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South Africa--Women

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by Peter Limb 

South Africa New Economics Network (SANE) "independent network for the creation of a humane, just, sustainable and culturally appropriate economic system in South Africa."


South Africa--News and Newspapers


ANC Today "weekly online publication of the African National Congress, providing up-to-the-minute information on the programmes, perspectives and policies of the movement on current national and international issues. Among its regular features is a column by ANC President Thabo Mbeki"

Die Beeld (Johannesburg),4125,,00.html


Die Burger

Business Day

Cape Argus

Cape Times


Channel Africa (South African Broadcasting Corporation)

City Press

Daily Dispatch (East London)

Daily News (Durban)

Eikestad Nuus (Stellenbosch)

Financial Mail 


Ilanga [Zulu language]


History: 9 full-text images of the first three issues of Ilanga, published in 1903:

Independent Online

IndyMedia South Africa 1. "We strive to provide an information infrastructure for people and opinions who do not have access to the airwaves, tools and resources of corporate media. This includes audio, video, photography, internet distribution and any other communication medium. 2. We support local, regional and global struggles against exploitation and oppression. 3. We function as a non-commercial, non-corporate, anti-capitalist collective."

Isolezwe (Zulu)


Mail & Guardian [previously Weekly Mail],


[about] Lilian Ringera. (1999). 'Production and Reading Processes and the Online Newspaper: the electronic Mail and Guardian as hypertext.' Masters Coursework Dissertation


Mercury (Durban)


[New Nation]


[about] 'Corporate monopoly in the South African print media: Implications for the alternative press with particular reference to New Nation' by Bhekizulu Mpofu  1996 MA, University of Natal, Durban,

'[about] New Nation: Unmasking Tradition, Family, Property's media maneuver'   Keyan Tomaselli, Ruth Teer-Tomaselli, Ansuya Chetty, P Eric Louw.  University of Natal  1988

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Pretoria News


SouthScan "South African and regional policy issues"


Sowetan information, profile, history etc. but not full-text


Star (Johannesburg)

Sunday Times

The Teacher/Daily Mail and Guardian

Weekly Mail & Guardian



WOZA - South Africa's all-online five-day-a-week paper geared to business


South Africa--News and Newspapers--History


Daniel Daran, Ansuya Chetty, Jeanne Prinsloo and Mark Allison-Broomhead, Paper to 1986 Conference of the Association of  Sociology in Southern Africa, University of Natal 'The Visual Role of 'the Rubicons' as Part of the Reform Strategy: The Beginning of the End of Apartheid'

Mpofu,Bhekizulu 'Corporate monopoly in the South African print media: Implications for the alternative press with particular reference to New Nation 1996 MA dissertation, Centre for Cultural and Media Studies, University of  Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban  

Skjerdal,Terje 'Mapping the gap: South African journalists indisagreement over the Truth and Reconciliation Commission media hearings'November 1997

Skjerdal, Terje Steinulfsson (2001 Masters dissertation, University of Natal)
Responsible Watchdogs? Normative Theories of the press in Post-Apartheid South Africa. A discourse analysis of 102 newspaper articles, 1996-99

L. and D. Switzer, THE BLACK PRESS IN SOUTH AFRICA AND LESOTHO a descriptive bibliographic guide to African, Coloured and Indian newspapers, newsletters and magazines 1836-1976 (1979) full-text PDF (large size, 4 MB) of the classic annotated bibliography

Tomaselli, 'New Nation: Unmasking Tradition, Family, Property's media maneuver' by: Keyan G Ruth E Teer-Tomaselli, Ansuya Chetty and P Eric Louw. Commissioned by: New Nation. University of Natal  1988


South Africa--News groups-Index

South Africa-Parliament-Hansard 
Hansard is the documentary record of the proceedings of parliament. The aim here is to provide the complete record of parliamentary debates since the start of democratic government in 1994

South Africa--Parliament-- Parliamentary Papers

South Africa-Political history

South Africa-Political Parties 


lists of all parties

African Christian Democratic Party


African National Congress (ANC): ruling party since 1994: a massive site with many full-text douemnts.

Communist Party   

Conservative party  

Democratic Alliance Includes news and e-newsletter.

