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by Peter Limb

Michigan State University African Studies Center

Midi Madagasikara (Online) -- Antananarivo: Midi Madagasikara, 1997- "Le premier quotidien national d'information diffusé à Madagascar. Créé en 1983." Un journal electronique, avec un lien aux archives des cinq derniers numéros seulement.


International Organization for Migration (IOM) - Africa Programs


Curtin, Philip D. Why People Move: Migration in African History (Waco, Tex. Baylor University, 1995.) -- access to e-book by subscription only b

Migration--Southern Africa

"MIGRATION BIBLIOGRAPHY "(Southern African Migration Project. Queens University):

Southern African Migration Project (Queens University)


Mine Workers--South Africa--History

by M. P. Naicker in "Notes and Documents", No. 21/76, September 1976

Minorities at Risk Project: Sub-Saharan Africa (data on  minorities)

MISA-Net (Media Institute of Southern Africa).


German Mission Archives' Holdings on Africa (information on the holdings of selected German mission archives  relating to Africa)

Orthodox mission in tropical Africa by Stephen Hayes




Presbyterian ecclesiology in southern Malawi, 1881-1993, by Kenneth R. Ross




Missions--South Africa--History

Full-text articles on missions in S. Africa from Missionalia

List of articles:

African Independent Churches - judgment through terminology? by Stephen Hayes

African "Jews" for Jesus - mission among the Lemba, by Magdel le Roux

African Pentecostals and the ancestors - confrontation or compromise, by Allan Anderson

The Berlin Mission and the challenges of colonial South Africa, by Gunther Pakendorf

The Bulhoek tragedy, by Joan Millard

Challenges and prospects for research into AICs in Southern Africa, by Allan Anderson

Charismatic congregations and social justice, by G. Francois Wessels

Dealing lightly with the wound of my people? The TRC process in theological perspective, by Tinyiko Sam Maluleke

Frederick Modise and the International Pentecost Church, by Allan Anderson

The hermeneutical processes of Pentecostal-type African Initiated Churches in South Africa, by Allan Anderson (1996)

Subversive subservience: Z.K. Matthews and missionary education in South Africa, by Willem Saayman

Missions--West Africa

Indigenous charismatic missions in West Africa, by Matthews J. Ojo

Missionalia journal of Southern African Missiological Society

Moçambique on-line

Monitor (Uganda)





"Morocco" (Columbia University Libraries)

"Morocco" (University of Pennsylvania links)

Morocco (MENIC, University of Texas, Austin)




Gnawa Stories: Mystical Musician Healers from Morocco by Rodrigo Dorfman (2003) includes text, portraits, and maps on history and ritual




L'Economiste (Rabat)





The Cornell Morocco Project (includes some full-text articles)




L'Economiste (Rabat)

Maghreb Arabe Presse (Rabat)

Maroc Hebdo

al-Sabah (Casablanca).

La Vie Economique


Morocco--Politics and Government


Bulletins Officiels 1912-2006 (full-text)


"Power and Opposition in Morocco"  by Omar Bendourou Journal of Democracy, Volume 7


Moto magazine [Zimbabwe]

Mots Pluriels 

Edited by Jean-Marie Volet, this electronic journal publishes articles in French and English on contemporary world issues, especially Africa (1996-2003)

Movement for Democratic Change (Zimbabwe)




Mozambique [links] Minas em Moçambique links 

Moçambique on-line: colecção de links para páginas com informação sobre Moçambique.



Paul Sinclair, 'Space, time & social formation. A territorial approach to the archaeology & anthropology of Zimbabwe & Mozambique' AUN 9 ABSTRACT


Mozambique--Economic Conditions

Observatorio de Pobreza=Poverty Observatory (Government of Mozambique). State budget, Economic and Social Plan, civil society groups, research publications.

United Nations in Mozambique


Mozambique--Government and politics

Pandora’s Box (Maputo, CD-ROM publisher) includes compilation of Mozambican national legislation 1967-1996.

