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America 1935-1946: the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Photographs. FICHE HC 106.3 (Guide: MICGUIDE HC 106.3 .A63)

Columbia University Oral History Collection. FICHE E 18 .C6 (Guides: MICGUIDE E 18 .C6 1985 & MICGUIDE Z 1361 .C6 C64 1979) -- Transcripts of interviews with a variety of people involved in various activities.

Democracy at War: Canadian Newspapers and the Second World War -- a fully searchable digitized collection of 144,000 contemporary newspaper clippings from the Hamilton Spectator that report on the events of the Second World War

Documentary Background of World War II, 1931 to 1941. MAIN D 735 .G25

Documentary Poster Collection: World War II. . FILM 15651

Documents on Australian Foreign Policy, 1937-49 MAIN D754.A8 D62

FBI File, America First Committee FILM 27979

Film and Propaganda in America: A Documentary History. Vol. 3, pt. 2: World War II. (Documentary Reference Collections) OVERSIZED PN 1993.5 .U6 F47 1990 Vol. 3, Pt. 2

Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) -- available in a variety of formats:

Gordon Gammack: Columns From Three Wars. MAIN D 735 .G24

Great Britain. Her Majesty's Stationery Office. The World War II collection. MAIN D743 .W675 2001

Harrison-Bundy Files Relating to the Development of the Atomic Bomb. FILM 22397

Historic Government Publications from World War II: A Digital Library

HyperWar: A HYPERTEXT History of the Second World War -- "a collection of material related to the (primarily military)
history of the Second World War, completely cross-referenced via hypertext links and enhanced, where appropriate, by
various multi-media computer technologies, such as sound, movies, Java applets, etc."

My dear Mr. Stalin : the complete correspondence between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph V. Stalin MAIN E807 .A4 2005

Principal War Telegrams and Memoranda, 1940-1943. MAIN D 759 .G78 1976 -- British War Cabinet material.

R.C.M.P. Security Bulletins. The War Years. MAIN HV 7641 .A6 1989

Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Part I, 1942-1945:

State-War-Navy Coordinating Committee:

Strategic Bombing Survey Reports. DOCS W1.71 -- Library did not receive all the paper reports. A complete set is on microfilm (Guide: MICGUIDE D 785 .U57 G8 1981) :

They Drew Fire: Combat Artistis of World War II

United Nations Agreements. MAIN D 735 .S34

United Nations Documents, 1941-1945. MAIN D 735 .R65

The United States and World War II: Military and Diplomatic Documents. (Documentary History of the United States) MAIN D 769 .B82 1972

Voices of World War II: Experiences From the Front and at Home

WWII People's War -- BBC site that contains "stories from people who lived through the war, as it’s vital that this first-hand testimony is captured for future generations. However, we’re also looking for people to hand down family stories as told to them by the war generation. We hope that this website will prove to be a way of honouring the memory of those who sacrificed so much."

WWII Resources

WW2: Readings on Critical Issues MAIN D 735 .W5

War and Diplomacy : The Making of the Grand Alliance : Documents from Stalin's Archives MAIN D748 .R9713 1996

War and Peace Aims of the United Nations. MAIN D 741 .H58

War wives : a second world war anthology MAIN D811.5 .W28 1989

Wartime Conferences of the Combined Chiefs of Staff. FILM 22627

Wartime Correspondence Between President Roosevelt and Pope Pius XII. MAIN D 753 .R69

Washington despatches, 1941-1945 : weekly political reports from the British Embassy MAIN D769.1 .B47 1981

World War II Inter-allied Conferences DOCS CD D 5.22:C 76/CD

World War II Poster Collection

European Theater
See also Third Reich: Documentary Sources

The Aerial Reconnaissance Archives -- "Our aim is to make the aerial reconnaissance photographs, deposited by the UK Ministry of Defence at TARA, accessible via the internet. For the first time you can access 5.5 million photographs taken over occupied Western Europe, by the Allies during World War II. Work is continuing to make millions more photographs taken throughout the world during World War II and later conflicts, accessible."

Collaboration of D. Mihailovic's Chetniks with the Enemy Forces of Occupation, 1941-1944. MAIN D 802 .Y8 T3413

Conditions of Surrender : Britons and Germans Witness the End of the War MAIN D816 .C598 1997

France During the German Occupation, 1940-1944: Summaries and Important Selections from Statements on the Government of Marechal Petain and Pierre Laval. MAIN D 802 .F8 C438 1986

From Hitler's Doorstep : The Wartime Intelligence Reports of Allen Dulles, 1942-1945 MAIN D810.S7 D78 1996

Joyce, William, 1906-1946 (The Nazi propagandist known as "Lord Haw-Haw):

"Notes on Eire" : Espionage Reports to Winston Churchill MAIN D754.I6 B69 1999

Political Thought of the Ukrainian Underground, 1943-1951. MAIN DK 508.79 .P6 1986

Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Part I, 1942-1945:

Report by the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean, to the Combined Chiefs of Staff on the Italian Campaign, 8 January 1944 to 10 May 1944. OVERSIZED D 763 .I8 A6

Report by the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean, to the Combined Chiefs of Staff on the Operations in Southern France, August 1944. OVERSIZED D 761 .A65 1946

Report by the Supreme Commander to the Combined Chiefs of Staff on the Operations in Europe of the Allied Expeditionary Force, 6 June 1944 to 8 May 1945. OVERSIZED D 756 .A24 1946 & MAIN D756 .A35 2000

Soviet War Documents: Addresses, Notes, Orders of the Day, Statements. MAIN D 735 .R9 1943

U.S. Restitution of Nazi-Looted Cultural Treasures to the USSR, 1945-1959 GD CD AE 1.127:N 23

U.S. War Plans : 1938-1945 MAIN U153 .U227 2001

War 1939 Dealing with Adolf Hitler MAIN D750 .W37 2001

War, Peace, and Social Change--Europe c.1900-c.1955: Documents. MAIN D 521 .W33 1990

World War II: Dispatches From the Soviet Front. MAIN D 764 .O86513 1985

Pacific Theater

Australian War Strategy, 1939-1945: A Documentary History.MAIN D 767.8 .R64 1985

Conference for Conclusion and Signature of Treaty of Peace with Japan Record of Proceedings. MAIN D 814.8 .C55 1951

Documents Concerning Japanese Reparations. MAIN D 819 .J3 A5 1951

Dr. Will R. Eubank United States Army Air Corps [letters and photos] -- service of an Army Air Corps physician in the Aleutian Islands.

