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Waberi, Abdourahman A.[African writer from Djibouti), Site focuses on his literary work. Includes: Biographie; Bibliographie; Actualités; Textes; Djibouti; Iconographie; Liens; Poésie; Traductions; CV; Revue de presse. Translations into English, Somali, Spanish, German.

WANANET Mailing-list see TANZANET 

Water -- Africa.


Papers from The Symposium on Science in Africa: Emerging Water Management Issues, February 17, 1998, Philadelphia

Water--South Africa



Department of Water Affairs and Fore

Institute for Water Research Rhodes University


Wazobia News Online is a Nigerian news service

Weekly Mail see Mail & Guardian 


Weekly Review (Online). -- Nairobi: Weekly Review. Excerpts from current weekly issue only

West Africa--Archives--Digital Projects


African Digital Library -- West African resources Collaborative International Project of Michigan State University-Institut Fondamental d'Afrique Noire-West African Research Center, Dakar

West Africa--History


Eugène Mage au Soudan (1863-1866) Includes: Eugène Mage et Louis Quintin L'Afrique occidentale au XIXe siècle, dessinée par Mage Notes sur l'édition de ce récit de voyage Relation d'un voyage d'exploration au Soudan (1863-1866) Illustrations, réalisées d'après les croquis de Mage Bibliographie : E. Mage "Relation d'un voyage d'exploration au Soudan (1863-1866)" Revue Maritime et Coloniale, 1867, XX (mai), p. 26-88.


West Africa--History--Bibliography

West Africa--Information services 


Institut Panos Afrique de l'Ouest
Extensive news and information on West Africa: Actumédia; L'actualités des médias africains; Panos Infos; Articles de nos correspondants; Média@ctions; Bulletin trimestriel sur l'info et la communication; MédiActu Bulletin sur les initiatives médiatiques et les NTIC BDP Online La banque de programmes radio en ligne; Publication; Répertoires; Médias d'Afrique; Législations; Organisations professionnelles.

IRIN-WA (The Integrated Regional Information Network for West Africa), a unit of the UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs, designed to promote information exchange within the humanitarian community in West Africa. IRIN-West Africa produces daily and weekly reports in English and French of relevant information within the humanitarian community: national authorities, donors, NGOs, UN agencies,regional institutions, academia and the media. 
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West Africa--Languages


Hair, P. E. H. (Paul Edward Hedley), Editor Barbot's West African vocabularies of ca. 1680 [Liverpool, England]: Centre of African Studies, University of Liverpool, 1992


West Africa Review
e-journal devoted to the promotion of research and scholarship of  importance to the global African community and friends of Africa, published by Africa Resource Center

West African Arabic Manuscript Database (General Editor: C.C. Stewart Editor: Bruce Stewart Hall) "bi-lingual finding aid for, currently, over 20,000 Arabic manuscripts from West Africa. The six collections in the database map across the breadth of the West African Sahel and thus provide a representative cross-section of nineteenth-century literary activity in that region. Those collections are: "Boutilimit" records (2054 manuscripts from a private collection in Boutilimit, Mauritania) "Nouakchott" records ( 3134 manuscripts in the Institut Mauritanien de Recherche Scientifique, Nouakchott, Mauritania) "Segou" records (3137 manuscripts confiscated in Segou at the time of French occupation, now at the Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris) "Timbuctu" records (5640 manuscripts from the Centre de Documentation et de Recherches Historiques Ahmad Baba (CEDRAB), Timbuctu, Mali) "Niamey" records (2551 manuscripts at the Institut de Recherche en Sciences Humaines, Niamey, Niger) "Kano" records (4208 manuscripts from Northern Nigeria at the Africana Library, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois)"


Western Sahara 

Western Sahara-Links

Western Sahara--News 


L'Echo du Polisario

Publication officielle du Front POLISARIO, Editée par la Représentation du Front POLISARIO en France

White, Luise, Speaking with Vampires: Rumor and History in Colonial Africa (Studies on the History of Society and Culture, 37) U. California Press, 2000, full-text:

Widows--Nigeria, Eastern

WIDOWHOOD AMONG THE IGBO OF EASTERN NIGERIA by Chima Jacob KORIEH Thesis submitted for the Degree of Master of Philosophy in History University of Bergen, Norway Bergen Spring 1996. Full-text.


