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Current News Articles

Keeping up with what's going on in the area of cloning can be difficult when new reports come out all the time. Several free news article archives are available online to let readers see the most recent news about cloning and view some older articles. (Other news archives which are strictly subscription sites are not included here)

  • Science.bio.org from the Biotechnology Industry Organization, links to recent news articles on cloning, stem cells, and regenerative medicine.
  • Search the BBC News Web site for articles on cloning.
  • Search MSNBC.com for news articles on cloning.

Older News Articles and Interviews

Scientific Journal Articles

To do a search for scientific articles about cloning, you may want to search the PubMed /MEDLINE database available free from the National Library of Medicine. The articles about cloning in this database range from scientific articles to news articles to articles in ethics journals. The medical subject heading (MeSH) term to use for a search about the topic of animal cloning is "cloning,organism". This means that if you search specifically for that term and use the code [mesh] after it, you are more likely to find good articles.

Example searches to place in search box:

  1. cloning, organism[mesh] AND humans
  2. cloning, organism[mesh] AND sheep
  3. cloning, organism[mesh] AND horses
  4. cloning,organism[mesh] AND public policy
  5. cloning,organism[mesh] AND ethics

PubMed/MEDLINE will give you abstracts of articles only, not the whole article. Once you know articles exist, you will need to look them up in a library to which you have access.

Most of the scientific articles reporting animal cloning to date are published in scientific journals like Nature, Science, and Nature Biotechnology. However, reflecting the growing number of papers about cloning, there is a scientific journal specifically covering this topic:

Cloning and Stem Cells (published quarterly by Mary Ann Liebert), editor-in-chief, Ian Wilmut. ISSN: 1520-4553. This peer reviewed journal is devoted to papers on the topic of animal cloning. Only abstracts are available to view for free.