Democratic Party  

Freedom Front (FF) / Vryheidsfront (VF)  

Green Party  

Herstigte Nasionale Party van Suid Afrika  

Inkatha Freedom Party

National Party

New National Party (NP) = Nuwe Nasionale Party (NP) NOTE: In August 2004 announced it would merge with the ANC

Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC)



United Democratic Movement (UDM)


South Africa--Political Parties (Left)--History


Simons, Jack and Ray, CLASS & COLOUR IN SOUTH AFRICA 1850-1950 [full-text, currently without references]--a classic work on ANC and socialist history

South Africa--Politics


Alexander, Neville, "MANUEL CASTELLS AND THE NEW SOUTH AFRICA . A consideration of the relevance of Castells' ideas on the politics of identity to the project(s) of post-apartheid South Africa

"The Heart of Hope - South Africa's Transition from Apartheid to Democracy" "An extensive collection of Padraig O'Malley's interviews conducted between 1985 and 2005 with many key personalities, who influenced South Africa's political history. The collection presents a broad range of perspectives on events in South Africa during and after the Apartheid period. There are also summaries of historical events by year as well as descriptions of the historical background to place events in context." by Padraig O'Malley. Valuable for the transition period 1990-. Also includes PDFs of sections of SAIRR annuals, theses, biographies. University of Massachusetts/University of the Western Cape/Robben Island.

Institute for Security Studies (ISS)  includes full-text online publications: African Security Review SA Crime Quarterly, Monographs ("wide range of topics ... the latest analysis on various subjects such as peacekeepers in Africa, the African Unionís opportunities and challenges, crime and drugs in South Africa, and smalls arms"); ISS Papers series (research in progress); ISS Situation Reports; Books; Conference Reports;


South African Politics, Culture & Society Internet Resources by Allison Drew, University of York. A very useful teaching guide with many good links and illustrations.

Stremlau, John & Helen Zille A House No Longer Divided: Progress and Prospects for Democratic Peace in South Africa (Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict 1997)

"THINKING THEORETICALLY? Afrikaner nationalism and the comparative theory of the politics of identity. A tribute to Harold Wolpe"by Dan O'Meara paper  to Inaugural Conference of Harold Wolpe Memorial Trust, The Political Economy of Social Change in South Africa University of the Western Cape1-2 April, 1997

[Wolpe, Harold] Harold Wolpe Forum: to promote debate on crucial issues facing South Africa.


"Yenza" -- links to Political Science


South Africa--Politics--10th anniversary of end of democracy


"New South Africa: Ten Years Later" by Mandisi Majavu (February 15, 2004, Z-Net)

The Power of Culture: Ten years of democracy in South Africa (Netherlands)

SAFUNDI Newsletter March 2004: "Ten Years of the New South Africa."

SOUTH AFRICA: The frustrating decade of freedom by Patrick Bond,

SOUTH AFRICA: TEN YEARS ON A View From Across The Atlantic by Dr Mamphela Ramphele (LRC News, South Africa)

TOWARDS TEN YEARS OF FREEDOM, Review [South African Government] full-text review of ANC rule


South Africa-Politics-Journals 


Politeia: Journal for the Political Sciences (Selected) full-text articles, and full  contents

South Africa's Struggle for Democracy: Anti-apartheid periodicals, 1950-1994  40 full-text periodical titles selected "with a view to presenting not only a wide spectrum of political views published during these years, but also a diversity of subjects such as trade unions, religion, health, culture, and gender. Publications reflecting both black and white viewpoints are included, and an attempt has been made to represent distinctive regional variations. Some of the publications were short-lived and, by necessity, of limited distribution." Part of the DISA Project. High quality searchability.


South Africa--Relations--United States/African Americans


African American Historical Linkages with South Africa , c1890-1965: a documentation project by Robert Edgar, David Anthony, and Robert Vinson,

South African Research Archival Project (SARAP), Howard University, with University of Fort Hare. "identifies, inventories, and facilitates access to archival collections that demonstrate linkages between Americans and South Africans, principally African Americans, during the anti-apartheid movement. Includes collections (and a video and some full-text): African National Congress United Nations Mission Records * African National Congress Washington, D.C. Mission Records * Pan Africanist Congress United Nations Mission Records * Records of the House sub-Committee on Africa in the Charles C. Diggs Papers * Southern Africa Support Project Collection * Southern African References in the American Society of African Culture Collection."