Wired for Information: Putting the Internet to Good Use in Africa (The Project for Information Access and Connectivity)

Wolpe, Harold (South African sociologist and anti-apartheid activist)


Harold Wolpe Forum: The aim of the Forum is to promote debate on crucial issues facing South Africa. This site provides info about Harold Wolpe and the monthly meetings held in Cape Town. There is also an appreciation of Harold Wolpe and his work by Dan O'Meara


Women - Africa


African Gender Institute (Cape Town)

"African Women" (part of Karen Fung's excellent Africa South of the Sahara mega-links)

AfricaBib.Org  (Bibliography) includes two very useful online bibliographic databases: African Women's Bibliographic, and Women Travelers, Explorers and Missionaries to Africa 1763-2006: A Comprehensive English Language Bibliographic Database.   http://WWW.AfricaBib.Org

"Africa's Women/Africa's Women Journalists: Critical Perspectives on Internet Initiatives" by Melinda B. Robins full-text paper to Spring 2000 SERSAS Meeting Western Carolina University 14-15 April 2000

afrol Women
African gender news/country gender profiles

AFWOSHO is a discussion group of the Association of African Women Scholars for African women scholars. AFWOSCHO@LISTSERV.IUPUI.EDU

Association of African Women Scholars  hundreds of important links to Africa/African Studies (literature, in particular) and African women/Women's Studies.

Famafrique :  "un espace de communication et d'information pour les femmes d'Afrique francophone qui agissent pour la promotion d'un développement durable."

"The Ignored Cost of Adjustment: Women under SAPs in Africa: A Development GAP Discussion Paper prepared for the Fourth United Nations Conference on Women" By Lisa McGow. August, 1995.

The Internet and Women's Democratic Organizing project seeks to facilitate women's social and political activism and regional networking through Internet technologies.

(Women In Development NETwork: statistics on population, health, education, labor, ...

Women (UN)



AfricaBib.Org  (Bibliography)  http://WWW.AfricaBib.Org

Women and war--Africa


"Women in the Aftermath of War and Armed Conflict." Africa: Women in Post-War Reconstruction  Report of a Johannesburg conference July 1999

Women--Burkina Faso


Burkina Faso Women's Organisations [list]



Women of the Grasslands by Phyllis Kaberry (1952) the full text of  book on women of the Cameroons

Women educationalists--Africa


Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE)

Women entrepreneurs--Nigeria


Olayemi Akinwumi "Women Entrepreneurs in Nigeria: Notes on the Yoruba 'Alajapa' and 'Alarobo'." Africa Update, 7 (3) (2000)

Women entrepreneurs--Uganda


Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association (UWEAL)

Women in Africa and Africa Diaspora (WAAD) Conference, October 8-17, 2000 Antananarivo & Tamatave, Madagascar. Theme: Facing the New Millennium: Gender in Africa and the African Diaspora--Retrospection and Prospects
(click on "Action Alert" or "WAAD Conference")



Agenda South African feminist journal (includes selected full-text articles). Agenda was formed in 1987. Articles are peer reviewed.

Sister Namibia a journal on sexism and gender. Basic detaisl only.



Women--Kenya--Mombassa --Biography

THREE SWAHILI WOMEN: LIFE HISTORIES FROM MOMBASA,KENYA by Sarah Mirza & Margaret Strobel (Indiana University Press 1989) for subscribers only:



Olayemi Akinwumi "Women Entrepreneurs in Nigeria: Notes on the Yoruba 'Alajapa' and 'Alarobo'." Africa Update, 7 (3) (2000)

Women of the Grasslands by Phyllis Kaberry (1952) the full text of  book on women of the Cameroons



Marshall, Kirsten (Program Coordinator, The African Arts Network in Seattle, Washington). Changing Roles for Women in Senegal. full-text conference paper to SERSAS, East Carolina University, 13 October 2001.

Women--South Africa 


[African National Congress. Historical documents on Women in South Africa]

Women's Charter FSAW aims adopted at founding, 17 April 1954 

Women Known to have Attended Founding Conference of FSAW

'What Women Want'
-Demands by FSAW for Freedom Charter, 1955 

Petition Presented to Prime Minister
Pretoria 9 Aug 1956 

Petition Presented to Prime Minister
(copy of original petition form) 

"Repeal the Pass Laws..."
Flyer by FSAW & ANCWL, 13 June 1957 

Effects of Apartheid on the Status of Women in South Africa, 1980
. Extracts from paper by UN Secretariat for the World Conference of the United Nations Decade for Women, Copenhagen, July 1980 

The Role of Woment in the Struggle against Apartheid, 1980
. Extracts from paper by UN Secretariat for Conference Decade for Women,  1980 

Speech by Oliver Tambo at the Opening Session of the First Conference of the ANC Women's Section
, Luanda, September 10, 1981 

'Now you have Touched the Women' - African Women's Resistance to the Pass Laws in South Africa 1950-1960, by Elizabeth Schmidt, 1983 

Women in Apartheid Society
- by Fatima Meer, April 1985 

Malibongwe Conference - Programme of Action
, Amsterdam Jan 1990 

For their Triumphs and for their Tears
- Women in Apartheid South Africa, FULL-TEXT book by Hilda Bernstein (IDAF)


African National Congress Women's League ANC Women\'s League


Agenda South African feminist journal

Commission on Gender Equality

Ilitha Labantu (community based organisation focusing on violence against women and children)


IMBOKODO WOMENS PROJECT August 9 1956 Womens March on Union Buildings, Pretoria. "Participants were interviewed: * Interview with Dorothy Masenya * Interview with Caroline Motsoaledi * Interview with Magdalene Matshadi Tsoane and Rahaba Mahlakedi Moeketsi"

Institute for Women's and Gender Studies of the University of Pretoria

in South Africa. A grouping of NGO's and interested people, with the support of the Commission for Gender Equality, who are creating women's networking in South Africa online.

Women--South Africa--Journals


Agenda South African feminist journal (includes selected full-text articles). Agenda was formed in 1987. Articles are peer reviewed.




L'Association Togolaise pour la Promotion de l'Homme (ATPH) 'est une organisation non gouvernementale basée à Keve dans le sud ouest du Togo. Elle a pour objectif : la mobilisation et la valorisation des ressources humaines locales. Elle a pour domaine d'activité l'épargne et le credit, la sante communautaire, la promotion de la femme, l'agriculture, l'elevage,la communication et la protection de l'environnement'



Makerere University, Department of Women and Gender Studies



Women writers, African

 (Reproduced by kind permission of Dr. Jean-Marie Volet)

[Femmes écrivains et les littératures africaines]. Francophone African literature women writers: background information, consult authors by countries, look at a few unpublished texts or glance at the many interviews published (in French) by the magazine Amina
or in English

Women writers, African, Lusophone


A Bibliography on African Lusophone Women Writers

Women Writers, African


Association of African Women Scholars site has hundreds of important links to Africa/African Studies (literature, in particular) and African women/Women's Studies.



The Fractured Community : Landscapes of Power and Gender in Rural Zambia by Kate Crehan University of California Press, 1997)  [FULL-TEXT]

Zambia Alliance for Women:


WONDERS OF THE AFRICAN WORLD (TV series, 1999) hosted by Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.


The World Bank in Africa


Woyaa: WoYaa! Africa Search engine and Website Directory. "Your window to Africa on the Internet"




Xenophobia--Southern Africa


Southern African Migration Project

Xhosa (African people) -- Christianity


Christianity in Africa South of the Sahara 19th Century Xhosa Christianity brief historical notes.


Xhosa (African people) -- Culture


KAFFIR (Xhosa) FOLK-LORE: BY Georg McCall Theal [1886] full-text


South African voices By Nongenile Masithathu Zenani, Ndumiso Bhotomane, Harold Scheub b Published 2006 UW-Madison Libraries. FULL-TEXT BOOK



Xhosa Language


Xhosa Language -- very brief introduction with sound

 Xhosa on the Web! This program will allow you to enter a simple English or Xhosa sentence and get a Xhosa or English translation. by Martha R. O'Kennon

Xhosa Profile
useful list of basic information and select bibliography from UCLA


Xhosa Language--Translation


 Xhosa on the Web! This program will allow you to enter a simple English or Xhosa sentence and get a Xhosa or English translation. by Martha R. O'Kennon


English to Xhosa Translator online
Xhosa to English Translator online




YENZA! " Using the Internet for research and teaching in the Humanities and Social Sciences": a web-based resource to promote the use of the  Internet in the humanities and social sciences in South Africa

Yoruba art

Yoruba--Culture (Yoruba Religion; Yoruba Divination)




Isokan Yoruba page

National Association of Yoruba Descendants in North America


Yoruba -- History

Yoruba language--Discussion lists



Ede Yoruba-L

subscribe Ede Yoruba-L 

Yoruba language & ICT (fonts, keyboards & applications) - Discussion board on topics related to use of Yoruba on computers & the internet.






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