Portal do Governo de Mocambique (portal of the Mozambique government)

Mozambique--Health (see also "AIDS--Mozambique)

Bellucci, Stefano, "Governance, Civil Society and NGOs in Mozambique" Discussion Paper – N° 56 Unesco, MOST, 2002

(Commission on HIV/AIDS and Governance in Africa) (2004), Economic Commission for Africa, “Mozambique: The Challenge of HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care”:

HIV/ SIDA Moçambique

Hogdes, Tony "Political Economy of the Budget in Mozambique", 2004 (includes chapter on AIDS)

Machel, Josina, _Parliament, Politics and AIDS: The Case of Mozambique_ IDASA 2007?

[Mozambique]. Conselho Nacional de Combate ao HIV/SIDA

Mozambique: Ministry of Science and Technology Science and Technology Portal Includes Higher Education, AIDS, (full-text) publications,1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Matsinhe, Cristiano. "Tabula rasa : dinamica da resposta Mocambicana ao HIV/SIDA" full-text UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO RIO DE JANEIRO, 2005

"Mozambique" (ICF Against Aids, 2003) 10 pages


Olsen, Bengt "The AIDS pandemic and access to highly active anti-retroviral therapy in Mozambique" full-text Masters thesis (2006, Roskilde)

Selected HIV/AIDS Services in Mozambique (UN, April 2003)

Um Panorama da AIDS em Mocambique

UN System in Mozambique (click on Core Indicators --> Health and Nutrition




História de Moçambique Brief notes on different aspects of Mozambican history. Part of MOÇAMBIQUE ON-LINE Links sobre Moçambique de Wim Neeleman


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Mozambique--Land mines

Hidden Killers 1998: The Global Landmine Crisis
Chapter III: MOZAMBIQUE (U.S. State dept.)

Maputo Declaration 3-7 May 1999 (Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction)

Mozambique--laws and legislation

Pandora’s Box (Maputo, CD-ROM publisher) includes compilation of Mozambican national legislation 1967-1996.


LITERATURA E O CONCEITO DE AFRICANIDADE Intervenção de Luis Bernardo I Encontro de Professores de Literaturas Africanas de Língua Portuguesa Centro de Estudos Portugueses Universidade de São Paulo, 27-30 de Outubro 2003 Honwana

Mia Couto (a series of articles, texts and links from the BIBLIOTECA DO MACUA site)

Mozambique--News and Newspapers 


Imensis Moçambique

MOÇAMBIQUE ON-LINE Links sobre Moçambique de Wim Neeleman

NotMoc - Notícias de Moçambique [online]

Moçambique on-line

Mozambique Peace Process Bulletin:


"Eight Years of Multiparty Democracy in Mozambique: The Public's View." by Pereira, Joao, Ines Raimundo, Annie Chikwanha, Alda Saute, and Robert Mattes.2003. ((Afrobarometer working paper No. 30) Abstract (1.50Mb)

"Mozambicans' Views of Democracy and Political Reform: A Comparative Perspective." by Pereira, Joao C.G., Yul Derek Davids, and Robert Mattes. 2002 (Afrobarometer working paper No. 22). Abstract (136kb)


Mozambique--Science and Technology


Mozambique: Ministry of Science and Technology Science and Technology Portal Includes Higher Education, AIDS, (full-text) publications,1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL




Instituto Nacional de Estatística = National Institute of Statistics


Mozambique--United Nations

UN System in Mozambique/Página conjunta do sistema das Nações Unidas em Moçambique

Mozambique --Women 


Heidi Gengenbach, Binding memories women as makers and tellers of history in Magude, Mozambique. 2005 Columbia University Press, 2005, full-text based on dissertation.

