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Introduction to Cloning


Several good Web sites give introductory or background information about the topic of cloning. If you are new to the topic and want to understand the science and the issues, these would be good places to start:

    Glossary of terms used in the cloning industry from the company Infigen.
    Glossary of cloning terms from Nova: Science in the News

  • How Cloning Works: by Craig C. Freudenrich, Ph.D., from the How Stuff Works Web site. This is a very basic, illustrated explanation of the history of cloning and how cloning of animals is accomplished.
  • Cloning Fact Sheet from the US Department of Energy Human Genome Program has good basic information and links to other good resources.
  • Cloning in Focus from the Genetic Science Learning Center of University of Utah is also a good introduction.
  • Cloning: Present Uses and Promises is a background informational paper from the Office of Science Policy & Planning of the National Institutes of Health.
  • Cloning/Embryonic Stem Cells is a short background paper about reproductive and therapeutic cloning from a July 2002 workshop, Exploring the Ethical Boundaries on Genomic and Genetic Research, given by the National Human Genome Research Institute.
  • The Cloning of Dolly by Dr. Jamie Love for Science Explained. This page is also a good basic introduction to the history of cloning and cloning is accomplished.
  • The Clone Zone from the University of Idaho is a good introduction from the group that cloned the first mules.
  • History of Cloning from MSNBC.
  • Roslin Institute (Edinburgh) public interest site about cloning The institute that first cloned Dolly has a Web site devoted to explaining work they're doing of interest to the public. There are summaries of published reports and press releases.
  • Brochure on Human Cloning and Genetic Modification from the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals.