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Conference and Workshop Reports

2009 Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence
This year's Standards was held in San Francisco over the Halloween weekend... the only things that were scary were the booooks!
2007 Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence
The Guild's annual conference focusing on bookbinding and conservation. Held in Dallas, Texas in October, 2007.
2007 Michigan Archival Association
This was my first MAA conference. I mainly went because I presented a paper on conservation options for archival collections, but I also enjoyed being back among friends and colleagues in Ann Arbor.
2006 Guild of Book Workers Centennial Celebration
The Guild celebrated 100 years in New York City with a symposium on "The Art of the Book In America: 1906-2006," two major exhibitions, tours of book-related sites in the city, and a dinner cruise around the Statue of Liberty!
2005 American Institute for Conservation Annual Conference
This year's conference focused on documentation of conservation treatments in the digital age. There were also presentations by the Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group and the Archives Discussion Group. Held in Minneapolis in June, 2005.
2004 Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence
The annual conference of the GBW, which focuses on both new and traditional methods of bookbinding and conservation, focusing on exellence in the profession. Held in Providence, RI, in November, 2004.
2004 Molded Paper Spine Workshop
A new method of conserving older, leather-bound volumes which preserves the look of the original. Taught at Dartmouth College in August, 2004.


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