South Africa--Research



South Africa--Science


South African Journal of Science


South Africa--Socialism--History


Simons, Jack and Ray, CLASS & COLOUR IN SOUTH AFRICA 1850-1950 [full-text, currently without references]--a classic work on ANC and socialist history


South Africa--Telecommunications 


A GREEN PAPER FOR PUBLIC DISCUSSION: Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Broadcasting


South Africa--Trade Unions

(see also Trade Unions--South Africa and under names of individual unions, and under COSATU) 

Chemical, Energy, Paper, Printing, Wood and Allied Workers' Union

Communication Workers' Union (CWU)

COSATU (Congress of South African Trade Union)

Daily Labour News from South Africa, a service provided to COSATU by
LabourStart, a project of Labour and Society International.

Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA)


Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU)

Musicians Union of South Africa (MUSA)

NALEDI (National Labour & Economic Development Institute)

National, Education, Hdealth and Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU)

National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA)

NUMSA Bulletin


National Union of Mineworkers (South Africa) (NUM):

Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU)

SANGONET - Labour and Economy

South African Agricultural Plantation and Allied Workers Union


South African Labour News & Information

South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) , includes Documents and Resolutions and its journal, Workers' News'

Trade unions--South Africa--Directories

list of unions affiliated to COSATU at

Union Directory (all unions affiliated toCOSATU and NACTU).

South Africa--Trade Unions--History see: South Africa--Labour History

South Africa-Trade Unions--Directories

South Africa--Truth and Reconciliation Commission



Bester, Rory 'At the edges of apartheid memory' paper to ENCOUNTERS WITHPHOTOGRAPHY: photographing people in southern Africa, 1860 to 1999 Conference, Cape Town, 14 to 17 July 1999

ReCONCILIATION NeT:  Net resources on South African and other reconciliation and transition processes. (Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation). Includes many full-text documents]

[Report] Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Final Report  (Nov. 1998)


via SA Government Website (free: html, no indexing or searching)

(Secret) Truth Commission Files -  compiled by researcher Klaas de Jonge, 'reveals the leads that may prove the involvement of the apartheid government's intelligence structures and European secret services in several covert operations. You will find reports on, among others:- The death of Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme - The murder of ANC Paris representative Dulcie September and; - The involvement in the S.A. Chemical Warfare program  

Skjerdal, Terje, 'Mapping the gap: South African journalists in disagreement over the Truth and Reconciliation Commission media hearings' November 1997


South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission Videotape Collection "features 84 episodes of news broadcasts assembled by journalist Max Du Preez, covering the history and activities of the Commission. The site features finding aids to the collection, summaries of each tape, and a short RealMedia presentation highlighting portions of several of the tapes."

Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Final Report  (Nov. 1998)


via SA Government Website (free: html, no indexing or searching)

Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Links

Truth and Reconciliation Commission [official home page]

'Struth: unofficial website of the TRC process (Former TRC Webmaster, Steve Crawford, fired for protesting the withdrawal of public material from the Website, set up an 'unofficial' TRC Website)


South Africa--Urban Geography


"The institutions and politics of provincial planning: the case of KwaZulu-Natal" by Philip Harrison, Amanda Williamson & Alan Mabin Paper presented at International Conference, 'South to South: urban-environmental policies and politics in Brazil and South Africa' Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London 25-26 March 1999 [full-text Word 97 document]

"Land Rights and the Environment: Issues in 'urban' settlements in the Former Homelands of South Africa"  by Ruth Beukman, Paper presented at the International Conference, 'South to South: urban-environmental policies and politics in Brazil and South Africa' Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London 25-26 March 1999 [full-text document]

'The limit of the law & urban change in Northern Province, South Africa' by Maano Ramutsindela, Dept of Geography, University of the North  paper to International Conference, 'South to South: urban-environmental policies and politics in Brazil & South Africa' 1999 [full-text]

Post-apartheid social polarisations: The creation of sub-urban identities in Cape Town. by Beate Lohnert , Sophie Oldfield and Susan Parnell in The South African Geographical Journal Vol. 80 2 September 1998 [full-text]

Marie Huchzermeyer "From exclusion via patronage to self-determination? Informal settlements in the socio-political process in South Africa and Brazil" Paper presented at the International Conference, 'South to South: urban-environmental policies and politics in Brazil and South Africa' 1999 [full-text ]


South Africa--Women (see also under "Women")


IMBOKODO WOMENS PROJECT August 9 1956 Womens March on Union Buildings, Pretoria. "Participants were interviewed: * Interview with Dorothy Masenya * Interview with Caroline Motsoaledi * Interview with Magdalene Matshadi Tsoane and Rahaba Mahlakedi Moeketsi"

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