Interactive Fiction for Training in Libraries

Tool For Use in Game Creation

Mind Mapping:

Game Building:
Inform 7*

Parser for Online Hosting:

Interpreters for Desktop Play:

Interpreter Apps:
Frotz for iOS
JFrotz for Android

*Denotes tools we used in developing our games. We used only free versions.

The Reference Interivew: A Choose-Your-Own Adventure Training

Our first IF game was developed to model best practices in a reference interview for graduate assistants and library staff. In the game, players a conduct reference interview with a patron. Players earn "knowledge nuggets" for asking better questions. The scoring structure is based on gathering knowledge nuggets and the RUSA guidelines. You can play the latest version of the game or find instructions for making your own game in Inform7.

CYOA for Undergraduate Workers

The CYOA game Do You Have Enough Information? was developed by Emilia Marcyk for undergraduate peer reference assistants. It simplifies the original game with decreased reliance on library professional standards to fit the expected parameters of service for undergraduate assistants. Players decide through a series of multiple choice questions whether they have enough information to begin searching, and score points based on correct choices. It was created using Twine.


Creative Commons License.
The Reference Interview: A Choose Your Own Adventure Training by Emilia Marcyk, Angela Stangl, and Mark Wardecker is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.