The Entry of the Soviet Union into the War Against Japan: Military Plans, 1941-1945. DOCS D1.2: So8

Japan's Decision for War: Records of the 1941 Policy Conferences. MAIN D 754 .J3 I4

Japanese Empire in The Tropics : Selected Documents and Reports of The Japanese Period in Sarawak, Northwest Borneo, 1941-1945 MAIN DS503.5 .P5 no.101

Post Surrender Tasks: Section E of Report to the Combined Chiefs of Staff. MAIN D 829 .E2 M6 -- covers the activities of the South-East Asia Command.

Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Part I, 1942-1945 : Pacific Theater FILM 18054 (Guide: MICGUIDE DS 518 .G75)

Report to the Combined Chiefs of Staff by the Supreme Allied Commander, South-East Asia, 1943-1945. MAIN D 767.6 .A53 1974

Reports of General MacArthur. DOCS D101.2: M11

Personal Papers, Letters, Diaries, etc.
This is a selective listing. For more do a "LC Subject Search" in MAGIC for:
"World War, 1939-1945 -- Personal narratives"

Ciano, Galeazzo -- Italian Foreign Minister and Mussolini's son-in-law:

Eisenhower, Dwight David:

Harvey, Oliver. The war diaries of Oliver Harvey [1941-1945] MAIN DA586 .H342

Ironside, Edmund. Time Unguarded: The Ironside Diaries, 1939-1940. MAIN DA 69.3 I7 A3 1963 -- British Field Marshal Edmund Ironside was Chief of the Imperial General Staff at the start of the war.

Lietzmann, Joachim. The Price of Admiralty: The War Diary of the German Naval Attache in Japan, 1939-1943.MAIN D 770 .P713 1982

Lindbergh, Charles A. The Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh. MAIN TL 540 .L5 A32

Lines of Battle: Letters From American Servicemen, 1941-1945. MAIN D 811 .A2 L53 1987

Marshall, George Catlett. Papers of George Catlett Marshall. MAIN E 745 .M37 1981

Morgenthau, Henry:.

Mussolini, Benito.Memoirs, 1942-1943: With Documents Relating to the Period. MAIN DG 575 .M8 A5413

Rommel, Erwin. The Rommel Papers. MAIN D 766.82 .R5713

Roosevelt, Franklin D.:

Stone, I.F. The War Years, 1939-1945. MAIN D 769 .S76 1988

Truman, Harry S. Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: Harry S. Truman...1945-1952/53. DOCS AE2.114: Trum

Wainright, Jonathan. The Wainwright Papers. MAIN D 767.4 .W33 1980

Churchill-Roosevelt Correspondence

Churchill & Roosevelt: The Complete Correspondence. MAIN DA 556.9 .C5 A4 1984

Roosevelt and Churchill: Their Secret Wartime Correspondence. MAIN E 807 .A4 1975.

Roosevelt-Churchill Messages. FILM 12706

Manuscript Guides

Air Ministry Class List. OVERSIZED CD 1053 .A5 1974

Archival Guide to the Collections of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum CONREF D804.175.W3 U55 2002

Cabinet Office List of War Cabinet Memoranda (CAB 66) (W.P. & C.P. series), 1939 Sept. - 1945 July. OVERSIZED CD 1054 .A25 1977

Cabinet Office List of War Cabinet Memoranda (CAB 67 & 68) (WPG & WPR series), 1939 Sept. - 1942 Dec. OVERSIZED CD 1047 .C3 1978

Cabinet Papers : Complete Classes From the CAB and PREM Series in the Public Record Of[F]Ice, London. Series One, PREM 3 : Papers Concerning Defence and Operational Subjects, 1940-1945, Winston Churchill, Minister Of Defence, Secretariat Papers. MAIN DA587 .G7 1999

Canada at War, 1939-1945 : A Survey of the Archival Holdings of the Second World War at the National Archives of Canada MAIN F1034 .D82 1996

Federal Records of World War II. CONREF D 735 .A1 U52 1950

General Claire Chennault: A Guide to His Papers in the Hoover Institution Archives. MAIN Z 6616 .C48 1983

Guide to the Archives of the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum. MAIN CD 1759 .L6 M54 1985

Guide to the Records of the Italian Armed Forces. MAIN D 735 .U49

Minister of Defence: Secretariat Files (CAB 120) 1940-1947. . OVERSIZED CD 1054 .M5 1982

Records Relating to U-Boat Warfare, 1939-1945(Guides to the Microfilmed Records of the German Navy). DOCS AE1.108: U1/939-45

The Second World War: A Guide to Documents in the Public Record Office. Rev. 3rd. ed. MAIN CD 1043 .A58 1998

Sources for the History of London 1939-45 : a Guide and Bibliography MAIN D760.8.L7 C74 1998

The Two World Wars: A Guide to Manuscript Collections in the United Kingdom.CONREF Z 6611 .H5 M38


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