Twenty-Five Lectures on Modern Balkan History


Many of the questions asked about this Web site fall into certain groups. This FAQ may be helpful to readers, since sometimes I cannot reply to email right away.

1. Q: Will there ever be a "Lecture 26," to cover events after the mid-1990s?

2. Q: How should these lectures be cited in a footnote or bibliography?

3. Q: May a reader create a hot link to this Web site, from his or her own Web page?

4. Q: Is it permitted to quote from these Web pages?

5. Q: Is it permitted to incorporate the text of one these Web pages in another Web site?

6. Q: If a reader sees a typographical error, what can be done?

7. Q: If a reader believes that statements in the lectures are biased or untrue, what can be done?

8. Q: Can the author recommend additional readings?

9. Q: Can the author answer detailed questions?

10. Q: Where can I find genealogical information for a family with roots in the Balkans?

11. Q: Why does Topic 11 (The Coming of the Cold War) have only one lecture, when all the other topics have two?

12. Q: Why is the topic of (for example) Montenegro/Albania/the Roma/the role of women/the Byzantine Empire/etc. ignored in the lectures, despite its importance for a complete knowledge of Balkan history?

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