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Online Statistical Resources for Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Russia and Eastern Europe

Central Asia and the Caucasus

Regional Sources

Russia and Eastern Europe

Ministry of Statistics and Analysis (Minstat)
In English or Russian.
Dates of Coverage: 1990-2003 for data on population, labor, standard of living, trade, investment, transportation, consumer and producer price indices and agricultural and industrial production. Main socio-economic indicators for 2004 are in a separate section on the same main page, with data listed by month.

National Statistical Institute
In Bulgarian and English.
Dates of coverage: some data back to 1990
Now has an enormous amount of data in English--trade, economic and social data, some in monthly increments, some annual. Includes statistics on the environment back to 1997, including emissions, waste generated, and water use.  A link to the final 2001 census results (in English) is also included

Central Bureau of Statistics
In English and Croatian
Dates of Coverage: mostly 2000-2004, some earlier years are included in tables.
The Croatian census 2001 is available as of 7/2001 including population and housing data for the counties, towns and municipalities. The 2003 Agricultural Census is also available. "Statistical Information 2004" provides statistical yearbook information in Croatian and English, including figures on industry, labor and production, prices, cost of living, trade, tourism, and GDP. The 2003 Statistical Yearbook is online (pdf) as well. The "First Release" section has an enormous amount of monthly statistical data on population, labor, agriculture, industrial production, and general economic information going back to about 2000.

Czech Republic
Czech Statistical Office
In Czech, English, French, and German.
Dates of Coverage: 1998-present; some earlier years are included in current coverage
Outstanding page with links to data releases by the Czech Statistical offices plus Eurostat news releases. Election data ( with voting behavior down to the polling station level is a unique feature(1996-2002 in English, additional years in Czech). Graphs and charts provide additional data about the composition of the ruling bodies for the most recent elections. The full version of the Czech Statistical Yearbook for 1998-2001 are now online.  Archive files (under "aggregate information") contain information from 1997 through 2000, and it appears that the Statistical Office intends to make the past ten years available online (much in zip files). The "Hot Data" section is updated regularly and includes the most recent economic data, including consumer and producer prices indices and GDP.

Statistical Office of Estonia
In Estonian and English
Dates of coverage: 1980 to present
The Statistical database page has a search feature for data on the economy, environment, population, and 'social life', as well as searching specifically in the 2000 population census or 2001 agricultural census. Regional data is also available for the same catagories. In most areas, data goes back to 1992, but some data can be found going back to 1980. The "Main Indicators" section has the most recently released economic and demographic data.

Central Statistical Office Hungarian version
In Hungarian and English.
Dates of coverage: 1996 to present
There is a free statistical database for the following areas: industry, construction, health, social welfare, foreign direct investment, national accounts, price indices and turnover of external trade, internal trade, consumer price indices, producer price index, and environment, but it requires that you download a java applet.  Census information is linked from the portal page, including a large amount of data available in English. In the 'downloadable publications' section, one will find a large number of pubications with monthly and annual data in pdf format, data can be requested via email in Excel or Word format.

Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
In English and Latvian
The page "Basic Indicators" provides detailed statistics for 18 broad categories, including GDP, population, employment, health, personal income, trade, and crime.  Under each category are detailed statistical reports, most with data going back 5-7 years.  Some of the statistical tables are pulled from press releases.  The "News" section contains newly released statistical reports and is updated frequently.  This section also contains recently release data on the Latvian census.

Lithuanian Department of Statistics
In English and Lithuanian
Dates of coverage: 1990-present; small amount of data for earlier years
Available statistics include: GDP, national budget, labor force, employment, population, prices, earnings, pensions, industry, construction, balance of payments, and trade. Main indicators of economic development cover 1994-2002, by month.  County statistics include data on farms, housing, employment and crime for each county.  Has a link to data from the 2001 Population Census and 2003 Agricultural Census as well.

Department of Statistical and Sociological Analysis English verison Romanian version
In Romanian, English, or Russian.  Has some data in Romanian only, plus a link to information on the Moldovan census of October 2004 (information available only in Romanian and Russian as of 3/2005). Has press releases and a catalog of available print publications. A few online reports are in English.

Central Statistical Office
In English and Polish
Dates of coverage: 1989 to present
The "Social Economic Data" section links to a number of statistical reports in English, including basic population and economic statistics back to 1989, population and housing projections to 2030, monthly economic data, and population statistics for 1999-2004. Price indices are given for 1950-2004. "Hot data" contains the most recent economic data such as employment and salary information.  The "Regional Data Bank" allows free access to regional and local data back to 1995 for a broad array of statistics, including housing, number of shops in a town, hospital beds, libraries, and schools. Has a link to the 2002 Population and Agricultural Census pages.

