN The Road to Infamy (1899-1900) 
COOMBES, ANNIE  Reinventing Africa
DELIUS, PETER Lion Amongst the Cattle 
Selected essays on DURBAN
LABAND, JOHN and KNIGHT, IAN The Anglo-Zulu War: The War Correspondents
MAIER, KARL, Angola: Promises and Lies 


SOURCES FOR AFRICAN HISTORY British Documents by Karen Fung, African Collection, Green Library, Stanford, 2003.


"The Story of Africa" [BBC] A well-resourced series with prominet historians. Includes good audio. Sections cover:



'African History - Selected Resources'. Selected resources from 'Questia'; includes sections from major works on African history, but you have to subscribe to get complete full text.


[brief readings from Funk & Wagnalls]

"The Black Presence in Antiquity: A Selected Bibliography". Compiled by Leida I. Torres and Andrea Only (Howard University Libraries, Washington, DC)

History of Colonial Africa: Selected Bibliography

'History and Africa /Africa and History' by JOSEPH C. MILLER, President, American   Historical Association (University of Virginia), Presidential Address, AHA Washington, DC, 8 January 1999


Hogarth Representation (African bookseller)

HOOVER Institution--Archives includes

African Subject Collection 1831-1998. 
Angolan Subject Collection 
Benin Subject Collection 
Botswana Subject Collection 
Burkinabe Subject Collection 
Cameroonian Subject Collection 
Chadian Subject Collection 
Communist Party of South Africa Issuances 
Congo (Brazzaville) Subject Collection 
Congo (Democratic Republic) Subject Collection 
Cote d'Ivoire Subject Collection 
Eritrean Subject Collection 
Ethiopian Subject Collection 
Friedland (William H.) Collection (on Tanzanian trade-unions) 
Gambian Subject Collection 
Gann-Duignan Papers (1911-98: on  colonialism in Africa, Northern and Southern Rhodesia...) 
Ghanaian Subject Collection 
Guinea-Bissau Subject Collection 
Guinean Subject Collection 
Kenyan Subject Collection 
Le Vine (Victor T.) Papers (on political development of the Cameroons) 
Lemarchand (René) Papers (on political development of Congo, Burundi, and Rwanda.)
Lesotho Subject Collection 
Liberian Subject Collection 
Lubeck (Paul) Papers (on trade union movement in Africa, primarily during the 1960s.) 
Malawi Subject Collection 
Malian Subject Collection, 1961-1998 
Mauritanian Subject Collection 
Mauritian Subject Collection 
Mozambican Subject Collection 
Namibian Subject Collection 
Niger Subject Collection 
Nigerian Subject Collection 
Senegalese Subject Collection S 
Sierra Leone Subject Collection 
Somali Subject Collection 
South African Subject Collection 
Tanzanian Subject Collection 
Togolese Subject Collection 
Ugandan Subject Collection 
Zambian Subject Collection 
Zimbabwean Subject Collection


Horn of Africa Bulletin

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Horn of Africa Review

Hornet, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is a free computer networking service established in early 1994 to promote the exchange of information in an on the Horn of Africa using electronic communications

Housing--South Africa

Gusler, John Frederick  "'Toilets in the Veld': Similarities in the Housing Policy of the New South Africa and the former Apartheid State," Master of Urban and Regional Planning, Virginia polytechnic Institute, 2000 --full-text open access

Hove, Chenjeria (Zimbabwean author)

H-SAfrica is an international discussion group on all aspects of South(ern) African history and humanities.
To join H-SAfrica, send a message to:
(with no subject line) and only this text:  SUB H-SAfrica Firstname Lastname, institution 

Human Origins and Evolution in Africa

Human Rights--Africa

African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights Commission Africaine des Droits de l'Homme et des Peuples

African Human Rights Resource Center ( joint project of Makerere University Human Rights and Peace Centre and University of Minnesota.

African Rights  "Working for Justice - Africa's problems seen from an African perspective"

Afronet .
"The Inter-African Network for Human 
Rights and Development". Afronet has 
observer status with the African Commission on Human and  People's Rights.

Amnesty International

Amnesty International Reports on Africa: 2000

Human Rights Watch

International War Crimes Tribunal for RWANDA (ICTR) INTERNEWS REPORTS


Network for the Defense of Independent Media in Africa (pan-African human rights NGO based in Kenya)

PEN American Center: Sub-Saharan Africa


Human rights--Kenya

Legal Resources Foundation

Network for the Defense of Independent Media in Africa (pan-African human rights NGO based in Kenya)


Human Rights--Nigeria

Constitutional Rights Project

Human Rights--Rwanda

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda: Documentation 


Human Rights--South Africa--Art

"Images of Human Rights represents the clauses of South Africa's Bill of Rights   in a portfolio of prints by twenty-seven South African artists"

Human Rights--Southern Africa

Southern African Human Rights NGO Network (SAHRINGON)


Human Rights Watch

Human Rights--Zimbabwe

"Zimbabwe: In the Party's Interest?" (African Rights, June 1999)


Human Sciences Research Council [South Africa]


The Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa is an independent effort formed by leaders from US and African public and private sector institutions and international humanitarian organizations.


H-West-Africa is dedicated to enhancing research, service, and teaching in the field on the region of West Africa: its history, culture, science and development.


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