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Conservation Portfolio

This has links to PDF files which describe some of the different types of conservation work we do at the Wallace Conservation Lab, as well as other treatment options we do not regularly perform. All are treatments on books I have done myself. Some, such as the exposed spine pamphlet and tyvek four-flap enclosure, are structures I have created.

Pictures of recent treatments can be found on my Picasa online album. Recent additions include a 19th century cloth binding restoration and a limp vellum binding (both books were disbound and had their pages washed). There are alos pictures of the books I conserved during my recent American Academy of Bookbinding workshops.

Pamphlet Binding
Center Sew Pamphlets
Side Sew Pamphlets (with exposed spine)
Unusual Pamphlets
Soft Cover Books
Reinforced Signature Sewn Soft Cover
Adhesive-bound Book Treatment (known as the "Coptic")
Enclosures and Boxes
Tyvek Four-flap Enclosure ("P-Circ Box")
Standard Four-flap Phase Box
"Pizza" Box
Self-closing Wrapper
Music CD Slipcase
Rebacks and Cover Reattachments
Cloth Spine Reback
New Cases (new covers)
Tightback Board Reattachment with Japanese Paper
Hollowback Board Reattachment with Japanese Paper
Encapsulated Books
Encapsulated volume with fold-out illustrations
Artists Books and Fine Bindings
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