For database orders, please fill out the Electronic Resource Order Form. You should then forward it to your Subject Coordinator for approval. The request will then be presented at a Collection Coordinators' meeting by the Subject Coordinator or the Electronic Resources Coordinator (Diane Warner).

1. If you are requesting a subscription to an electronic journal which is not available because of a pre-existing print subscription, or are requesting an electronic journal package, please use the Electronic Resource Order Form.

2. If you wish to add electronic access to an existing print journal subscription and

a) There is no added charge: Please contact Diane Warner, who will investigate access.

b) There will be a surcharge over the print subscription, or you wish to convert the subscription from the print to the electronic version: Please fill out the Electronic Journal Surcharge/Switch to Electronic-Only Subscription Request form. You should then forward it to your Subject Coordinator for approval. These requests do not ordinarily have to be presented at the Collection Coordinators' meeting. Please note that if you are switching a subscription from print to electronic, a cancellation slip for the print version must be sent to Acquisitions so the order record can be amended. The Electronic Resources unit will review licensing terms to determine whether archival access provisions and ILL policies are acceptable before processing a switch to online.

3. If you wish to place a subscription for a print journal which has accompanying online access, please use the standard Serial Order Request form and make note of the electronic access and whether there is an added charge for it. The form should be processed in the same way as for other print subscription orders. If you send a copy of the form to Diane Warner, please indicate that a copy has also been sent to Acquisitions.

If you wish to order an electronic book, or a collection of e-books, for which the Libraries already have a license agreement, please consult with Acquisitions. Examples: NetLibrary and R2 Digital Library. If the Libraries have not previously licensed the platform, or you are not sure, please consult with Diane Warner.

Please continue to order CD-ROM, DVD, and other software packages which will not be networked and which do not require a license agreement through standard ordering procedures established by Acquisitions.

If you have any questions regarding how to fill out the forms, or on the ordering of electronic resources in general, please contact Diane Warner who is located in W108A next to the Human Resources Office; phone 432-6123 ext. 228.

Updated August 13, 2007