Mumbai , Centre for African Studies, University of Mumbai

Mural art--South Africa

Sabine Marschall "Affirming Africa: recovering cultural heritage and representing ordinary people's lives in South African community mural art" in Mots pluriels [e-journal] no 16 - December 2000.

Sabine Marschall "Negotiating Identity: Urban Community Mural Art in South Africa" in Ijele: Art eJournal of the African World (2001)


Musée royal de l'Afrique centrale/Royal Museum for Central Africa (Tervuren, Belgium)


Musée historique d'Abomey

Museums--Burkina Faso

Le masque au Burkina Faso Illustrated.

Manéga-Musée de la Bendrologie. In French and English.


Musée des Civilisations de Côte d'Ivoire: Art from the Ivory Coast


National Museums of Kenya Includes brief history, galleries, museums, sites.


Museums of Morocco In English. Includes links to regional museums.


National Museum of Namibia Windhoek.


Museums--South Africa

Apartheid Museum

District Six Museum

Irma Stern Museum (Cape Town; University of Cape Town)

Iziko Museum


Robben Island Museum


The Sukuma Museum Tanzania Africa



Dar Cheraït, Tozeur, Tunisie. " the first private museum in Tunisia, the Dar Cherait, which was founded in 1990. Conceived as a living museum, the Dar Cherait contains a unique private collection it took decades to gather".


Nayuma Museum "The museum performs a multi-disciplinary role. Its professional function consists of researching on the culture and history of the peoples of Western Province of Zambia, collecting objects of cultural and historical heritage and documenting and conserving these objects."


Music, African


"Music and Dance of Africa" (Columbia University Libraries)

" CK Ladzekpo - African Music and Dance"

Contemporary Music and Arts Archive (CAMA) "a multi-media documentary initiative for African arts and culture, based in the Faculty of Science and Montebello Design Centre at the University of Cape Town, South Africa."


Frank Bessem's Musiques d'Afrique
In both French and English. Regularly updated. Includes features on musicians, reviews, news, newsletter. Strongest focus is on Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Senegal, D.R. Congo.

Ntama journal of African music and popular culture. Johannes Gutenberg-Universität.(2001-)

"Radio Africa" (Smithsonian) "Radio Africa streams, at no charge, complete tracks from the collections of Smithsonian Global Sound. From the rhythms of Benin to the wedding music of Ethiopia to the traditional Zulu music of South Africa to the parade music of Senegal, you'll never know what you'll hear next!"


Music--Mandingo peoples

Cora Connection "the rich musical world of West Africa" CDs, New Releases and Old Favorites • New and old music from Malian musician extraordinaire, Djelimady Tounkara -- lead guitarist for the "Rail Band" Hear the harp-lute, kora Discover the melodic mallet struck, balaphone Learn about the ancient African lute, ngoni The land and its people West Africa in the classroom Browse our music catalog Cora Connection: The Band African Artist Profiles Visit our musician instrument marketplace World Music Links and Resources Contact Cora Connection! New for 2001, Explore West Africa's rich musical traditions with these great books: • Mande Music, book and CD, the definitive resource on this area of world music"

DJEMBE AND MANDE MUSIC RESOURCES - REFERENCES - REVIEWS "devoted primarily to the drumming, culture and other musical traditions of the Mande peoples of West Africa. It will also include material relating to the culture and music of other parts of Africa as well as information concerning drum traditions in other parts of the world." Usual texts and discographies. Includes Manding Bibliography compiled by Rainer Polak. Regularly updated

"A Guide to the Jembe" byEric Charry. "An unedited expanded version of the article published in Percussive Notes, vol. 34, no. 2, April 1996, pages 66-72. Portions reprinted by permission of the Percussive Arts Society".

Kora Jaliya Mutlilingual site, with forum, glossaaries, downloads etc.



Amadinda: Ugandan music and log xylophones - instruments, recordings, information on prominent Ugandan artists and ideas on teaching African music in the classroom, etc.:



"Mbira: Constraint and Mobility in Shona Society"


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