National Institute of  Statistics
In Romanian and English.
The National Commission for Statistics was apparently replaced by the National Institute of Statistics in 2001.  Press releases offer the most recent data and are archived back through 1999. Macroeconomic and social indicators are available for 1998-August 2001 (as of 10/01).  The 1999 Statistical yearbook is available in .pdf and .zip format. The Romanian version of the page has only slightly more information that the English version, and data releases appear to be identical.

Goskomstat (State Committee for Statistics)
In Russian and English.
The English version has free access to electronic versions of a few statistical publications, including Russia 2002, under "Database Catalogue."  Russia 2002 contains a wide range of data, including prices, trade, living standards, and agriculture. The Russian version has more information, but most of it requires a subscription to access. The Statinformatsiia section contains some basic regional data (by oblast or republic), as well as some socio-economic statistics. The Russian version also has links to information on the population and agricultural censuses: mostly overviews with some very general data.

Serbia and Montenegro
Federal Statistical Office In Serbian and English.
The 2004 Yugoslav Statistical Yearbook is available in its entirety in English (pdf format), along with some statistics from the 2002 census. Statistics for the Kosovo region are not available.
Statistical Office for the Republic of Serbia
In Serbian or English--a very nice page with some demographic information (1991 and 2002 census data). Also has election data. Links under 'statistical areas' do not seem to work in the English version, but there is more information on the Serbian language page. No data on Kosovo here either.

Slovak Republic
Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
In English and Slovak
Dates of coverage: 1995-present; most data from 1999-2002
The "Indicators on Economic Development" section includes basic statistics on GDP, employment, prices, wages, industry, construction, trade, population, and the state budget. The "Actual Information" section gives the most current data in press-release format, and it is updated daily with new information.  Data includes prices, inflation, employment, GDP, trade, and annual population reports. Also has a link to Election data from presidential and parliamentary election from 1992 onward. The 2002 Election data is in Slovak and in English: previous years vary, but most other years have more data in Slovak than English.

Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
In Slovenian and English.
Dates of coverage: 1990-present
The English language version now has much more information: the Slovenian statistical yearbook is online from 1995-2004 in pdf formatl. Links to the 2002 Census page. The Statistical Databank, in English, German and Slovenian, has a large amount of free data, including census data, consumer prices, population, labor force, and trade information. It is rather slow to load. The Slovenian versions of these pages has much more information and more current data..

State Committee of Statistics of Ukraine
Much improved site with information in Ukrainian, English and Russian. Has a huge amount of data going back to 1990 in English in a wide variety of socio-economic categories. Updated frequently with new statistics. Has a link to an English language page of the 2001 census as well.

Central Asia and the Caucasus

National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia
In Armenian, Russian and English.

Basic statistics up front, including the 2004 Armenian Statistical Yearbook in .pdf format under "Statistical Data." The Statistical Yearbook is published in Armenian, Russian and English. Under "Publications" is a treasure trove of full text statistical publication going back to 2001.

State Statistical Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic
In Azeri, English or Russian.
Enormous number of statistical tables for social and economic data including population, refugees, crime, health, tourism, publications, libraries, prices and price indices, employment, wages and manufacturing.  Dates covered are mostly 1990-2000. Azeri page appears to have the same data, but requires Azeri fonts,  provided in a .zip file on the entry page.

State Department for Statistics for Georgia English version Georgian version
In Georgian or English. Contains a broad array of social and economic statistics going back to 1999 in English.

Agency for Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan
In English, Kazak or Russian.
Most of the English language material located here is recently released economic statistics. The Russian language page has much more data available.

Kyrgyz Republic
National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic
In English and Russian.  Contains a large amount of economic data, including price and labor market data, trade, exchange rates and balance of payments.  Also contains basic information on poverty and literacy rates.  Some information is provided monthly, other data is annual.  Summary data from the 1999 population census is available in pdf format, and there is a minimal amount of information on the agricultural census as of 3/2005.


Turkmenistan Statistics
A very general site in English of current economic statistics. Also has a Russian version of the page with an archive, but the archive links do not work as of 3/2005.

State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics
Not working as of 3/2005

Regional Sources
Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS STAT)
Some current economic statistics for all of the CIS countries can be found here. Many categories go back to 1995. Good site for CIS countries such as Tajikistan or Russia that have little available online.

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